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^ Somewhere in this thread there's a link to an audio recording. Prepare to be surprised.
I agree! But for the sake of clarity, I didn't get the AS suede boots (yet). I actually want to know: which of those photos is the truer representation of the color?!
Thanks! They're black Carminas. I managed to get a decent shine on them (rare for me) and the light was right.
This is recent and probably the most "me" MC fit that I've done. My other fits are more work appropriate and so are more representative of how I wear MC.     [[SPOILER]]
Arrived today. Fabric is like air. Fit is basically perfect. I just need to get the sleeve buttons sown on. Which is surprising because I got the grey birdseye in the same size and needed to get the waist nipped (and the sleeves are a touch longer). I also used my Favorite Things code to grab the ts(s) navy dobby cotton hooded jacket. It's sweet. As advertised, it'll work for SW or MC. Needs a little pressing though!  
^ It's a Bigi cashmere that must be sold out because it's not on the site. You can see it in the photos of its navy, yellow-stripe cousin. Also, it is v nice. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/navy-cashmere-tie-yellow-white-repp-stripes.html
Truer representation of the color of the AS suede boots:     or   
Nice work, Greg.     http://nomanwalksalone.tumblr.com/post/93530080341/a-highlight-of-our-fall-shipment-from-vass-in   Edit: LOL timing
^^^ Your best yet, jungleroller!
Seriously considering pulling the trigger on the summer POW Formosa. I can't believe that I'm considering picking up yet more stuff.   "Oh, price drops." <-- 
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