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It'll be less than 40 usd fwiw, usually they charge by weight
In my experience I've never paid customs from rakuten but they warn you that you are susceptible every time you order in the order notes, also they declare full value. I think its 99% safe shipping with EMS but it may differ if you arent shipping to USA.
Ragtag and Rinkan are major retailers that happen to sell stock online to help move inventory- They probably won't be able to pull a pic for you unless you find out which store has the item, and even there the language barrier is so tough to overcome its probably not worthwhile. FWIW both are legit and have good teams authenticating items, but finding out what season or leather combo is gonna be tough.
The blazer looks better than the coat, actually pretty nice
This is like the japanese version of stamp'd. Pass.
Contrasting opinion to make the decision harder: The coat doesn't drape nicely- the fabric is too stiff for the application. I appreciate that you can wear it 10 different ways but the fit is robotic. It reminds me of a mister freedom denim peacoat, I think they are dumb but to each his own...
2012 happened 3 years ago Also as far as I'm concerned my virgil stabilizers have helped prevent pronation wear on all my boots, whereas my brigadiers without stabilizer all lean inwards. Not necessarily attributing this to the stabilizer but it seems possible...
That color on the flight jacket is great- what season and how does it size?
It was rumored to be antelope suede (in reference to the voyageur moc that first showed the material) but its regular UK calf suede that is treated to have texture. I believe its sourced from CF Stead but no direct confirmation.
If they do a traditional ma-1 and line it with goose down rather than poly batting I will sacrifice my our legacy 70s wash to the clothing gods
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