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Definitely rust. I'll try to get a photo over the weekend.
Win. The best part is that Barbie is also riding a bike.
 Some of us still remember the 1996-97 season.http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-30336-finamore-napoli-brown-shirt-size-16-us-41-eu.aspx
The Spurs are without honor.
^^I looked at that olive one and decided to get the rust because I have a couple of green wool ties but nothing in the rust range. I only had a chance to quickly try it out yesterday. It seemed like a typical Drake's knot for that weight fabric. Not skimpy at all. I prefer their 3.5" ties and the resulting knots, but rust seems hard to find, so I settled for 3.25".
Namor, antic cognac shell on the budapester boot? Both are great. Congrats.
^ With the choo-choos?
 Also, F the Spurs.
New stuff looks great, Murl! I really wanted that Inglese, but they're not a great fit for me. The collar of the 16/41 that I got was a bit big and the chest a bit snug. I'm holding on to it because it's such a beautiful shirt, but I'm resisting getting any more.   What square is that, Stitches?
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