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the fwk stuff is amazing, kinda disappointed the fabrics are not female friendly. its a tough sell considering how they use a lot of synthetics and rough fabrics, stuff that just doesnt sell for women who generally need to feel fabrics in person
Heavy wool melton and or blanket will be heaviest/warmest most likely
clear stains sounds like you got some grease on your shirt, use a little dish soap and rub into the stains before washing
It really depends. I own both calf made in italy and lamb made in romania. If I were to choose one jacket for the rest of my life the calf is nicer and would be my pick, but I actually wear the lamb more. Its lighter weight and "easier" to wear. Both of mine are size 50 and measure exactly 20.5" p2p. That being said, even though some people say the quality on certain 5 zips is iffy, generally speaking it is good or better across the board.
Probably somewhere between 2003-2006. Not worth a penny unless you get for like 20 bones. That being said the newer vis hoodies are actually great just not at retail
John is a big fan of visvim, which comes as no surprise considering his m65 is cut almost identically to the kilgore jacket but with different details. He's also been spotted at FIL and has worked under simon miller who now owns fabric brand co, which is heavily influenced by visvim as well.
I forgot to say what I did to my long dayton to get my ideal fit. So upon trying it on the first time, I found that it looked like a dress on me. The problem? The hem was even all the way around so it concealed my waist area looking a little off (feminine?). Unbuttoned it was fine, but something was still off. After thinking for a while I realized that staggering the shirt hems would break up the dress look. Alas, had a tailor take the front hem up 1.5 inches, still giving...
As I said on sufu, they run tts (slim arms on everything) but length matters more than anything. If the measurements on the 1 seem to match up I'd go with that size.
Also forgot to mention I'm wearing the long Dayton today as well. Quite the experience trying to drop some heat- I imagine its the same problem girls have when wearing a dress
I'm 6'1" 170 39" chest and wear a m comfortably. It fits similar to the look book
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