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I vote for 2-patch + barchetta, but I'm OK with 3-patch if that's what the majority wants.
 Too many patterns and, at least in the photo, the scale of the pattern of the tie is too close to the pattern of the shirt. Also, are all of the pieces brown? That kind of monochrome look is tough to pull off. At least one other color would help.
 Oak would be pretty awesome too. But sometime the 15 year old punk tells me to pick black, and I listen. I do think that it works great with the dull grey of the buckle.   I'm so impressed with the buckle in person. I was glad that I was able to grab that one when the new batch came in. The twist around the right corner caught my eye immediately and the texture overall is like wood grain.
Did you do the burnishing in those chukkas or did Vass?
On the weekends, I'm more of a SWD guy, than CM. I've been in the market for a bit for a new belt and decided to go with a Rentetsu buckle combined with black bridle leather and mouse grey lin cable. I received the final product today. Here are a couple of pics.       Thanks for a great new belt, Charlie!
^^ Fit and textures are great, but I feel like the brown in the trousers, tie, and (brown-ish effect of the) square are too close. It might be the photo or my screen, and in real life they're distinct and complementary.
Happy to wait for Sig. Ciardi to provide the details about how he performs the measurements. It's great to have access to another Neapolitan craftsman and I think that information would be a great help to everyone who would potentially be interested in commissioning a coat.
I'm thinking about commissioning navy and grey pinstripe suits. White/cream stripes, at least 0.5" width. 11-14 oz. I've looked online through all of Harrison's ranges, Drapers, H&S, and Dugdale. I haven't had a chance to look in any books yet and hoping to narrow it down. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!
Also, Wilkes Bashford's website says that they have Carminas in San Francisco.
I do wonder where Noodles's trousers are resting--hips or waist. Also whether those are the standard sized trousers that came with the suit (I know there's been some swapping of jackets and trousers with the Formosas from NMWA).   And Murl's fit today is excellent.
New Posts  All Forums: