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 It's a lightweight silk twill from Patrizio Cappelli (3-fold, self-tipped, 9cm wide, for those interested). I'm sorry to report that it's been sold out for quite a while.
I have a 6-fold outlet tie that really was completely unlined. The knot wasn't big enough. Patrizio graciously agreed to add lining to it for me. Now it's great.
 Yeah, I find Moonbeam to have a springy, bounce-back nature. I wondered whether W Bill would try to do something in the same vein or go in a different direction even though the composition is similar. Sounds like the latter, but the texture in your photos is really nice. Thanks for posting them. The jacket looks great. Cifo? I wish the French tailoring thread didn't have so many dead photo links.
 I've wondered about Lamlana. Does it have a sponginess similar to Moonbeam?
I figured that would look good (forgot you'd posted that photo in Newc's thread). Chris's clients don't post enough pictures.
 Still sad I missed those. New stuff looks cool, Rob!
 TP definitely seems to have gotten the most detailed responses from Patrizio. But he has answered most of my questions, as long as I've been persistent, confirmed what I've wanted done, and asked him to send me a PayPal invoice.  I would be concerned about the fabric pulling on itself internally while knotting it. It seems like some interlining would alleviate that friction. But it's also likely that I'm making up a non-existent concern.
 You've probably read my thoughts in the Cappelli thread. I think most of the printed silks I have from him would be fine as a 3-fold with light interlining. I have a couple of 5 or 6-folds, which add some volume and are nice but would probably be about as nice as 3-folds. As TweedyProf suggests, you should just email Patrizio about the fabrics that interest you and let him tell you if he thinks any of them need a thicker lining or more folds to achieve what you want.  I'm...
^ Fair points. I noticed that the blue check stood out, even in the low light, but the rest of the pattern seemed toned down so the overall effect was less frenetic. And the indoor light seemed a bit more like how many of us spend our days, so maybe it would seem more like this. I agree completely on infrequent wearings.
New Posts  All Forums: