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Thanks, mang! Welcome back.Frank took my green sweater!
Do you have a sample of the blue MOP? Also, for those curious, the Drapers lighter-than-navy coat was fully lined.
 I like the top block and think that's the best fitting jacket you've posted. Usually there's pulling, tightness, or disproportion because of the extreme nipping at the waist relative to the shoulders. The color and texture mix is solid. The dark trousers aren't working as well. Cream or winter white would be better. Burgundy is just going to be a hard match. If the shoes are black, they're too formal for this fit, even if they are a more casual style. I share the question...
 I think it's a trick of the lighting. If you enlarge the photo, they look like blind eyelets. At least, I hope I'm right, since otherwise I will be a bit disappointed.
 Yeeeeesssss! Turned out great!
 Thanks! Is the swatch underneath the navy pretty close to what was used for the Drapers? It looks like it to me and want to make sure that they're sufficiently distinct. The navy looks nice!
Listen to this man.
Kimber pocket square
Indigo raw silk
Cantarelli and Mazzy
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