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common projects has a women's line called woman. They go down to size IT 35. Not only that, their women's stuff often hits sale price so you can cop at a discount. Their sneakers will fit the same and the sizing is on the same scale, womens tend to have a lower profile sole but most models (achilles, slip ons, etc) are the same. Check out net-a-porter or similar sites.
our legacy
They dont send jp stockists when you inquire from the US. Also, I've searched high and low on the internet and everywhere I could freaking find for those sealed bottle plants' liquid solution. I think its perfumer's alcohol or high concentration isopropyl. Not 100% sure, and Nepenthes wouldn't give me an answer when I asked. "A proprietary solution" is what I remember being told. Not a lot of resources online, it seems that nepenthes is one of the few types of places doing...
Visvim did a Platte boot in antelope leather with a ripple sole. It's moc toe so hard to compare but leather texture is nice. I actually like the gloxi cut sole viberg has been using. Kudu is a great matte leather and vibergs' tends to look top notch. Bison would be a good choice for some serious boots too if viberg can source. It's a nice combination of durability and texture. Dainites are big this fall but I could see a bison boot with lug sole looking tough. That being...
The footwear is far too sterile for me. Slim lasts, shiny materials all give out a formal vibe but the colorways and silhouettes are decidedly casual. It doesn't quite strike a note like the formal footwear which demands a similar price (trickers, sanders, some ae), and would be too hard to dress down. Huge swing and a miss from me. The oamc collab utter failure also indicate the market responded in a similar manner, they can try to do multiple things but none are done...
That is the weirdest argument in the world. Vintage flannels are vintage flannels, its not like its commonplace to see vintage ones made in the USA, and not like the vintage american ones are any better. They are all washed and the flannel is nappy, its not really going for the premium look and feel here...
Not to kill the vibe here but its too big. That being said it doesn't look bad or anything and the kinda slouchy fit seems to work okay. Rock it with pride, for the price its a no brainer.
In their brick and mortar in Japan they have plant seeds and other items related to plants for sale, probably my guess
It's the cheapest place on the internet with their code so its a no brainer. 300 shipped. Only thing that makes me mad is that I had a custom discount code which broke and didnt work, so I had to use the EUR25USD code. Ended up being $4 more or whatever, so no biggy.
Tried to, didnt work
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