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No problem! http://www.styleforum.net/t/395678/an-interview-with-b-tailor/240#post_8065885
Stopped by the NMWA office again yesterday. Great to see Greg and Kyle as usual. Thanks for having me! The Frank Leder stuff is going to blow everyone away.
Check the B&T thread for more details. They're now offering a MTM service that involves trying on a standard sized suit/jacket/trousers and adjusting from that block. It looked pretty consistent with their house style. They also have an agent in NY. His contact info is in the thread. He isn't quite ready to start taking orders but should be soon-ish.
New ink on your left hand?
Not a fan of the tie-square combo--to matchy and polka dot squares are generally meh. Suit looks nice though.
@kulata Thanks for the info about NSM MTM. That and the B&T program are mighty interesting developments.
No offense taken. I thought you clearly stated a style preference, once terminology had been sorted.White?! You crazy. I actually like a tan-ish jacket with trousers at the darker end of the mid-grey spectrum. It's not as summery as crean (or white!?) but I find it visually pleasing. I know not all will agree.
It well might be the photos, posture, etc., but with that said, the skirt of the Jort seems to hug your hips, whereas the Formosa--without flaring--seems to have a bit more room and flow. The Jort is a cleaner cut overall, but the skirt seems like too much cleanliness, tredning toward stiffness. It takes some of the life out off the fabric and to my eye looks constraining rather than clean.A general response to a few pages of back and forth about Formosa. I think the idea...
One thing I'll say about the Jort after looking at the photos more is that I find the skirt and chest a little too close. I think the model would look more like what I think it's trying to achieve with a bit more room in both. Or maybe it's that the soft shoulder would be more coherent with more room in both.
New Posts  All Forums: