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Those lapels are pathetic, not feeling it or the color/leather/details at all
All in all its actually not that bad. I wouldn't say the design choices were justified at all, not necessarily better or worse. The fit looks to be about the same, and even on the older models varied depending on the factory and material. Still looks fine to me, hem stitch included.
the hem being double stitched instead of a fold is a game breaker imo, certain other things seem interesting, but nothing worthwhile for those interested in upgrading- it also lost its classic fit it sounds like.... bummer
Please add waist suppression to the back panel ala the junya leather.
80,000jpy sizing supposedly runs small / tts- will have a better handle on sizing closer to release
There is nothing in the books for a virgil release this season, but spot items come unannounced so even resellers will have a hard time estimating what will drop. For example, they re-released old stock crepe virgils this season on the US webstore, it could happen for other models or new spot releases.
Thinking $100 including shipping assuming its in cherry condition. It's in storage right now so I'd want to double check and make sure its still pristine.
Virgils are 85,600 tax included so around ~800 usd before proxy and ship maybe 900 to your door. The bomber is ~181,500jpy or around 1600 usd maybe 1700usd shipped depending on exchange rates. They are NOT taking pre-orders for these items yet, you have until July/August most likely.
New Posts  All Forums: