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 It's a "fancy stripe" because of the dark edging along the pink stripes, although other kinds of stripes also get referred to that way. Standard butcher, candy, pencil, etc. stripes are more likely to succeed in this thread. If you search through this thread, you'll find a couple of discussions about what stripes are "good taste." Yours is additionally problematic because of the unevenness of the stripes, which I think increases the kinetic visual experience of the...
Oldie but a goodie.
 Since you've asked for additional feedback ... I agree with others that this doesn't work within the narrow definition of taste with which this thread is interested. From your close up of the photo of the suit fabric, it doesn't look like sharkskin. I'll take your word for it, since you have the suit in front of you, but it doesn't appear to be sharkskin. You might be right that the photo is suffering from the lighting, but the suit fabric looks like some kind of birdseye...
He's the id. You're the ego.
 You should definitely get the Formosa Minnis fresco while 50 is still available. Perfect for DC in the summer.
^ Yeah, more like an L. Still a great buy for someone! Sorry it won't work for you.
The houndstooth suit is a bit flashy, or at least unusual, which amounts to the same thing. I decided to go for it anyway because it was too awesome to pass up. I think we all--including Noodles--know that he needs to get other suits first, but let him dream ...     How many of us have thought of buying that suit from Murl just to torment Noodles? 
Ercoles sport coat made from Minnis Fresco 520. ~38/48. $349. No brainer.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/464470/ercoles-fresco-minnis-air-force-custom-made-blazer-38-48/0_50
Thanks, mang! Welcome back.Frank took my green sweater!
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