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 It's from H.N. White. I wouldn't be surprised if they both bought the same fabric, though.
Can't believe the Drapers windowpane only has 4 votes (including mine). The brown POW suit also seems pretty cool.   People should know that the fabrics in the Glorious Twelfth book are really nice. Just saying.
 Thanks! The tie is nice, too. The jacket is Steed MTM. 
Maybe someone already posted this, but Holland & Sherry have updated their site so that you can actually look at fabrics.   http://apparel.hollandandsherry.com/en/fabric
I believe the Glenroyal book has been updated. In the previous version it was 44534. It doesn't exist in the new version. 44604 is the closest but it's not the same. (Countdown to someone popping in to correct me ...)
Wool Macclesfield print.  
Thanks! Pretty happy with how it came out. Love the fabric.
Excellent. Hoping they'll get some antic cognac shell soon for something I have in mind.
I hope it was 10° cooler in SF than the East Bay today. Looks great!
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