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^ But what if socks are how I individually modify my WSCBD. What's in bounds? Other than non-affected monogramming?
 Must be guerrilla marketing for Cifo. Also, at a to the g to the jiffy, please tell us about appropriate WSIMCBD socks for the WS meetings that apparently neither of us attends. When I don't go to those meetings, I want to make sure that no one laughs at my socks. Which are monogrammed with my #StyFoDude handle, but I would never show anyone--even this board--because that would be affected.
I use Reeder and Feedbin. Thanks for putting this together. Just updated my feeds.
Saw that hanging in the closet during my appointment with Steed in SF. Looked cool hanging, even better worn.
Jacket looks great. If we could get the early bird prices in SF I would commit to a few pieces.
 9.5 in most Carmina lasts (10 for Simpson). 9.5 or 10 for St. C. Thought hard about the 10E U-caps but too close to something I already have.
Does it help to say that if there had been a pair of Carminas or St. C's that were in my size and not duplicative of what I already have that I would have bought? I just want your consignor to know that there is interest so that they send more good stuff your way. 
I have one of Rumisu's cotton Moby Dick squares (picked it up in a shop in Istanbul recently). Wonderful material and, as mentioned, unique designs. The silk squares are, as PCK1 noted, also really nice. They aren't while linen or cream silk, but they're very usable. I like having some squares with personality as options.
^ Guess what I wore today? (With lightweight blue Rota) [[SPOILER]]
Cappelli is another option for custom.   HN White and Shibumi for RTW.
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