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Regular weight wool knit. Not luxurious soft but not real itchy 100% wool and made in China. It was a must cop for me after student discount. Fit well and according to sales associate each store isn't getting new stock, so for those looking for a discount don't sleep unless you're a weird size
Shah way to blow the spot :P
Sized down 2 from 33 to 31 in the NS and theyre skintight. I couldn't do the top button until after doing some lunges, so I think sizing down depends on your build (average). I think these will end up being a hair big, seeing that I was able to wrestle them on. I don't think going down to a 30 wouldve been the best choice, since I'm just looking for a regular slim/straight not a slim cut. Plus I will probably wash these on a semi regular (once a month) basis.
Get that shit out of here
for $400, thats a very solid jacket
That rise looks tiny but the fit looks good and the fiocchi hardware is a nice touch.
I wouldn't wear them for snow and rain, and without sidezips those are gonna be a pain in the royal ass to put on and off. Check out the W+H hightops with sidezips and maybe other boot options if you want to wear them in bad weather.
Those Mr B's are from Aldo right? Saw them in person, real shit quality for the price. Fake nail marks in the heel, faux stitching on the sole, pretty disappointing looking leather. I'm surprised you kept them.
Yeah unfortunately that mf'er is way too small to justify trying to tailor. Just keep your eyes peeled for a bigger size.
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