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 I understand. I never ask mine to take photos and have just developed a makeshift stand. We all make do!
 Along with the others' comments, the camera height and angle on this one are worth trying to repeat.Very nice. Congratulations to @upr_crust and @Veremund!
Should be working now. The drag and drop picture adding feature remains buggy. And they are awesome!
Incoming! Antic cognac, F last.          
^ Not mine, but from what I know, his parents would be cool with him missing a day for an opportunity like this. 
 I can't decide whether to be self-admiring of my sleuthing or depressed about what information I retain.  Will do. I feel fairly confident that he could skip school that day. 
 Edit: would a high school student be OK? I probably know someone who'd be great and really enjoy the opportunity.
That Air Force blue looks nice. What's the story with techlana?
New Posts  All Forums: