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 I was hoping that this cloth would make it through the voting process. The Draper's and Delfino checks are pretty close to a coat I got from Ich_Dien. 
^^ I think this photo was throwing me off.  
Is the base of the Delfino grey or cream (or something else)? It looks different in the swatch photos than in Parker's.   I confess to being one of the tire-kicking wimps, but I really wanted a different guncheck. The responsible thing would be to join Team Hopsack and upgrade/supplement my basics.   (And in my defense, I did order the Minnis mini-houndstooth suit.  )
When I submitted my recent Cappelli order, I included a note with my preferred widths at the widest point, 18" from the tip, and 20" from the tip. (Yeah, that all sounds dirty, you reprobates.) I figured out those measurements based on OTR ties and a couple of rounds of orders with David Hober. The ties I received from Sig. Cappelli matched my request within normal tolerance. 
^ "Noodles's Good Natured Advice and Occasional Picnic Attack Thread"
I have this one (from Will). It is as versatile as claimed; however, I have to make sure to adjust it so that naked statuary doesn't show when I meet with clients.
Looking back, I think my post was a bit ambiguous. The collar itself was fairly standard, maybe a bit big for the size 16 that I ordered. The collar points were ridiculously short. Maybe 2.5"? I didn't measure. I just boxed it up and sent it back.
^ 100%. Great email service. I gave Greg the measurements of my best-fitting suit, and he helped me figure out Formosa sizing. I won't know until fall if it was right (unless I take a trip to NYC this summer), but Greg obviously knows his products and is super helpful.
Typical YMMV applies. I ordered one of the Rubinacci shirts a while ago. The collar was ridiculously small, contrary to what was depicted in the photo.
Well, crap. Totally missed that this was happening. Hope it was a success!
New Posts  All Forums: