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Quote: softy I see...channeling ideas from the medieval peasant costume. If you're gonna do it, don't half ass it.
Too bad the color combinations are atrocious. Red, White, Blue, Teal, Tan? cmon man...
If Ssense discounted that junya fishy I'd have to donate an organ...
Bluebee.com 30% off everything online, no code required. X-Mas guaranteed shipping if you order before 12/22. Super good deals on a handful of solid brands, worth checking out.
Some more Spurr Pipe Legs, shits fit me perfectly. Also, an EG fleece blazer, EG Andover, new North Face rain jacket, and possibly a fishtail.
Fucking Yoox, received a pair of jeans that didn't even come with a top button. I called Yoox and they said they would adjust the price since the jeans were faulty, but does anybody know how much the discount is? I received a quote to put on a top button for $5 so I'm not complaining...
I've been beasting over that junta fishy so bad but don't know how good I would look in one..... I know spiewak makes a decent affordable fishtail I'll have to check that out
Simon spurr pipe leg in 3D black
Lanvins run about 1.5-2 sizes big. I wear a 9 in Lanvin and am a TTS 10.5.
The soles are also worn out as fuck. Not a great deal unless you are crazy about givenchy...
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