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Here's my report of how the longwing boot looks in person: fucking amazing.
 Pics? I'm almost definitely in on the gunclub either way, but curious.
Is Carmina's polo suede as red as G&G's? (G&G's is too red for me.)
The F/W ties were mostly duplicative of things I already have. Looking forward to the S/S ties though!
^ These were my top choices, with a preference for the gunclub.   Quote: Delfino Portofino brown with blue and cream checks, hemp silk and cashmere: Perfect summer gun club: (I have a jacket in this one):
 Depends a bit on how you want it to fit. I went with a 40 and wear it like an over-shirt. It's trim but not uncomfortable. If you want a looser fit or more layering go for the 42. Totally worth it to get a 40 and see how you like it. On the topic of shipping, I have everything sent to me at work to avoid both theft and missed delivery issues.
 Nice! I ordered that but on the 804 last and with the Bolet leather and thin Dainite sole.
 In addition to what others have recommended, I think that fawn flannel or (dreaded) navy trousers would work. Light blue oxford or similar shirt. Cashmere/wool (including challis)/knit tie in warm brown, blue, or green.
  I was using the same photo and the above list when I suggested EG mink
What about broguing on just the U-wing (not the adelaide-ish part) in something similar to mink suede (if Carmina has or could get it)?
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