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Great evening. Nice to meet some folks and see some that I've met before. Thanks to Jim and Connie for hosting and to pocketsquareguy for promoting it.
 For Rota, could we get some summer flannel options? Murl looked bawse, obviously.
 Maybe it's just the lighting, but those look dark for antique cognac, which I like. Have you darkened them with polish? If so, what did you use? They look great.
 Thanks, man! Great to meet you. Pretty much everyone commented on the Moonbeam coat last night. Still available in 50R and 52 R. 
Looks like you also changed the lightbox function on the site. I like it!
Where in the hotel is the meetup?
So many good ties this season. Is there going to be a Calabrese drop as well?
What's the leg opening like on the Sal trousers (50/52)?
Maybe WAYWT?
New Posts  All Forums: