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the number of eyelets depend on the shoe size for visvim boots, ive confirmed
Picked up the uu oversized down jacket in Shanghai. Got an XL for that Michelin man steez, shit is dope as fuck for the price. About to be nice and toasty this winter.
flyknit racer "rough green" really nice
I buy half down from my nike size, because nike's I usually require sizing up due to narrow width
our legacy 70s wash
I've worn black authentics with white soles and think it can look pretty cool. Also vans sk8 his, eytys, or other chunkier skate footwear generally looks good.
also that rose bomber was women's only and it came in a high sheen nylon not matte
I have those same sunglasses (I bought fake visvim replica- don't kill me lol) and they are the same as those with packaging and everything.
90% sure it is fake, theyve made fake lhamo and kimono jackets in that embrodery for a while now. its weird because seller has mix of authentic visvim and fake (kerchief is a bad fake).
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