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Client meetings all day. Grabbed a quick photo while the conference room was empty.
@Andy57 if you decide to pass along the gunclub let me know.
 Agreed, it's not a full Liverano duplication, but more of an influence. I'd have to look at the example compared with stuff on their IG. Chad's quarters might be slightly less open and rounded. The Chan quarters and lapels definitely seem generically (not in a pejorative sense) Italian, rather than Liverano influenced, but it might be the angle of the photo.  That's unfortunate. It would be interesting to hear from the tailoring community itself what it thinks is...
Great write up, unbel. Thanks for doing it.   The lapel and quarter shape on the jackets still seem fairly differentiated. Chad Park's work shows the Liverano heritage. Kauai's lapels have distinct belly. etc. But what you say about travel and the easy exchange of photos making the incorporation of what had been regional or distinct elements easier makes sense.   Was there any discussion of North American tailoring? I notice that none of them are from or travel to the...
Assuming the same tailor and the rest of the specifications being the same (e.g. same belly on the lapels), isn't the buttoning point going to be at the same place for 3r2 and 2 button? In that case the lapel length is going to be the same too and there's just the third buttonhole that enters the visual field. And the effect of that's de minimis. 3r2.5 is obviously different.
^ I was going to say pretty much the same. Maybe you're hunched over, applky? I like the elements and textures, so if you're not hunched or standing oddly for the photo, you should consider having the waist let out. 
As a 40/42, I went with L because M was too tight across the chest. It's a bit slouchy but that isn't bad.
A couple of new Cappellis: green raw silk, 3-fold, untipped; blue panama silk, 3-fold, self-tipped.    
New Posts  All Forums: