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I'm expecting a pair of Vass longwings in about a month. Not their most common model but the photo examples are great.
 Thanks Gus! I usually post photos with a tie, but my office isn't that formal. Those are usually client-facing days. Other days I still like to wear a jacket, so I've been adding more shirts that work but are still a bit casual. The colors of this one are a little uncommon and seem to bridge the gap pretty well. I also forgot to mention that it has a bit of a flannel texture, which is nice.   Thanks! Those are actually the regular rise! I'm bent at the waist a bit in the...
Very nice PCK1!
Carmina on the woefully underused Robert last (similar to F so not so far off ).
My office is just over-warm. Maybe I should try spending time outside.
I'm sweating just thinking about 19/20 oz tweed! Beautiful weave though.
^ What's the swatch with the W Bill? That looks interesting. Not that the W Bill doesn't. I'll bet that turned out great. Other than the cuffs. Surprising they whiffed on that.
^^ Top one is H&S Crystal Springs? I noted that one. Looks pretty nice.
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