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What's forum view?
That is a great boot.  
X-post from the Gentlemens Footwear thread to see if there's interest in this GMTO. So far, there's been positive response to the plum museum calf idea. I'm open to other ideas for leather or suede, but the two below are the ones that were most appealing to me after thinking about it for a while. 
^ Right? The symmetry of the heel-toe broguing, the way all the lines come together, and the shape of the last are in complete harmony. It's surprising to me that isn't a more common model.   Also, I should have said, I'm open to other skin ideas, but grey suede and plum museum held the most interest for me after thinking about it for a while.
Gauging interest in a new group MTO. I'd really like to get a pair of model 10080, shown below, in saddle or cognac cordovan, probably. It's on the Simpson last, so I know it won't be an option for a lot of guys in this thread. Sorry about that, but I've had this one on my mind for a while.   I've got two ideas for the skin. The first is grey suede. I know that you all just closed out a grey suede project, but the chelsea boot wasn't for me. The other idea is plum museum...
   Only whole sizes, though, and I couldn't figure out whether to go up or down.
 Definitely. I think it will read much closer to navy when made up. A little funk to make it tweed-appropriate but overall a usable navy-like sport coat.
 You and me both!
I'm also eyeing the Sienna Farmers Check but wish (and have asked in the Epaulet thread) that Mike would post a natural light photo of the swatch.  I'd like the houndstooth with a darker overcheck or another color. The donegal is also obviously nice, but I'm hesitant to get something that heavy. If I were to go with one of the tweeds, I might consider the Midnight Check.  
^ Tease photo looks amazing!
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