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I have Hober Macclesfiled #77 (small white dots on midnight blue). The twill runs horizontally but isn't noticeable. This photo is accurate of the layout of the dots and the direction of the twill. We probably don't give Greg and team enough credit for those videos. They're really enjoyable!
 Sorry about that!
Definitely not 3. In addition to the size of the dots, they're very tightly spaced. Between 1 and 2 I think it depends on how you intend to wear it. Like everyone else, I prefer 1 and the alignment that Tweedy illustrated.
I trust that the MOP is great but have a seasonal association with MOP that's probably wrong. Plus the horn buttons are so nice. 
[[SPOILER]]  Were you able to get a photo of the blue MOP buttons? 
Greg, please tell us which tie we're all going to regret not having bought so that I can go ahead and buy it now (or get an early start on my regret). 
Those boots look great, Cleav!
Original GMTO of Carmina cognac cordovan jumpers. They had some rain welts so I put on some Saphir cordovan cream. I think they're aging pretty well ... Although they don't get nearly enough wear.
Carmina cordovan jumpers had some rain water welts so I hit them with some Saphir cordovan cream. Sorry, no before picture.
^ Happy to be corrected. So any silk neat is a foulard? I know that I've seen that usage but there is still a class of silk neat that's made with lighweight silk and usually lightly or unlined and untipped and using foulard for those made sense to distinguish from other silk neats.
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