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Charlie, just wondering if you're still considering offering belts in gator,ostrich, or other exotics. The watch straps look so good, I'm sure the belts would be fantastic.
Welcome (back) Gerald and Diana! Great to have you as affiliates. And now I'm reminded to re-send an email that might have gotten lost over the holidays.
 Thanks and too bad (I have concerns about some upholstery).
Is the indigo canvas utility shirt going to rub indigo onto other fabrics like denim does?
Ray belts =
 Thank you! Sartoria Formosa via No Man Walks Alone. Funny, in my mind they're the same scale, but after looking at some photos it does look like the lines in the Glenroyal checks are a bit thicker. I'll have to take a closer look the next time I can look at a book. I agree that those colors in a larger scale would be really nice.
Mike, any chance of a stingray belt? The sneakers came out fantastic!
 Are you thinking a larger blue overcheck or other scale changes?
@WillingToLearn I believe Greg's (very good) advice to me when I was deciding whether to keep that jacket was to stop trying to dress it up and let it be a summer jacket--wear it with a white linen shirt, no tie, and light trousers. Ultimately, I didn't keep it because I didn't think it worked well enough with the rest of my wardrobe, but I did take these photos to try it out. The cloth is great though.
Brown horn is nice on grey. I don't see any conflict between brown buttons and black shoes. But grey corozo would work. Kent might be able to source grey horn for you if you ask.
New Posts  All Forums: