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33 or 34. I can normally do a 32 in lvc or levis but sized up to 34 on the gumbos. I have the package waiting for me at home, and will update with how it fits later tonight.
I mean look at it, it never gets old...
Does margiela webstore ever hit lower than 30%?
http://www.parkandbond.com/product/146604627 this is really cool, although the lapels aren't really my thing
I don't really want to speak for the quality of their stuff, because as mentioned 100 times over, its fantastic. I would hate to see this brand get too much hype, as it really is my favorite by a mile, but it really is worth talking about. I always cringe a bit when I pull the trigger on their stuff at retail, but those concerns are ALWAYS alleviated when I receive the item in person. I get multiple compliments on all of my EG stuff constantly for the details, but also the...
The video director probably didn't realize asap was talking about the three strap velcros. On that note, I wish margiela would re-release those velcro ones. One of my most desired sneakers that I haven't been able to get.
now dye it black, so it has fuschia undertones.
Sizing is as follows 1947 501- True to size 1954 501- True to size 1967 505- Size 1-2 up depending on how big your legs are True to size is relative though. For example, 501's (both 1954 and 1947) size 32 measure around 15.5-16 at the waist depending on the wash. This makes it fit more like a tagged 31, however outside of the waistband the jean fits like a 32 assuming you can squeeze into the waist which will likely stretch.
The gumbo wash is on sale at mrporter, though its probably long sold out by now. The wash is more like a mix between the two sites selling it. The contrast levels on the tresbien are much higher than in reality, and the cultizm is a little flat and dull. Haven has a pretty accurate color of the jean: http://shop.havenshop.ca/products/1967-505-0217-gumbo If you are looking for washed jeans, LVC or RRL are great, APC doesn't have the best washed jeans. It all boils down to...
Got some nice basics in the porter sale. Didn't want to spend too much, went a little over my porter allotment, however I didn't want to risk anything being sold out down the line...
New Posts  All Forums: