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[[SPOILER]]  Is that the collar Ercole made for you? Looks great.
Nice batch of new squares!
Looks great FC! What's the sizing like for that OS jacket? I keep looking at it and forgetting to ask.   And as long as I'm asking about quilted jackets ... Same size in the ts(s) quilted jacket as the dobby cotton coat?
I like green ties, with suits and odd jackets.                
10051 is the semi-brogue on Rain? That sounds perfect! Can I email to get on the notification list for them?
G&G seems to do the nicest finishing of hatchgrain. Great looking pair, HRoi.
Leaves, any chance you're going to restock some Carmina business basics with Tomir or Dainite soles? I checked the expected arrivals list and didn't see them. I was thinking about the now-arrived rainy season and their potential usefulness.
Winter in the Bay Area is totally appropriate for flannel (except last winter, of course, which was ridiculous). I wore a flannel suit today in the East Bay comfortably.   You need this suit (with notch lapels ).
New Posts  All Forums: