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^ IME they're pretty much all like that.
I propose an MTO sweater that's just woven zippers. Greg, just confirming, you're going to stock the linen pub jacket in navy and grey?
^ I was just thinking that 230 in a v-neck would be nice. I wish there were a darker green solid linen for a pub jacket.
As long as folks are talking about the Big Johns, do the 15.5oz unsanforized really shrink about 9%? It seems like you'd have to go up a size to account for that, even if they do stretch out after shrinkage. Inquiring minds, etc.
Thanks, all. It is as Leaves said regarding the spec. Mine were part of the lighter batch. What you see is the result of many applications of Saphir brown cordovan cream and a lot of elbow grease. It will be interesting to see what happens with additional applications.
More pr0n. Cognac shell jumpers from the first GMTO with Skoak.
I think I'm going to have to get on Skoak's list for pair of those. Very nice!
I think I hurt my phone pressing the like button.
^^ If that's so, I will be sad.
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