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The tobacco chukkas I got were almost waxy looking on the suede. I don't want to mess it up (assuming it's some kinda treatment) so ill probably leave them unprotected
iirc that was going for a pretty cheap price before it was scooped. if money isn't the issue, i say keep it. i dont know how well it might go with your personal style, however it is a fairly versatile jacket.
took me like 2-3 weeks to get the item. no notification, nothing. just be patient and you'll get it eventually. totally worth the wait for the butteros. LOVE them, however the buttero stamp in the insole is annoying because I can feel it. Small price to pay, however.
those are pretty lame because of the contrast stitching, however that factory that makes those shoes, and that style specifically, are really damn comfortable. If you can find something without contrast stitching, they would be nice beaters.
All of their shoes are like common projects, doucal's, daniele allesandrini, etc. Most, if not all of their shoes are made in italian factories. When people ask if common projects are quality, it is sort of a loaded question. Some models are good, some are poor. It depends what model and what factory they are made in. I can't give you a definitive answer based on what shoes you posted, but my inclination is that they are a pretty good deal. You probably aren't saving a...
I'm 6'2" 182ish with extremely broad shoulders and a 33" waist and I look great in EG Large. I guess it depends on how you want it to fit though. The typical eg look is very roomy in the midsection, but that tends to be very flattering in motion even though it seems weird at first.
On the subject of keeping weight down to fit in clothes- I am currently in the process of losing some lbs to get a better fit with my pants and some outerwear. I'm not big by any means but fairly athletic and have had trouble with slimmer fitting clothing. There comes a point where your build and genetics will eventually limit you, but as long as you're healthy and eating well it's totally reasonable to change your size. I have definitely learned some aesthetics are just...
Most if not all eg jackets have a higher stance. I prefer it because with bedfords, for example, they look much betteer with the collar up imo.
I normally don't mind people asking for codes, but seriously guys please cut the Mr. Porter stuff out. The sale didn't happen till the very end of May (I placed my order on May 31st last year, and I ordered the very night that it opened up for public members, which is a week after the founding member one started). With the site already rolled out and opened up to a large userbase, I can't guarantee they would have the sale as early as they normally do. Expect to wait at...
Collar is fine but keep in mine the jacket would probably look stupid at anything other than fully zipped IMO. I have purchased many jackets like this, it is best to accept that it might only look good closed and to make your decision off of that.
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