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@afan, small. Spring summer bedfords tend to be on the bigger size than fall winter bedfords, however this is mostly because they are unlined.
what size are you? sizing down might be too small
TTS and you'll be fine. Sizing down would be a disaster. I had a chance to try on a TTS large, and while it is a tag long in the arms and body, the fit is perfect. Unless you wear extremely tight jeans sizing down would make it look poor in the body. Keep in mind its supposed to fit on the longer side of things.
Exactly why I posted it. Not really my cup of tea, however if it were in black or grey I might be inclined. That blue is too flashy, not to mention theres already too many details on the jacket it would look gaudy with my style.
Undercover grail jacket for under 6 bills: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/UNDERCOVER/dept/men/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/41227498RR/sts/sr_men80 Junya Watanabe Le Laboreur for 150: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/JUNYA+WATANABE+COMME+des+GAR%C3%87ONS+MAN/dept/men/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/41265728XF/sts/sr_men80
Have a hard time believing its 18 inches across the hem, Im assuming you mean 9", which is still enormous for something of that nature. Do you mean 18cm?
S or XS depending on how you want it to fit. Probably XS though...
omg white mountaineering for $29!!!111 koooppppppppppp http://www.joefresh.com/en/product/nordic-legging
Those black ones were always fire. Ever since I saw a girl wearing them on a tumblr shot I knew they were sick. Too bad about the nylon though, I don't know if I would buy them, too many tech materials, the patent is already a little overwhelming.
prob 8. I wear a 9 in lanvin and cant do 43 mmm, too snug in the toebox. I also wear a 43 in CP 44 in pierre hardy. Also, the only issues i have with mmm as opposed to cp is that mmm sole is glued, and without the stitching, tends to loosen after a long time.
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