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My general impression from reading past threads about the lower cost custom options is that few if any were satisfied with the results. If you don't need the suit immediately, it might be better to save a bit longer so that you can raise the top of your price range to $800-900. At that price, you'd probably be able to use Kent Wang, who has a physical presence in NYC and is known to produce results in the acceptable to very good range. I would be very surprised if anyone...
 I'd add that Forest is "blobbier" in part because the height of the toe is pretty uniform. The toe of the Robert last tapers down, which I think is more attractive. The fit is similar to Forest, but the toe box and heel are maybe a bit narrower, the instep a bit lower. I'll repeat that I think it's Carmina's most attractive last.
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I have a Harris tweed with patch flap. I don't think of the pockets as being bulky.
 And yet you always seem to have a photo of cloths that people mention!  I confess to joining the pre-order for the Formosa version.
Also, @dieworkwear please upload your repository of swatch photos somewhere!     ETA: Flapped patch is always right for a tweed like that. But plain patch looks nicer to me for a jacket that's actually going to be worn in the city.
   NMWA is also having it made by Formosa for this F/W. Greg had some pics. 
Speaking of tie dimensions ... Kirby, can you tell me what the dimensions of this one are? Under size, the site just says, "<3.5." Thanks!  
And as further supplement. When I ordered this jacket, I thought of it as being a bit more F/W. Now that I've had it a while, it seems to work year-round. Here with shantung and habotai silk. But it also showed up in the F/W 10/5 thread with madder and cashmere.  
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