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101 dmg brigadier boot mies coat 01 slim damage 5 denim brigadier kefchief down jacket kerchief dots tunic fbt jp potomac damaged moleskin longrider shirt brigadier natural dye damaged moleskin coverall ict lhamo grizzly boot
last fit is too good
I disagree to a certain extent. Kangaroo is known for it's durability and pliable nature. It's also very lightweight. In my experience it does stretch no problem
dayton shirt doesn't look that slim in person, wind was hitting me? dayton 19th c tattersall reverse sateen fatigues
could probably afford to size up- interesting fit though, could see how it would work with some heavy layering
For those looking to complete the EG look this fall, Opening Ceremony restocked their all-white vans leather slip-ons that were featured in the ss14 runway campaign. A lot of JP shops are modeling these with fall clothes as well, it seems like there was a production delay because they didn't have a big release this summer. http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=2&designerid=1992&productid=102947&key=vans+vault
Reversible leopard shop coat
Corridor current has a huge waiting list for the size 32, and there are already like 2 people ahead of me when I inquired about them (they are only getting 1 in that size). They stopped replying to emails as of late, you might have better luck calling via phone.
Just got the brown homespun ghurka pants in. Gutted, but as I guessed they are too big in the waist. Would be tempted to tailor but the waistband isn't split. If anybody is interested in a size 34 (TTS) before I return to the bureau. Let me know!
Can you pm me a fitpic if possible? I'm mulling over the ghurka and the trumans... Thx!
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