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So much good new Calabrese stuff!
Basically the same as a recent fit but better pics of the Moonbeam fabric, which is awesome.
 I hope your suit didn't get a bedbug infestation from that chair! 
I wore the Formosa Minnis houndstooth flannel suit a few times in the Bay Area this past winter when temps were in the low to mid-60's. It was great. Higher temps than that or too much sun even when the temp is cooler and I might have been uncomfortable. I'm not going to get a ton of wear out of it (unless the weather pattern returns to something more normal next winter), but I'm glad to have it.   Justin--you don't need black shoes if you have oxblood or navy, but you...
^ 3200-MOD with punched captoe and peaked heel counter. Dainite with a thin leather midsole so that the soles will still be sleek. (And I meant 804, not 363.)
Between that bolet boot photo and the recent pics of the 804 last I'm getting more excited about my MTO!
Brown challis.  
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