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^ Sweet! I'm going to cross-post to the Carmina thread.
Any chance you'll do the Mayfair buckle in stainless?
 I think Steve and I still want it in burgundy museum. I (actually) need a pair of burgundy derbies. It's a whole in my rotation. This would fill it nicely. I can't argue that other colors would also be great on this model. If you think about that burgundy museum some more, I think you'll get excited too!  It is on the Simpson last, which is narrower than most other Carmina lasts. You'll have to PM Steve about pricing and the delivery time once he's able to submit a group...
I can't get over how nice the shell is on these (I have Alden and other Carmina shell). And these are probably the best finished pair of Carminas that I've received. Sorry to have to include denim with these but that's what I was wearing today. They fit great, btw.
   Now that you have the Workshop production approach, I'm wondering again about the possibility of re-running some of those print shirts (preferably with the collars used originally). It seems like a great opportunity to test out the level of interest some great pieces without having to deal with the risk of low sales.
I'm in the Bay Area, Namor. I have to get some work done and haven't tried them on yet. I will say that this batch of cognac shell is basically the perfect color.
Is the navy one already sold out or just disappeared momentarily?
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