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Has there been much response to this? I'd really like to see it get going.Did the green donegal, Brugghiera gun club, and Glorious Twelfth get shelved because it's so far into winter now?
^ From NMWA's site.  
 Thanks, Greg! Can I also say how much I enjoy wearing my Formosa pieces. They just feel great. Do you know what their schedule is for visits to NYC this year?
 I was going to mention them, as I just pulled out one of theirs that I got from Exquisite Trimmings. It's quite nice. Liverano obviously isn't under-the-radar, but they sell ties, which SkoAB carries. I have one. It's similar to Cappelli 3-folds that I have in terms of lining, construction, knotting, and how it hangs.
 Well, I cheated a little, as I've worn a similar fit before, although with a v-neck rather than a cardigan. I thought it looked nice, but sometimes I fool myself. Here are the pieces, although I don't have a solid grey tie at the moment. I donated the one that I had because I didn't like the way it knotted. I plan to replace it with a Cappelli. I threw in a patterned grey cashmere tie that's slightly darker than what I had in mind, just to provide some reference. 
 Vanda. Looks like it's sold out, but check with Gerald and Diana to see if they expect it to return. If you enlarge the photo, I think you can see some of the texture of the square. It's 100% wool and looks like it in person, so I probably wouldn't think to wear it in summer unless I was consciously trying to do something counter-seasonal. In terms of color choice, it has a beige-grey base that's close to the grey stripe in the tie. Since the base is broken up by the...
Thank you. That's very kind.I actually think this is a hard jacket to coordinate. It's a very warm brown. Here are two approaches:1. It seems like pearl grey flannel would work (when doesn't it?). I think that grey trousers need to be visibly lighter in this case. Blue Oxford shirt. If you want to keep the cardigan, then a cool and deep blue or green. Tie options: with the blue cardi, green challis or cashmere tie, solid or striped. NMWA has a couple that would work. With...
Doesn't work for me at all. Partly it is the broken rules--it's incoherent. Partly it's that neither the charcoal nor the beige work with that shade of brown. The jacket does look great though, if I ignore the rest.
Mostly repeating NMWA items from a recent fit, but I thought I'd big-up this Bigi square. It's one of my favorites from this season. I suspect I'll break down and get the other color ways too.
Playing with the Friday Challenge theme.
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