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Thanks to you both!
The one on 38th or the one downtown?
Anyone have a recommendation for an Italian restaurant open past 10? Midtown-ish or below would be great.
Great shade of grey!
+1 wool.
@heldentenor @sebastian mcfox Thanks, guys! The Rotas are standard rise. It's probably camera trickery from the angle and iPhone lens. @FrankCowperwood @razl @gdl203 and anyone I missed, thanks! Greg, I think it's likely that I was at least partially DTO'ing you. I will say that accepting that in the summer an open collar white shirt is OK has been helpful in putting together some pieces that previously more limited. It's not how a white shirt should be worn, but I do...
Thanks for the kind words, all.Thanks! And for those not being caustic :Navy odd trousers discouraged.White shirt worn casually.Northern lights.Thank you! The jacket is Formosa via NMWA. The fabric is Drapers. The shirt is Borrelli. The pents are Rota, also from NMWA. The shoes are Carmina--a GMTO through Gentlemens Footwear.
Rota trousers. They're the mixed navy. Jacket is Formosa. (Via Newcomer. ) Shirt is actually not NMWA. Not that you can really see them but the belt is the grey suede Farnese tubo, square is Calabrese knit.
Mucho NMWA.
I don't care about your "rules," man. (OK I do but I wore this anyway.)
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