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I'd kind of like to see the Delfino Portofino brown with blue and cream checks move to the next round, but I could live with those two.
The green donegal was the clear winner. I'd say the P&H blue/brown/burgundy check was the preferred second choice. It had one fewer first place vote than the glenplaid but more second and third place votes and a higher average ranking.   Of the donegals, W. Bill 34591 got the most votes. If you have swatches available to view, though, it might be good for you to make some suggestions.  
Nice stuff, @jrd617! Wonderfully fuzzy. Are you going to make suits or just jackets with the 17 oz. cloths? I just got some 14 oz. trousers and can't imagine going heavier than that.
@UrbanComposition I really like 2 & 3, especially 3. Given the weather in the Bay Area recently I can't believe you wore 3 though! @lordsuperb I think you could put together combinations that fit the aesthetic of this thread. You might want to try it to do something different. It's a challenge. I think about it often when dressing. I sometimes decide to go in a different direction or fail but I think about it as a guide regularly.
^ I was shorthanding. On the assumption that the flannel used in the suit is a woolen, I focused on what seemed like the important distinction: woolen flannel v. worsted wool suiting. I don't disagree with you at all and appreciate you expanding on the issue for the benefit of the thread!
^ I figured. I also feel the need to push this again. There have to be 7 other guys who want to see it get made. It came so close the first time around and would be amazeballs.  [[SPOILER]]
I don't know that I agree that POW is business-appropriate only for clothes salesmen. I think the small scale graph check falls toward the formal end of the shirt pattern spectrum. The problem in this case is that a check shirt with a POW suit results in too many squares regardless of scale. At least for this thread. It could be executed well but the chances of that happening and it fitting in the aesthetic of this thread seem small.   I did this recently with a small...
Only 4 votes for the Russell plaid makes me sad.   Here's the link to the survey. The one that unbel posted doesn't seem to be working.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WXXRLNY
Those are besom (or have the flaps tucked in), not patch. But you basically prove everyone's point: you couldn't tell the difference.   Flannel will wear out slightly faster than worsted, but since you're going to build out your suit wardrobe, the issue isn't relevant.
[[SPOILER]]  Well, now I'm just going to be pressing F5 all day. Re tie width: It's not the width at the widest point, it's the width where I usually tie a knot that keeps me away from 8 cm ties. I don't like the size of the knot that I get from Drake's ties in that width. 8.5 is on the border for me. But you've got plenty of great 8.5 and 9 cm ties, so I'm not complaining!
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