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http://clubmonacolookbook.com/Fall2-2011/men.html club monaco fall lookbook part 2. lots of nice fairisle stuff.
That second fitpic with the shoulder hoody is off the charts. I wish they made larger sizes, it would probably look ridiculous on me. I am very tempted to get that unlined bedford too...
That strap style is a derivative of some army sneaker, raf isn't the originator.
I hate the teardrop back pockets on the mmm jeans.
You guys are missing the point. MMM bought up a bunch of vintage shoes from the 60s-70s, painted the soles white, and had each member of the team write something on each shoe. No shoe is the same. The branding is correct, these are part of the line 0 artisanal collection, not 22. The "original" bw sport insole was replaced by mmm, the seller didn't put in his own. Hilarious about arguing that these are fake, however I understand where you are coming from.
Not worth the chedder for some beat ass shoes, but its pretty cool to see that the painted margielas were probably influenced by these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MARTIN-MARGIELA-MEN-SUPER-RARE-2002-EARLY-GRAFFITI-ARTISANL-SNEAKER-BW-SPORT-290-/360397976579?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item53e964b403
Get those diors tapered and itll look fine, thats the 21cm cut right?
A good amount of jeans aren't sandblasted anymore with the exception of a few companies. Most are moving to mechanical means of distressing. While it may still have an effect on an environment, don't most manufacturing operations?
Leather jacket, drkshdw, and margiela crewneck are the only good cops. Those margiela shoes are dookie, sorry
Bump, lowered
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