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Afaik they only faked the suede model that is one of the first releases. The tag is the blue/white stripe on that model. Example: http://m.intl.taobao.com/detail/detail.html?spm=a1z5f.7632060.0.0&id=44640966622
IIRC it was stock config- if I were given a do-over I would try japanese tight fit but as you mentioned the sizing difference is almost negligible. I think the hide is very thick and with the quilting and zipper hardware its a true moto jacket. I expected something less substantial, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
I owned a lewis for a second and the quality was fine, but its very much so a true moto jacket. Wearing it for fashion looks ridiculous, its much too wide and cropped and bulky
There are cheaper ways to look like a fool but im all for people trying it
Find contact email on visvim.tv - you might need proof of purchase or id tags i dont remember the latest. They give you an address you ship at your expense and voila 4 months later your boots are resoled and you pay to ship them back.
Dark brown or black
No but its easy enough, just a question if you want to drop ~$180 for a pair of resoles not including shipping
list all the sizes you can think of in all the boots and sneakers you own and I can tell you- although as I said before its probably 10, the boots run big so the 10.5's are more like 11 sneakers
IMO I think if the cut was strictly lemaire people wouldn't understand so its some pseudo-hybrid between the two. I can't afford to size up else everything would be huge, but if I get to return 90% of the stuff my wallet is happy.
keep in mind that guy is showing m in a japanese store. m in us or uk sizing is even bigger
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