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This pic, along with that classic pic of the white drip sneaks is one of those images that gives me the chills. So dope...
Shoutouts to all the other visvim brethren who have bestowed their knowledge onto me. I was once a scrub, still am...
Whatever you would pay us what its worth. I think retail is 450+ so ~300 is a good deal
Visvim indigo hoodie fz in nd indigo. They release every season but i think the earliest that model was made was spring 2012 with numeric sizing and the other features. Color is pretty true in those pictures.
^gitman and eg did the pineapple chambray Anybody know where I can find the brushed hb coverall on sale? or which stockists have it?
I owned that in a size 52 but sold because I lost weight. Its a fantastic jacket, I think I paid $220 used (and it was not in amazing condition).
Button shawls, bedford in moleskin, bush shirt, plaid b2b suit, various chambray shirts, denim coverall iirc plus a good amount more
Almost positive no xl
Checked out bloomingdales: -Bird bd -Navy dobby bd -floral, thick flannel bd -navy herringbone shirt -navy pullover gym sweatshirt -grey ghurka pant -Olive coverall -Some type of coated bomber -wool floral b2b or andover jacket (i think one of the two) -wool floral cinchback pant -herringbone duffel nothing stood out to me. if you are itching to get grey or navy pieces they will have something for you. If I didn't already have an olive cotton jacket I would've gotten the...
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