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^ Maybe we can't be friends after all. Nah, I choose to believe you just haven't had the right cake yet.
:torture: Sorry to hear about the untimely passing of a good man.
 Me too! Should be fun. Noodles, it might just be the photos, but if it's not, it looks like those trousers are resting on your hips. Try pulling them up closer to your waist. The Walt's have a mid or low rise (depending on one's POV), so they will only go so high. Still, you might eliminate some of the bunching in the back just by wearing them higher.
Since I've mentioned using Steed's MTM program here a couple of times, for anyone who's considering  it, I thought I'd pass along that they just recently added the ability to do 3-roll-2 jackets.
@forbritisheyes I missed your last post. Here's the finished navy suit. I've posted some other photos of suits from Steed's MTM program in the WAYWT thread. Did you decide to see them during their current visit?  
 Also, I have to ignore the patch pockets on a pinstripe suit. But thumbs for the whole.
Anyone looking for a navy sport coat: that's the one right there. It's perfect.   That checked one looks good, PCK1! I ultimately decided to pass but will probably regret it.
For me, compared to TG73, Simpson is a little narrower in the heel and forefoot and has a slightly lower instep.
I agree about posting photos of the pocket squares. Which reminds me, I forgot to post this. The square is a couple years old and not on the site any more.  
Not quite that old but pretty old!
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