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Cheap Junya, although its more of a s/s jacket: http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/JUNYA+WATANABE+COMME+des+GAR%C3%87ONS+MAN/dept/men/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/41197909FA/sts/sr_men80
That is so cool man, itll probably sell out soon id cop with quickness.
Are they patent? They look like shit in the fit pic but look like a normal matte leather in the recent purchases thread...
I think hes referring to the ma-1 not bomber since he posted pics of the A.P.C. one. Blanc and Noir, Lanvin, TOJ (price is ~300 iirc), Margiela, etc usually have bombers every season. Just look around and you will find one that has a good price / quality ratio.
Ill give this a couple hrs before they are gone http://www.thewebstermiami.com/textured-leather-lace-up-sneakers.html?___SID=U
Ohhhh very good thing to keep in mind. I figured it would be a decent weight. I believe it is the same as the longer coat. How does the pattern look in person?
Dries ss10 bomber? Worried the print might be too busy, and jacket might not be versatile.
I really liked them after seeing em on mrporter, however they seemed kinda pricey for what you get. Imho get some suede sperrys and get them resoled with a crepe wedge for 1/4 the price. If the price isn't an issue at all, Id probably kop.
Yeah, I got it on second chance offer. The jacket came in pretty shit condition despite being labeled as new without tags. I can accept some downfalls because it is a two year old jacket, but the pocket lining was completely unstitched and there were some pulls on the ribbing. I think itll cost like $40-50 to fix it, which is not bad considering I got it for $180 and the retail is ~$1950. Ideally I would like the owner to pay for repairs but he is avoiding my emails, so...
That margiela is dope. I just got my ss09 bomber in size 52 and im a true size large, and even though I was told go TTS Im extremely happy with how it fits. I prefer things to fit on the more relaxed side, but a 54 would be pushing it. Sick jacket though...
New Posts  All Forums: