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 Thanks! Coincidentally in light of the conversation in the good taste thread, I wasn't sure about the square. The tie is Hober, the shoes Foster & Son (by EG).  That would be some EXTREME! pagoda. I particularly like your fit with the tiger square.
I'm not totally sold on this fit. But the trou/shoe photo came out great.
Making up for Murl's slacking, I emailed NMWA earlier to get in the full tobacco fresco suit.
I like Gaia Italian Cafe, which is a couple of blocks east on Houston. New Kamigatas look cool, particularly the camo. If you did an extra small, I might grab one for my mom!
 Probably just the jacket, since I wouldn't get much use out of the fully suit. But I do keep thinking that I should get the suit, wear the trews separately, and have the option to use the full rig, just in case.  
 Thanks. I have a white linen square but don't use it much. I don't think it's always the right solution, as is often suggested on SF. I believe it was Greg who wrote early in this thread that a white linen square implies a degree of formality that isn't always desirable, with which I agree. I also don't necessarily think that it would have been complementary of a few of the fits that I posted. But I will think about it more. I also just disagree with your characterization...
Email Betty at Carmina and ask her if it would be possible to get a replacement string.
Quarter-lined is OK by me.
Sounds good to me. Probably half-lined though.
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