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Those look legit to me, just an older model from margiela. Unless you've seen boots readily reproduced on ioffer or taobao I highly doubt those are fakers, rather a very old model.
where's your god now?!?!?!just kidding, ill let you know if i change my mind
the tim coppens do look a bit like shapeups, not feelin em
Prices (if its not been posted): http://www.gq.com/style-list/gq-gap-bnmda-collection-lookbook-2014/
Those will be hit with at least 40 USD in customs fees. So for all in not a good deal at roughly 300
Nah its just the cork heelbed and raw leather for the toebox area. I tried removing mine and no dice.
its a biker jacket, the extra should width gives more mobility allows wearer to lean forward with hands in front of them. It also should hit right above belt line so leaning forward doesn't cause a unnecessary bunching at the hem on a bike.
Thats a great deal for the jacket, dont fuck it up by adding different zippers. All of the 5-zip jackets ive handled, from all origins have had substantial zippers.
Brigs look amazing dbear! Good stuffI don't have the full release for fw, but I don't remember seeing skagways at the trunk show. They are doing a really dope shearling lined shoe similar to the skag for fall (never asked if its called the skag or not). Also, that doesnt include spot releases which are random releases throughout the season.sneakers for fall:JPY is around 160000 or ballpark pre-tax. The hide is brain dyed german deerskin which is then shipped to japan and...
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