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Wait, is there a tailor in San Francisco of whom I'm unaware?
Looks great!
^ Looking forward to posting photos! I also should have added that they're Dainite with a thin leather midsole.
 I believe that's mine. If so, yes, 804 and Vitello Bolet. They're slowly making their way to me.
My wife is threatening to "borrow" by ts(s) dobby coat. I might lose it forever. 
I like the neckerchief, Iso. I think it's a good look for you in terms of what you've said that you're trying to achieve. But, as others have noted, the square seems a bit superfluous.
 The shirt is just a regular semi-spread collar. I'm a buttondown hater. The trousers are lightweight worsted with texture. I think a tick lighter grey would have been better, to offer a bit of self-critique.
I think it's fine to keep A and B. They're similar but different. But if you don't like B, sell it and buy something you like better.
^ I agree re Merick's fit. Also, on my screen at least, the tie and square look pretty similar in color, but I withhold judgment on that.   The chances that I would wear khaki trousers with this sport coat are pretty small. Light beige or cream, yes. Maybe we're all thinking of the same color, but my mental image of khaki makes it hard for me to imagine the two looking that great together.   Time for a Vox pic!     That works, of course, but it's not what I think...
New Posts  All Forums: