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  Who's making the suit?
 Depends on the wife.
I think Mariano's jacket looks better with a lower buttoning point, but Luca's isn't improved by raising it. Raising Luca's makes it look a bit more contemporary and isn't objectionable but I don't find it to be better. I wouldn't be surprised if Mariano's were an older jacket that he ... grew into, resulting in some changes in where the buttoning point of the jacket appears to sit.
 You should have ordered this.   There are plenty of non-flannel chalk stripes. Flannel is traditional though. I just ordered a worsted version that I think has a lot of the texture and subdued effect of flannel but won't be quite as warm (Smith Botany, 12-13 oz.).
We were wrong all along. MBT = Mystery BOOTH Tailor.
 It's probably herringbone, which is fine, as long as it's a good cloth. Some have suggested that herringbone is the best bone. Edit: On closer look, it does appear to be a self-stripe. In which case, PASS. (Tailoring is still excellent, of course.)
 Probably your same size. My experience with the black version: size L in Epaulet shirting. The jacket is a bit close in the chest and shoulders. The shirts are also a snug fit in the chest, but not enough to go up to XL. I haven't worn the jacket enough, sadly, to see how it will stretch over time. I expect it will ultimately be a great fit. It's a wonderful jacket. My only improvement would be zippers on the hip pockets. I worry about things falling out.
Formosa x Minnis fresco + Bigi shantung
Once again, avert your eyes, slub-haters.
Looks good. Is the buttoning point higher than Eidos? Not a criticism, just curious.
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