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Does anyone have the ...   40723C from CitiShoes     or 44924HC from Alden NY?     I'm looking for a casual pair of brown boots to kick around in and wondered if anyone has had a good experience with either. Thanks!
^ True enough. I suppose it's really chaps with our without pants, but the phrase has entered the lexicon, etc.
 Depends on whether the cowboy is wearing assless chaps. Assless = no turned heads, other than to appreciate or mock. Chaps that cover ass = suspicious. Or are we still talking about little kids?
   I have a pair of U last austerity brogues and really like them. I look at pictures of OE II on U and F and can't say which I prefer, so I keep not ordering. I also want to get a pair of "French Oxfords" and similarly can't decide which last. 
I've basically been stuck for a couple of months on my next Vass order because I can't decide between F and U. Those pics don't help at all! Both lasts are too nice!
I got a couple of pairs there last summer. The shop is quite pleasant, and Miko was a great help.
 Nice. Which shop?
Got a customs bill for my Cappelli order.  Still love the ties.
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