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 Your Thursday plan isn't possible. I mean you could go to each of those museums in one afternoon, but not go inside and actually see anything. If any of them has a show you particularly want to see, go there. If you like modern art, go to the MOMA. If you want to see a broad sampling of cool stuff, go to the Met. If you just want to want the Gugg ramp, go there. Shake Shack is way overrated. I don't have a good alternative. I'd seek out something more unusual. Personally,...
Agreed on oxblood. My OEII's are among my favorites. I sure hope that guy with the metal heel plates doesn't have wood floors or takes his shoes off before he goes into his home.
Someone who's a 9UK should grab RogerP's willow Dover's from B&S. Still pricey but a great deal for a very cool looking leather.
Great deal for someone on an awesome suit. I have the grey nailhead with blue windowpane version. The Harrison's Mystique is a light, open weave that's ideal for warm weather. GLWS.
Thanks, Clags! Just FYI the tie is more burgundy than brown ... In case you want to reconsider.
@LA Guy Is there going to be a 2015 version? I know it's only June but I'm making fall travel plans and knowing about when this is going down, if it is, would helpful!
I believe there are a few threads that mention using them. A few people reported problems but on balance I think the reviews were positive.
^^ TG73 and MH71 do not fit the same for me.
 Good point. I'll have to think on that one.
^ Yes. I think it's grey in person but the windowpane and shade of grey result in an overall blue-grey effect.
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