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2012 happened 3 years ago Also as far as I'm concerned my virgil stabilizers have helped prevent pronation wear on all my boots, whereas my brigadiers without stabilizer all lean inwards. Not necessarily attributing this to the stabilizer but it seems possible...
That color on the flight jacket is great- what season and how does it size?
It was rumored to be antelope suede (in reference to the voyageur moc that first showed the material) but its regular UK calf suede that is treated to have texture. I believe its sourced from CF Stead but no direct confirmation.
If they do a traditional ma-1 and line it with goose down rather than poly batting I will sacrifice my our legacy 70s wash to the clothing gods
Afaik they only faked the suede model that is one of the first releases. The tag is the blue/white stripe on that model. Example: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?spm=a1z5f.7632060.0.0&id=44640966622
IIRC it was stock config- if I were given a do-over I would try japanese tight fit but as you mentioned the sizing difference is almost negligible. I think the hide is very thick and with the quilting and zipper hardware its a true moto jacket. I expected something less substantial, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
I owned a lewis for a second and the quality was fine, but its very much so a true moto jacket. Wearing it for fashion looks ridiculous, its much too wide and cropped and bulky
There are cheaper ways to look like a fool but im all for people trying it
Find contact email on visvim.tv - you might need proof of purchase or id tags i dont remember the latest. They give you an address you ship at your expense and voila 4 months later your boots are resoled and you pay to ship them back.
Dark brown or black
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