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Edit: I decided to un-spoiler these in case people were missing them because of it. I know the quarters of the Lorenzo cut are of some interest. Here are a coupe of full length shots. I played with the brightness and exposure so that people could see my feet. Colors etc. are probably off as a result. In the picture with the coat buttoned, it looks like the waist might be a little small for me, but it might be my posture. I'm going to have to think about this one. I...
I think it works because it looks to be a wool or wool blend tie. To me, a silk tie generally needs a dimple for two reasons. Without a dimple, the shape expands too abruptly where it comes out of the knot. Also, the appearance of the knot and blade are too uniform; the dimple breaks up the surface. In contrast, a wool tie tends to be softer and so expands out of the knot more gently. It also has texture that diminishes the sense of visual uniformity between knot and blade.
UK. (10 on Simpson if you've go it.) Sorry!
Anything in 9.5?
 I paid and got my shipping notice. Now for the 7-day wait for UPS. Pics as soon as possible after arrival.
@Ich_Dien has unsold Vincenzo di Ruggiero shirts in common sizes (39 and 42) in staple blue. If they were my size, they would have been gone a long time ago. Look at those collars!   http://www.styleforum.net/t/425781/classic-shirts-borrelli-finamore-vincenzo-di-ruggiero-sartoria-partenopea/0_50      
It appears at least that Carmina only offers model 10080 on Simpson. Although I like the last a lot, I know it doesn't work for a lot of guys. If it were an existing model on Rain, I would have proposed doing the GMTO on Rain. Sorry, dudes! (But not so sorry, since Simpson is a great last! )
Formosa. Minnis. Houndstooth. Flannel.
New Posts  All Forums: