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Adding to the list of users who need tbs codes
It probably doesn't he just suggested trying it...
Either medium or large depending on how you want it to fit. My experience is that they usually style them to fit smaller so you can probably get away with a medium. Theres measurements on some stockists pages, just check that.
Okay, when I say I am done kopping I am serious this time.... Hopefully Engineered Garments Trail Vest Doucal's Leather Backpack
I semi agree. Almost all of my gitman shirts have had QC issues, both at retail and at a discount. Not to mention that the fit differs drastically on all of them. I love the thickness of the oxford cloth and the high collar, but sometimes it makes me shake my head that I drop so much on a shirt that has these issues...
I don't understand why people think its a problem that you promote the brands you sell. It's a win-win for the retailers and the customer, not to mention the brand itself (free promotion). The fact that drinkwater takes the effort to take full pictures of the collection and respond to requests is a gift in itself. I would never hesitate to buy anything from drinkwaters if they had it.
no shipping to usa yet
roomier top block and very tapered leg. Not as flattering on me as the 47, but a nice quirky fit that is much more comfortable. I don't recommend wearing them slouchy as it gives a pretty big diaper ass look, so get the longer inseam.
same size as other cps you have had. Or more recently, same as kva. They always fit very snug at first (part of the slim silhouette) but break in after less than a week.
The bigger sleeves is the classic ervell look. Find something else if that isn't desirable to you imo.
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