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Everything was so elegant in the 50s and 60s.
 Just weighing in to agree that I have the same skepticism of people who wax nostalgic about the "good old days."
^^ Thought about going with that one for home. Decided to mix it up, though. Definitely should be the alternate.
SF X NMWA basketball uniforms   Home   Away   Shoes   Jersey
Get your elbow in (might me the angle of the photo, though). Otherwise, looking good!
 Yep. Not mine, just inspiration.Wow, that is dark. I've casually followed the museum calf story and noted the significant differences among the tanneries. Do you know which one Carmina uses?
 I'm also about a US 10.5 but "low volume" (narrow feet, low instep). I went down to 9.5UK for the Wilson. They were a bit tight at first but are breaking in well. I don't have any C&J or Plaza last to compare, but I can tell you Carmina and Vass U last sizing if helpful.  I'm also a 34 and went with 90 on the tubos. Great fit.
^ Thanks, Leaves. So it doesn't look like this?  
 Kopped. There's a bonus for actually buying something on your list, right? Schneider stuff does look great. Dat hooded grey jacket ... 
 In case you didn't see this in the Epaulet thread. 
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