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Got the shirts in- the striped jawn is going back and I think I'm gonna keep the v-neck. The striped shirt is no different than any tailored button down, definitely up to par as far as quality is concerned but fabric was super thin and cut wasn't special enough. The v-neck is very crispy (Almost too much) and is definitely slim fitting. I got a 50 and it fits like a very slim large. As long as it doesn't shrink i'll be happy with it- its a unique enough fit and the price...
I'm dabbling in lemaire right now- Got the paraboots, two shirts, and the gloverall duffle shirt from this season. Really nice stuff- albeit a tad overpriced but surprisingly easy to wear and sophisticated. I put more of a casual/streetwear edge when wearing my lemaire and it seems to work just fine. Still want to try some trousers, been looking for the seersucker elastics from the fall season and also the yak wool shirt jacket is also on my radar.I got the vneck button up...
terribly fake
I bought a large which I wear in drkshdw and normal rick pieces and the arms were too long and the body too big. I wouldn't be able to fit in a medium as the arms were already tight with size large
Rick owens hooded short bomber (Drkshdw) - that model is cotton/nylon- also released in 100% cotton. I just sold mine- it runs a bit big.
Didn't want to call too much attention to this, but it's as low as you can find Visvim shy of Japan retail pricing. For those who are interested in trying the brand, the price is more accessible and some of the items are priced attractively. I also wanted to give a shoutout to their customer service. I chatted with their support team online and they gave a super nice detailed overview of fit, and also highlighted some of the other items from the brand they are getting...
True to size (or go with your lower size) if you can wear two sizes in visvim. I'm ~6'1" 170 and a 3 is spot on and can be layered.Supposed to fit TTS
Having tried everything in person, the oversized down jacket is the best item from the collection IMO. Cotton work jacket was also nice for the money.
I got this season's drkshdw hooded bomber (cotton nylon mix) from hervia. I'm probably gonna return it, but if anybody is interested before I send back it's much less than retail. Size large.
the number of eyelets depend on the shoe size for visvim boots, ive confirmed
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