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For those looking to complete the EG look this fall, Opening Ceremony restocked their all-white vans leather slip-ons that were featured in the ss14 runway campaign. A lot of JP shops are modeling these with fall clothes as well, it seems like there was a production delay because they didn't have a big release this summer. http://www.openingceremony.us/products.asp?menuid=2&designerid=1992&productid=102947&key=vans+vault
Reversible leopard shop coat
Corridor current has a huge waiting list for the size 32, and there are already like 2 people ahead of me when I inquired about them (they are only getting 1 in that size). They stopped replying to emails as of late, you might have better luck calling via phone.
Just got the brown homespun ghurka pants in. Gutted, but as I guessed they are too big in the waist. Would be tempted to tailor but the waistband isn't split. If anybody is interested in a size 34 (TTS) before I return to the bureau. Let me know!
Can you pm me a fitpic if possible? I'm mulling over the ghurka and the trumans... Thx!
Are you in sf dbear? Welcome to try mine on. I can also send you measurements of the 3 to compare to your other outerwear
Yes it is, the weave is tighter and it is heavier weight, but still drapes nicely. Also has slightly more of a sheen at first, but it wears off over time. The m41 jacket in sateen is nice as well.
just looks like a loop terry cotton marled fabric. also, just pulled the trigger on the homespun ghurka's in 34 from bureau with a slight chance they'll fit. Going off the model on Loftman, he seemed to size the same (about a half size or so higher than regular). If not, back in the hunt for a 32... Also fiending for the cpo, among other things!
damn, where do i get that hot fire
I think they mentioned getting the bedford in black moleskin, maybe the sweater shawl in black(grey?) knit as well, nothing very exciting though...
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