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^    Well done.
Since Butchy specifically requested it, here's a marked up version of the photo above to illustrate what I like and don't like about that collar, which is Finamore.   The green horizontal line shows a gap between the top edges of the collar. I don't care for that. I prefer for them to form a /\ shape as in some of the examples below. The swoopiness is nice, and I think that's fine with suit or sport coat, except for CBD, I guess. I don't think the collar is spread...
 I like the look of those. Does anyone know the details of the Norgevese construction used on them?
I got some of Kolecho's recent navy run of Rangoon. I believe it's 8-9 oz. I had it made into a suit that I haven't worn yet. So I can't report on it's performance in warm weather. I would say that it seems a little less airy than fresco at the same weight. It has a softer, spongier feel but with equal shape-holding properties. It drapes really nicely. The navy is great because in good light it's actually bit mottled. I was impressed that Minnis got that kind of depth into...
I just go streetwear when I'm not wearing tailored clothes. What's hard for me is when I have an event with clients that's intentionally casual. My streetwear stuff would not be appropriate. The struggle is real, as I have such an event tonight. This time I went with shell jumper boots, chinos, a chambray shirt, Inis cable knit zip-up, and an Eidos boiled wool hunting jacket. It all works fine, I think, but it's not a look I particularly enjoy. The social factors of dress...
I confess I was thinking about it.
There's a solid black Crispaire..
I've been hoping to have a little time to do a short post about my collars. I really don't have technical opinions on this, just personal preferences for what I like to see on myself. The collar above is not my favorite, but I need to do a little diagram to explain why.
The madder, it is chalky. (9cm x 148 cm, 3-fold, self-tipped, light interlining)  
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