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One more data point. Lighter brown Harris tweed. Probably closest to Kent's #21.And if you're going to do a heavy tweed, consider flapped patch pockets. [[SPOILER]]
Great stuff! Chest is a little small for me on the jackets, unfortunately. Do you happen to remember the number for the Oyster herringbone? GLWS!
  I could be mistaken, but that's the usual price for a fully bespoke suit. BnTailor recently started offering a MTM program that could be within your price range, although I don't know for sure the prices through Robin.
I think some people like the heavier fresco for the wrinkle resistance and hardwearingness, i.e. good for travel.
What Fok said is, I think, the right way to think about Pitti. Nevertheless some that stuff looks bad even in context.
He does. I suspect that some shops (*cough Armoury) made major buys and depleted a lot of his stock.
  Isn't Robin doing measurements for BnTailor MTM? If so, that might be a great option and within the price range.
In case it's any help, this photo from @jrd617 is pretty great comparison shot for a number of brown herringbone fabrics. (From this post: http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/9200_50#post_7022265.)  
I want to make a cape joke, but I'll just pass. I think they were all made a few years ago anyway.   Instead, I'll just say that I like this. Not quite as good as Mrs. EFV, but very enjoyable (even with generally disagreeable TASSEKS).  
 That cord suit was a really inspired choice for the season. Is the shirt Inglese? Which fabric?
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