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Perfect, thanks for the detailed explanation. I will bring them in and see what they can do. I'm less concerned about extra material but would like the blind stitch. I think less material at the hem may make the taper less aggressive, either way they look much better without a break because the taper is so severe.
Got a couple items, thoughts: -Cashmere blend pants are nice but need serious hemming and I'm tall. Details are fine, maybe a tad overpriced but they are basically lux sweatpants. Anybody know if Uniqlo will tailor these for free? It's unclear because the hem is weird... -Long sleeve tee is also winner here in terms of fit. Too bad because theres nothing particularly special about it but its great for layering. I got every color and will keep two. -Convertible shirt is...
smh.... that can happen in a day just by wearing it, throw some conditioner on it. hide color varies piece by piece, even if from the same hide, its easier to see on lighter colors.
vans vintage adakai / margiela visvim wings+horns needles x2
Throw some chapstick on the zip and work it a few times (thats what she said?)
I looked up the measurements and it wouldn't work on anybody taller than 5'10" maybe 6'0" if you like a cropped look. The jacket fits extremely boxy and short, and its not just because its a rider jacket. I wish they tailored the arm opening a little more but it matches the brands aesthetic I guess...
It was like 4 years ago, pretty sure I was still in college or had just graduated. They had some pricing error on new arrivals- particularly rick owens items. They were 80% off retail or something and sold out within minutes of being posted here. Thecorner honored the deal and everybody got their loot.
I still want to punch myself in the face for not putting that rick down leather ma-1 in my cart for $800 and those geobaskets that were like $270.
Older iterations of black elk are mostly ho-hum. Newer iterations are a very thick sturdy woven cotton fabric that isnt really flannel, more of a twill type giza cotton fabric that is skein dyed (thread dyed) giving it a super nice depth and color. They are totally worth it if you can grab for under $300 in like new or new condition, even retail is fair given the custom fabric, treatment and usually mistmatched / custom buttons (~39,000 jpy). I think they started doing...
Not that hard to find, not that rare. Seller is gouging, usually they can be had for less than $2500-3000 like new. Lewis did a collabo with CDG where jackets were hand distressed then passed off to an artist to do custom paint work. Interesting fact about the paint, it looks hand drawn but is actually a stencil that is laid out then hand-painted over. (Can't find the website but theres pictures of process somewhere...) Edit:...
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