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I'll never forget when the corner mistakenly added rick owens new items with wrong pricing, geobaskets for ~350usd and the leather down jacket as ~550 usd or something absolutely absurd, and none of the orders were cancelled. I still kick myself for not hopping in at the right time...
norse projects suede hak jacket. Retail was $1000, prob can stack another yoox code for a steal http://www.yoox.com/us/41493694QJ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41493694QJ&sizeId=
They charge tax even outside of ny? T_T
The visvim iteration is not directly inspired by a chelsea or dealer boot, its derived from a classic farm boot (forgot the brand) akin to redwings or similar trad boots. They are supposed to be chunky.
IS coat is a size too big don't listen to the enablers
nomad making a return ss15, with hemp drawstrings comes in red, navy and some other colorsif you want an olive shell they did a totem 2.5l (pac lite) jacket this fall in that color:also just remembered they did a nomad in olive herringbone twill cotton this fall, but not waterproof.
moto jacket the type of collar is known as a "band collar" you can probably also search cafe racer leather but you might yield less fashion oriented jackets
Gary, I just wanted to thank you for your continued service to the EG movement. Happy 8+ years providing coverage on one of our favorite brands for styleforum, and a sincere thank you from all the fans. http://www.styleforum.net/t/16593/engineered-garments-fall-winter-preview
kgfan #broketheinternet
They are not that good in any of the fit pics ive seen and with the non replaceable sole its a no go from me. Think its one of those things you appreciate but dont own and are all the wiser.
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