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Plum Italian linen (GLT-2), 3-fold, untipped.  
The Spring-Summer edition of the 10/5 thread is live!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/526360/ten-ties-five-jackets-10-5-thread-spring-summer-edition/0_50
The spiders appeared suddenly after that summer rainstorm.   Some people still insist spiders fell wilh Ihe rain while others believe the spiders grew from lhe damp soil like weeds  with eight thin roots.   The elders knew the spiders carried stories in lheir stomachs.   We tucked our pants into our boots when we walked through fields of fallow stories. An Indian girl opened lhe closet door and a story fell into her hair. We lived in the shadow of a story...
I grew up in New Mexico. Summer there can succinctly be described as heat death punctuated with occasional monsoon rains. I will not speak of it. Unlike fall-winter, other than the storms, it does not inspire me. Spring and summer in the Bay Area are normally bizzarro seasons. Fog and a deep marine layer in the mornings, some sun in the afternoons, moderate temperatures. There is little rain. So the world turns shades of brown rather than green, but still there pockets of...
Welcome, all, to the Spring/Summer edition of the 10/5 Thread.   To get caught up, here's the Fall/Winter edition: http://www.styleforum.net/t/517882/ten-ties-five-jackets-10-5-thread-fall-winter-edition/0_50.   TweedyProf asked me to get the ball rolling on this. The thread will be similar to the last one. The idea is to create a repository for tasteful outfits that are representative of the season. 10 ties and 5 jackets is a nice goal but not a requirement, as a far...
^ Thanks! Very nice of you to say.   I forgot to mention the tie details: it's six or seven-fold outlet tie, untipped, with very light lining. The silk is super super dry. Very cool texture.
Really nice PCK.
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