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Will it be okay if I show up in sw&d attire tonight? Gonna be out in the city all today, wasn't planning on going to switch out for something too formal, just an oxford and an unlined blazer...
Damn I love EG, outside of various kops my money will probably be strictly with EG outerwear. I have 4 jackets from EG and they are all in constant rotation. I really want to try their pants out. How do the workaday fatigues fit? What size should I get if I am normally a 33ish?
I'm a fairly wide 10.5 and the 43's are way too cramped in the toebox. I could see how people pull it off especially after they break in but man my toes were squished in there
I find that despite some shallow people (they are everywhere), our generation is more concerned with having a fulfilling lifestyle as opposed to living a safe life and working with a comfortable paycheck. I know by working for a startup I make less than my friend in investment banking, but I am also sent to different countries for work that I never even imagined I would visit. The experiences I have had in just the last 3 months don't even compare to working 120 hours a...
Got my buttero chukkas in today. The suede is nice, has kinda a waxy sheen to it. The insoles are much nicer looking than cp insoles, but they feel a bit stiff. Hoping they break in nicely. Good looking out fok - great deal for the quality. Also, got a heavy cotton Bedford in black and some pierre hardy lows for under 2 bills shipped. Shouts out to cityhunter. Bedford count is up to 3. Really want the polka dotted Bedford to finish off my collection.
Untuck the shirt man that looks terrible. Sag your jeans and cut your hair too. You are taking the parts of EG that are quirky and interesting and turning it into something that looks thrifted or cheesy vintage. It's far too uptight for EG standards, mess up your look a bit.
They look like clae's with better materials.
why does this shit still happen, its 2012
I'm a little weirded out by all the people posting slim fitted eg lately. What's the deal? It was never meant to be worn slim, looks ridiculous too tight imo when in doubt size up.
New Posts  All Forums: