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isetan stage indigo camping trailer exclusive, sold out on release day in all sizes except womens iirc
visvim wtaps
All size 3, I made mysef emaciated to be able to fit a 3 (5)
vis x3 detail EG x2  
In all honesty he probably doesn't know they are fake. There are some good copies out there and that particular model is one of them. I don't blame him for not knowing, I wouldn't have either when I first heard of vis.
Not trying to discount the seller, that same model is one of the most heavily copied visvims ever (that particular model, colorway, etc). I would bet money that they are fake.
White buttons are key. I didn't describe the basketweave too much in depth but its a relatively thin cotton fabric with a soft but textured handfeel. It wrinkles very easily and is definitely spring/summer weight. It actually doesn't look too chef at all in person and looks good, but due to the fabric I was in between sizes which didnt work for me. It also works better as an outer layer, while the chambray looked better under a jacket IMO.
You are already ready
The stitching, faded gold label, and maybe even that mark on the top of the tongue are par for the course. The only thing is indigo stains, but with a couple minutes of patience you can clean them up as new. You hardly have a case unless he marked the item as new on ebay and said they were lightly preowned in the description. Because the description said pre-owned, the item is basically "as-is"
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