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It's the relaxed cashmere pants and there was a huge 3 inch blind hem at the bottom. It was $5 to tailor to a blind stitch (worth it) but they offered to do a regular hem for free.
This is pretty dope, wonder what size: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/modescape/item/29691/ Detail: 11aw nubuck riders- http://www.junhashimoto-exclusive.com/collection/outer/11aw/let041nbk01black.html
Relatively soft for wool as is a blend (59% WOOL 24% POLY 11% COTTON 6% SILK), highly textured with a pretty soft handfeel. They used it on several things like the barnstorm, granger, etc that season.
Cmon man dont do this to the thread
Eventually, sepp, you need to fly the coop Chances are if you cannot find we cant either
Use shoe cleaner, available at cobblers for ~$10 usd a bottle. Has to be in a compressed can- it smells like (And I think is) ammonia based. Does a great job with a terrycloth towel and/or a toothbrush and is safe on suede, leather, rubber, etc. Much preferred to magic eraser.
They are both 03 cut d5 damage. Potentially different seasons. I own 04, 01 slim x2, and 09 cut in washed denim. 01 slims are true to size, 04 and 09 i sized up 1 because they fit smaller. 03's fit the same as levis / lvc 1954 501z in the waist (Which tend to run a bit smaller), most people can go up a size if theyre borderline or stay true if they are exact (the denim stretches out a bit for me).
both but style is subjective, especially wrt washed vs raw models or even the unwashed (dry processed) models fwiw I own 4 pairs of their washed denim and love it to death, both the quality and the cut. That being said its expensive. I don't own raws but would if I wore raw denim more frequently- still on the hunt for 01 slims in 32x32 (the brand usually only caries 30 length)
One is a medium and the other is an xs, that is more of a debacle than choosing season. One will fit and the other will not...
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