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Congrats to all. Particularly looking forward to the reemergence of the ASW archives!
Does Portuguese Flannel make women's shirts? If so, who stocks them? I'm in danger of losing my new shirt! 
 For those who don't look at WAYWRN and are curious.  
Blue and brown block stripe from Sig. Cappelli.    
Edwin and Matthew DeBoise at NMWA HQ. I'll bet that was fun.
  Pre-ordered it. Just got it back from the tailor. Looking forward to taking it out for a spin. That Drapers book has a bunch of amazing wool/cashmere hopsacks in a variety of colors. Worth keeping in mind for future GMTO's. The trunk show was great. I had a lot of fun talking to Greg, Fok, Gus, Ian, and everyone else (and more folks at dinner). Co-sign all the nice things about Greg. I really appreciated having the time to look through the fabric books. I'll probably...
New Posts  All Forums: