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 @mimo you can be #4. Then just 2 more. Join us!
They used to show up if you searched for "MTO." They seem to have been taken down. No surprise in light of Greg's comment.
I was wondering if someone would pick up 19 Andrea's 47. Nice!
Those Cantarellis! Someone mentioned F/W Rotas upthread. Can we still do an individual MTO of the fabrics listed on the site any time?
I prefer the broguing. I like that it's on the toe and heal but not the eyelet tabs. If there were momentum toward an austerity version I'd probably join though.
I am proposing doing the wingtip derby in plum museum. I can see that my last post might have been a little confusing. I would definitely do it on a leather sole. So far only Steve and I have expressed any interest.
I'm fighting a cold and don't think I'm going to make it tonight. Have a ball everyone. Wish I could join you.
I agree and might have proposed it at some point. There wasn't much interest. And now I want that burgundy museum. I can't believe that only Steve and I are interested in this shoe!
Finally took my Formosa sport coat to my alterations tailor to have the sleeves shortened and buttons attached. He really admired the handwork. He wasn't sure that he'd seen a nicer piece in his shop.
Mike can answer this better than I, but it would be a struggle to find a Horween horsehide cafe racer for significantly less than the Wyatt. The material itself is the main driver of price. There are similar jackets with similar hides in the same ballpark price-wise, which just makes it a matter of preference about the details and fit. I like that the skin is skived as thin as it is, which is a differentiator. You can get the same look with cafe racers made with cow...
New Posts  All Forums: