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What season is this from? Is there a model name?
RAF puffer its timeless
The raf is pretty damn warm and good for colder temps, but the sizing is real slim, almost too slim like some raf jawns. Sizing up 1-2 sizes recommended depending on how you want it to fit.
R&B t-shirts (at least the grey jaspe one) is made in france iirc. I had it, and it was an okay value for $80 but too slim for my tastes
I agree, but I could've found you 100s of similar boots that are MUCH better quality wise. I almost fainted when I looked at them in person. Horrible.
Their eg buys have been really bad save a few items, which was one of the only standout brands they sold imho. W+H usually hits a nice discount, but nothing to write home about.
Bit roomier than cps but overall about the same
imho the ps fit is better, balances out your proportions nicely. never really keen on the nc fit, not that flattering.
Same. I'd like a scuba hoodie
$800 mic sweater? Hmm dunno about that looks nice though
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