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Diemme vans actually aren't on serena sole, they are on a proprietary sole made specifically for the collab. Supposedly they run small but I would wager on the safe side and just go with CP size. My guess is that they fit similar to the serena sole, could be wrong though...
The moleskin is much different than the ripstop, you can't go wrong either way
moleskin is cotton, cavalry twill is a tightly-woven wool twill. The moleskin has a textured but relatively soft handful, pretty thick for cotton but fades easily. The cavalry twill, if anything like uniform serge, is freaking bulletproof and wont show wear at all. Generally speaking the moleskin is a little more casual, but I'm leaning towards the cavalry twill myself due to the durability of fabric. The brown homespun is also calling my name...
That being said, if you paid jp retail for visvim chinos they are usually under $350, and mostly worth the pricetag they carry (subject to fit, details, etc)
The nyco fatigues are the same fabric used by outlier for the nyco slim pants. The green is a true fatigue green and the navy has a slight purplish hue in some light. Both fabrics have a little sheen at first but get dull over time. I found that the fabric starts to look like crap after a few machine washes. Buyer beware. It's also a little bit on the rough side in terms of handfeel. Something about mixing the synthetic with natural fiber, or maybe its just the weave
Collection teaser:Bball low [[SPOILER]] Bball high [[SPOILER]] New achilles: [[SPOILER]]
check rakuten on yahoo japan. its a pretty basic mid-weight jacket. I sold mine, just wasn't amazing for vis. details are there. keep in mind its a true repro and theres metal hooks on inside of the jacket.
Bball low on my radar
Nepenthes will have first drop by Monday, just spoke with SA. Same first items as nepenthes tokyo first drop and posted in this thread.
Alright, I officially got bit by the EG bug for this season. In love with everything, fabrics, cuts, outerwear, colors. They really knocked it outta the park. Gonna have to figure out how to try as much as I can or see items in person.
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