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@gyasih They all measure to Epaulet's standard measurements for the sizes (+/- a bit for the the nature of measuring, of course).   Here are the measurements for the jackets:   40 20.5" 17.5" 26" 30" Here they are for the suit trousers:     Size 33 WAIST     34" THIGH     12.25" LEG OPENING 8" RISE 10" INSEAM 32" (~2" to let out) Thanks @tricky!
I have a suit from one of the Oyster grey hopsacks. Sorry, I don't recall the number. It's a solid fabric: soft hand, good visual texture. nice drape, holds a crease well. Like Concordia, I might also like Lesser better at the same weight, but then it's more down to which color you prefer.
New Calabrese squares so good.
It was pretty great in person.I thought the lapel shape, shoulders, quarters, and trousers cut were good. The needlework, as you point out, not so much.The wall paper would have made a great pocket square pattern. Same for another wallpaper in the house.This was from the 60's and described as a quirky alternative.
For lack of a better place to post, a quirky tux made for a member of the van Loon family (VOC/Dutch East India Company, etc.) in Amsterdam. Unfortunately the name of the tailor wasn't listed.
^ Sweet.
Great suit.
Terrible news about Prince. I just saw him perform a couple months ago. Frans Boone was my first thought as well. I had always thought they were in Amsterdam. Thanks for the other recs. I'll check them out. ETA: One of the Tune De Nimes is near my hotel.
Random fashion question: anyone have a suggestion for a place to pick up some good knitwear in Amsterdam? It's a little chillier here than expected when I packed. (Something Inis Meain-ish would be good.)
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