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 I disclaim any responsibility for the associations of the viewer.  
 As much as I like it, I was afraid it might cause someone to seizure.
Jacket looks good. Trousers seem to be hanging oddly, although that might be the fabric. I dig navy seersucker, although I have no use for it.
Although textural coherence is a valuable consideration, I think that Foo's observation in the Good Taste Thread about filling the texture spectrum is also worth keeping in mind. The two are complementary.
I believe there's an explanation in the Good Taste Thread. Too bad his blog is deader than a Norwegian blue. My probably slightly wrong recollection:* Pinch from the center and stuff the corners into the breast pocket on the side closer to the lapel.* Fold the pinched center toward the other side of the pocket with the square against the jacket, not held away from it.* As you fold, rotate as you please to reveal pattern or get pleasing folds in the fabric.* Stuff the...
I got all shiny and chrome.
That is the SF-famous Foo fold.I wondered if it might be too much.
Rubi squares are great for charcoal suits.
It is S/S weight and quarter or half lined.
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