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Contrary to popular opinion, I can almost guarantee a size down would be much better. The bedford is very trim fit by nature, just going off the lookbook and styling photos. The small would fit better across the board.
Fleece looks great. Is it comparable to a jersey sweatshirt material or closer to a polartec fleece? Trying to understand if it would pill or get snags. Macro shot would be nice! Also what are your stats
Marginally better pictures and styling, fit looks identical to me. I trust the touch-ups in the works will take it in the right direction though. Appreciate Thurston's receptiveness to the whole project, lots of potential here.
Brigadier boots are the fw13 camel pair. Hilt boots are wmv only, no rumored release for mens or anything. Honestly the brigadier has a very similar last compared to the hilt, probably will look the same on.
only up to size 9 though...
101 dmg brigadier boot mies coat 01 slim damage 5 denim brigadier kefchief down jacket kerchief dots tunic fbt jp potomac damaged moleskin longrider shirt brigadier natural dye damaged moleskin coverall ict lhamo grizzly boot
last fit is too good
I disagree to a certain extent. Kangaroo is known for it's durability and pliable nature. It's also very lightweight. In my experience it does stretch no problem
dayton shirt doesn't look that slim in person, wind was hitting me? dayton 19th c tattersall reverse sateen fatigues
could probably afford to size up- interesting fit though, could see how it would work with some heavy layering
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