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^ It's F/W, although I think it can push through "shoulder season" a bit. It's 11/12 oz wool/cashmere. I don't know about the green/blue block stripe. Have to think on that. I chose the block stripe above because I thought the beige stripe was just light enough to contrast with the brown/grey of the jacket, but not too much, so it would blend while the burgundy provided the real contrast. I think a deeper burgundy would work well with the jacket. Still not sure of the...
 Find someone who does embroidery and have them stitch it up decoratively, including adding your initials or something interesting?  ETA: I liked La Spalla when I tried it on (nice lapels and shoulder, decent looking construction), though I think I would have wanted to change the trousers significantly. Also, I found that L rather than R was an appropriate length. I'm generally an R.
At @TweedyProf's request, I'm X-posting this from the NMWA thread where the discussion started.  
 Thanks! Thanks, unbel! Yeah, a solid knit like those would be great. I think any of those colors would work, actually ... but I have this idiosyncratic association of knit ties with 80's preppy. I'm trying to get over it so that I can enjoy knit ties. Some additional thoughts that didn't make it into my initial post. I looked at a bunch of different solid ties. I liked that blue challis best, so went with that for a photo. Other solids that I thought would work: Brown...
  I agree with everything Greg wrote about this sport coat. A blue shirt and grey or light brown trousers are perfect. That primarily what I've worn it with: light grey or fawn flannel and blue oxford or chambray. I liked the cream solid with it as well, which I posted earlier. My thoughts about using it with a tie were: small-scale stripe with large medallion or solid blue oxford with block stripe tie. I continue to think that large-scale medallions work. But I don't have...
@justinkapur  @Caustic Man @Patrick R  Thanks, gents! Very kind of you.   Patrick, post more photos of Chris's work! I have no doubt that you looked as good as I do, probably better. I wish that Chicago were closer or that I had reason to go there regularly. It's a goal to acquire something from him someday.   Looking forward to seeing your finished Field suits, Noods!
 I've only seen photos of some of the swatches. It looks like a really interesting book.
^ What emptym just said. I'd be in.
 Which book? They make so much nice stuff.
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