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My body is ready
No idea about the shorts, but the parka fits like all WWM or EG parkas, TTS/big. Sizing down isn't recommended because it'll be too small in the shoulders, so keep it TTS when ordering. The material is light, and honestly for what its selling at its not a very good buy. If you don't mind the cost, it has great details and looks fantastic in person. I was pondering the trail vest but was pretty underwhelmed with it for 300. Especially since the material is very thin, s/s...
You're crazy man wholecuts are dope
Bleach/oxyclean for generic stains, degreaser/stain remover for oil related stains. Dish soap works wonders as well.
First couple hundred/thousand to be registered to the website. I think people with huge spending accounts were given it as well...
Yeah, they definitely do, just not all of them. A bunch of lanvin trainers and margiela trainers that were marked as staples hit sale prices later in the season last year, but a majority of them were fixed at retail.
iirc, if the jacket has a length it is going to be listed unless it is mismarked. Look up something domestic like calvin klein on yoox and their should be stuff with lengths on their blazers/suits.
Select s/s items, seems to be bumped an additional 10% or so on already discounted merch.
That second pic of the mallory is dope, definitely looks better there
The rough and tumble blazer in linen can be ordered directly from nepenthes. $217, great deal for a lightweight linen blazer. I don't like the pocket size on the cabourn, or the pockets at all for that matter. The fabric looks kinda off too, can't quite put my finger on it. I still think you would look good in it, but not really the best piece...
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