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@poorsod great stuff! Love the belly on the fresco DB. What's the story on the Barbera fabric for the Formosa 3-piece? The reddish tie with it is a nice touch.
I prefer 3/2 but it's a matter of taste. I wore mid-brown derbys there. I wouldn't do burgundy with off-white/light brown/oatmeal trousers. Snuff suede would be good too. I like burgundy/oxblood with the tobacco fresco pents.
I like the tobacco fresco with light brown/oatmeal/off-white pents. (These might look grey-ish, depending on your screen but they're in the family described.) The 3-piece idea sounds good, but I'd stick with a suit and not try to use a jacket in that shade as a sport coat. The color sounds nice but like suiting to me.
Weeeellllllllll ... To alleviate that burden as quickly as possible I'll go ahead and say that I'm a LeBron stan. TD is the greatest power forward of all time and I respect his skills and longevity and appreciate his quiet dorky humor, but he doesn't really interest me. And I can't stand the Spurs as an organization (because I have a long memory and am petty). But here's the full TD chapter, which is great....
@Claghorn These plus similar ones for CP3 and Agent Zero From the from the guys behind FreeDarko and drawn by Jacob Weinstein. http://www.jacob-weinstein.com/shop/
I prefer the light lining but it is a tradeoff. With the lighter fabrics and a light lining the knot isn't quite as robust. The drape of the tie is nicer though. With the thicker lining the tie still drapes some but I find it takes a little life out of the fabric. With thicker lining and thinner fabric the knot is a bit better. But with challis, thicker madder, other thick silks, and wool/cashmere the knots are all fine with the light lining. I ask Patrizio but overall...
^ If you go back a couple/few pages I posted some comparison pics of "standard" and "light."
Love the knit silk square. Been using it a bunch.
^ I'd add Jeffrey Dudich but yeah. Most(?) of them will be tailoring for a while but who is going to follow them? Their opinions on what's happening in US tailoring and what will happen after them would be interesting to hear.
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