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I paid a grip in duties from spence, never again. Like 19%+ of item cost
shameless, damn...
Not regular season release but there is a spot item release for a one wash noragi in a kinda dirty tinge for 700usd and a patchwork kimono worn by hiroki at the indigo camping trailer event with no price yetNo dates for either item, but fall 2014 is most likely. Iirc the noragi is flagship store only
That's actually fine. The regular cloth laces that came with my bison virgils (that model) barely could tie when wrapped around. They stretched and fit fine now, just long enough to be tied after ankle wrap
There's still a large Gladwell left at 135 after tax. Too big for me though
They are, but only at their brick and mortar store. Apparently canadians dont like visvim because it never usually hits sale prices like that...
def on the slim side, would wear slimmer shoes with the sweatshirt if you're trying to match.
same size except a little longer in the toebox
They run the same as common projects so size down 1
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