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"My arms don't have full range of motion, but my shirt is like the Rock of Gibraltar!"
What if I told you that JCM is taller than Murl?  
Some of these would also probably work. https://shop.hfwltd.com/collection/47
The difference between Patrizio's light lining and Marinella's is, I think, negligible. I might just be imagining it. But ...   Cappelli 3-fold     Cappelli 5 or 6-fold     Marinella 6-fold  
On the previous topic, just my opinion, but sometimes there's value in saying or writing what some consider to be obvious. Since many reading are thinking about some form of custom clothes but haven't yet taken the plunge, it seemed like a good thing to me that Greg noted that there can be a difference between the things that you ask for and the things that you want. Telling a tailor or vendor  that you didn't get what you asked is completely reasonable. Pausing to...
I'd say that Patrizio's light lining is a tiny bit lighter than Marinella but not meaningfully. It's noticeably lighter than his standard, however.
 But whose opinion matters: your wife's or semi-anonymous dudes' on the Internet? You already know the answer. 
 The scale of my checks receives universal acclaim.
^ The struggle is real.
Looks great! Scale is bigger than I thought. I would have jumped on it but had something else in mind that's too similar. Congrats to those who ordered it, though!
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