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I like the kick at the hem, looks nice
If ID allows all black upper with neon green sole I'm so down
They hit all the right notes for me: matte, nice looking last, interesting and quirky design. If I can survive the break-in, I am probably going to sharpie the yellow stitching ala patrik ervell which should be pretty cool. The other motivating factor was that the fall collaboration shoes don't seem to wow me at all- these just seem cooler overall.
Liked the EG x Docs so much I tried again with a full size down. Damn they are destroying my feet. My heels are raw and my toes are being pressed, but they seem to be breaking in okay. I think it was the right move considering they never had my size in a half size, but I'll be damned if it isn't uncomfortable
2 is medium, 3 is large but its japanese sizing. Bulkier larger outerwear will tend to be true to size, whereas slimmer pieces or shirting may either be true or size up recommended. The problem is lengths, generally speaking when you size up to fit the lengths are too long, just double check measurements when purchasing. Cheers!
Any idea where I can find Tom Wood rings at a discount or lower price due to exchange rate?
Returned my EG X Docs in black. Be on the lookout direct from Doc Martens website (Size UK9). I found that the last is very narrow and long and the leather unforgiving, so my heel was extremely prone to slippage but I think sizing down would be an impossibility. I would really need an 8.5....
That looks fine, just old ass season (pre 2009) For those interested in fall footwear collabos, based on the lookbook pics we can guarantee: Dr. Martens: Monkey (Church) Boot in asymmetrical suede/leather (toe area is suede on one boot, leather in the rear and reverse for the other shoe). Black confirmed. Will probably retail ~$279 Danner: Hiking boot with crazy lacing. Looks like Mountain light model but instead of lacing...
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