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They have faked box and holos, just check taobao
Those plaintoe lows are one of the more common fakes, I would avoid at all costs: -plaintoe low -fbt mastermind or 73 7 hole mastermind -patrician perf with fabric laces (real ones come with leather laces) -suede virgils with striped fabric tag at tongue and vibram christy sole -serra boots -virgil crepe All the above models have been heavily faked, and if they are still for sale and in new condition are likely fake. use your resources to verify any purchases. I cannot...
I'm on the same page, sometimes its not worth obsessing over. Every style of boot will fit differently as well, some require adjusting sizing accordingly depending on foot shape.
I'm okay with being neurotic if it means spending $700-$1000 on boots and having them fit perfectly. That honestly isn't too much to ask and I'm sure many other people would agree that it pays to size correctly. If you want to wear a size up and have to buy insoles or any other garbage that's fine, but visvim 's shoes are made with cork footbeds so you're essentially doubling up on an insole if you add something. Not to mention the leather footbed will be covered by an...
I have wider feet and I still go down .5. I can wear comfortably without lacing the ankle, but lace the ankle anyways. Unless you guys actually feel your toes hit the front of the shoe you shuold be fine going .5 down, it definitely sounds like they were sized too big.
Size down half on virgils, i cant say it enough. I don't know why people suggest tts or going with sneaker size. they stretch really fast after like 3 wears and the toebox is pretty forgiving. If they feel loose to you, I can guarantee they are. I've owned grizzlies and virgils that were a half size big and while they didn't feel too long or anything my foot was able to move around in the shoe a bunch. Sizing down .5 solves that issue entirely.
The patches are great, you're crazy. Hopefully they do the bedford in serge wool, not really digging the twill because it ages faster...
anybody know if common projects is releasing bball lows in leather this fall?
Any eta on restock for the white trainers? Looking to pick up a 43...
Nah you're probably a 2 or even a 1, but more likely a 2 because of your build. 3 will be too big
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