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Also, that grey flannel is only 11/12 oz. That is a three-season fabric in DC. I would have kopped but actually don't like the blazersuit, except in much more casual forms.
Wait, what? You have 50R Formosas that aren't on the site?
 Great looking suit. Do you happen to know which fabric it is? Shoes seem a little casual for the rest, but overall really nice!
Sorry, R. I forgot that they stocked L's but was pretty sure that you'd be a 52. 
 Eidos guncheck in 52 should be back in NMWA's hands tomorrow.
 Cool! Five responses so far, including from unbel and gdl. Go ahead and fill it out, gents. I'll forward the responses to NMWA. Also, you should all put this P&H Glorious Twelfth blue/brown/burgundy check as your first choice. Because it is self-evidently awesome and deserves to get made. 
I'm pretty sure that survey will be invalidated as soon as Greg comes in with some new hotness, but it was fun to put together.
 The W. Bill cloths are only 14 oz. But that's why I was thinking unlined or only 3/8 lined would be a good balance for different climates.
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