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 Steed offers a full canvass option that they call semi-bespoke that's in the price range that Monkeyface mentioned. Edwin takes measurements and the suit is produced and shipped to you. On a subsequent visit they'll look it over, take it back to make adjustments, and then return it to you. I believe that even with excellent fabric it will cost slightly less than Formosa MTM, but the latter is completely hand made, whereas Steed's MTM suits are produced in a factory....
Ha! I was scrolling down the page thinking, "That looks nice."@Merino Bros What's the width of the spacing of the stripes? Thanks for the photos!
Any other interest in this? I might have to MTO it myself.
I haven't noticed much wrinkling. But if you want dry Moonbeam isn't that. I just think it's great as is but horses for courses, etc.
Gotta agree with gdl. The moonbeam isn't delicate, it just has a soft texture. I don't think a tweed version would be an improvement.
Horrible situation for the passengers and their families. We rented a car and drove--a minor inconvenience, especially under the circumstances. The car rental place said they had a couple of dozen last-minute reservations. Thanks for your concern!
I saw all the swatches for the Formosa pre-orders today. They're great. You won't be disappointed in a single one. Because it might get slept on I feel compelled to say that I think the P & B Universal steel blue herringbone will be extra special. Thanks to Greg for being such a gracious host. Great to see Kyle again (packing up all the orders from the close of the euro20 code, I suspect). I easily could have spent a lot more time chatting and looking at all the cool stuff.
What's the weight of that flannel? It's very nice!
^^ The first Vanda is one of my favorite recent pick ups. The last NMWA is on my list.
 Of course! I'm just interested to learn that there's a bespoke-ish tailor working in SF.
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