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So to confirm before I stop my order: Vans / normal sneakers: 10-10.5 EG Vans: 10 but a tad snug Doc Martens: 10 I should be fine with a 10 in the dr martens right? Or should I size down to 9? Hearing conflicting information
Anybody try the aviator jacket in sateen? I'm normally between M-L in EG stuff but this looks to run very small. I'm roughly 6'1" 173 lbs.
Damn I'm in the same situation but not sure I wanna wait for fear of certain color/size sellout...
Did anybody get sizing advice on EG x DR Martens? Keep hearing TTS but want to be sure....
Have a pair of lemaire x paraboot size 43, worn once up for sale. Theyre too big for me (I think they run bigger than TTS but ymmv). If anybodys interested give me a shout- otherwise ill list on ebay.
sanjuro gi luxic kendogi- its a semi-cropped sanjuro shirt-jacket. probably going to be stupid expensive (80k+ jpy would be my guess)
virgils aren't listed but likely will release as part of spot release. kerchief is fake because of visvim font and the printed linen liner ink is dark and uniform whereas the og is lighter and much more subtle.
weight is nice and light, but it retains heat well and is breathable. I have the kaftan in the same fabric- it feels like a nice fleece and has a charcoal color with a subtle twill texture.
I have the same shirt jacket, size down 1. Yours is too big, sleeve cuts comfortably at end of wrist.
its the same exact wool
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