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In general, I will never purchase anything on those terms. I find it ridiculous and it insults me as a customer. When I see those auction, I automatically skip them. If one wishes to sell an item for no less than $200, then state the price honestly and let the market tell you if you are in the correct range. I find many sellers on ebay can't be arsed to do any real research on the real market value of an item and that bothers me. Any time I have sold there, I do my...
With your size and in-person fitting challenges, I wouldn't worry about it. I feel a part of good customer service entails fitting me properly. So if they don't fit properly, no harm, no foul.
"...I use a special hand lotion and white gloves when tying them...dont really "wear" them, just stand in front of the mirror without moving and admire them..." You know, I so rarely see people that follow the instructions in the owner's manual. Good on you!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Pubococcygeus muscle? That's not a very pc comment.
Funny you should mention this right now. I was just going through the archives with an eye to posting a more general topic for big guy's shopping/brand experiences. To help answer your particular question: It sounds if you and I are of a similar, though not exactly the same, size. I'm only slightly over 6' tall, broad and very straight shoulders, footballer thighs, and (hopefully temporarily, a bit thick around the waist). I have a longer waist and slightly shorter,...
Oh, and I should have added that nice fused items are also acceptable. Sorry about that. And many thanks to the replies I've had so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I suspect the product was secretly created by Charvet to accelerate the snagging and destruction of their ties, therefore artificially boosting the demand for replacement units. I've heard they're coming out with a new line that comes pre-snagged so the wearer doesn't have to directly experience the trauma themselves.
Great idea! I feel that male or male-styled pieces often accentuate a woman's more feminine traits. For the most part, I find it lovely. One of my favourites is the barber chair series with K.D. Lang and Cindy Crawford. Of course, there's a definite line between the lovely K.D. Lang and 'dykes on bikes' that really shouldn't be crossed. lol
Even though I always bring a potential new cleaner a 'test piece' that I can afford to lose, the stories of my dry cleaning experience seem nearly endless. Holes, stains that weren't there, cracked buttons, steamrollered seams, etc. But this is truly stunning. This is like a cobbler dyeing one's two tone shoes all black because "they were two different colours!" when you only asked for a shine.
Twice, that I can recall. A new, silver grey Brioni tie on it's first outing: I was seated next to the president's wife (company, not US) at a holiday dinner when she chose to plunge her fork (with abandon) into the game medallion tray in front of me. The tie caught a significant amount of wild boar au jus. The tie was a loss but smiling through the lack of any apology was the most grating. I blame the meritocracy for allowing animals to dine with humans. The...
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