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Is the checked jacket Glenroyal? If so, I got the same thing from Steed (MTM) a few weeks ago. Nice choice!
 It's a 100% Italian linen (http://www.samhober.com/italian-100-linen-ties/plum-purple-and-midnight-blue-linen-tie-glt-2.html). It's very soft for a linen but has a bit of texture to the touch--about what you'd expect from the visual texture--and very slight slubbiness. It's woven from different colored threads, so the color changes a bit in different light. The top and bottom in the photo show that off to some extent. I wanted something between burgundy and purple (no...
And as long as I'm asking questions, I'm thinking of suggesting that he get shirt that he can use later with a suit, since he doesn't have an extensive business wardrobe. Maybe a royal oxford with double cuffs and front placket? Seem within the range of acceptable? Proper Cloth seems to have some decent options.
The CT one looks like it has a bit nicer shape (from what one can tell from photos). But it looks to be all wool instead of having grosgrain facing on the lapels. Not a huge deal, but it's always interesting which details a company chooses to include with these things. Thanks! Other ideas welcome, of course.
Looking for suggestions for a RTW U-shaped waistcoat. My brother-in-law has to prepare for a black tie event on short notice. I'm helping him pull together a decent outfit but that seems to be the most difficult item to come by. The Ede & Ravenscroft looks OK but shipping etc. might take too long. And I'm not super enthusiastic about the look of it. Might go cumberbund because it's easier, but I think the waistcoat would be a nice touch. Thanks!
 Yup. But it is a trek.
Don't forget the H&S Sherry tweed that I suggested!
^ Yup. The Vass U-cap seems pretty common for them. NMWA has a version. I just asked for it on the F last to make it a bit dressier. And requested a more rounded version of the U, which I've seen on other pairs. Sometimes they do it with straighter lines. Came out pretty well, if I do say so myself.
New Posts  All Forums: