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When were these released? So ugly! http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MAISON+MARTIN+MARGIELA+22/dept/previewmen/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/44354563TI/sts/sr_previewmen80
canvas will hold the paint much better than the suede imo, although the only part that cant hold the paint is the rubber. Would be a nice spring summer shoe.
Try McNairy's webstore or any of his stockists.
Lanvins are great but there are so many alternatives now it doesn't matter. Daniele allesandrini, doucals, etc are all made in the same factory. The only competitive advantage lanvin has now is that their sole is inimitable, however most people aren't fond of it anyways. When ppl liked the sporty lux styling of the sneaks lanvin said whatever and turned all of them into boot sneaker hybrids which nobody likes.
The bigger your budget it definitely is easier to make mistakes and learn from them. Us plebes have to choose strategically.
My parents found out the hard way with the newer units. They have planned obsolescence, ie you are unable to clean the filter from the bottom of the unit and the expected run time is around 5 years.
I shit prettier outcomes than those pierre balmain sneakers. Horrendous.
Can't get over green irish tweed or 2man, as hyped as they are they work really well on me and don't mess up my allergies. I've considered trying pour homme as a replacement for 2man but if it isnt broke why fix it?
What the fuck is going on in here? There are some pretty lackluster posts if I do say so myself. I might have to start posting in here again...
Yeah I was pretty disappointed as well. However, I think they were going for a stiffer hide which works better for the construction and composition of the sneakers. Overall, even if they were smooth I think the quality could be much better for what they are asking. I still love the shape and feel like they are easy to tuck. One of the more overlooked sneakers for sure.
New Posts  All Forums: