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 Wondered the same. Though it would be better without the buttondown collar.
 I'm not sure the world wouldn't be a better place if more people thought the answer was the latter.  Oh, did I overstate something for rhetorical effect that likely misrepresented the thing itself? It's a good thing that hasn't occurred in the course of this discussion. sprout2 seems like an interesting and funny guy with a lot of smart things to say about men's clothing. I'm just not a fan of the genre of writing--particularly popular on the internet--of shitting on...
Which is more self-indulgent: making/selling/buying an $8,000 coat from scraps of old fabric, the associated impulses, and commercial pitch, or an 8,000-word rant about the garment and its sellers and buyers that engages in broad generalization and gross reductionism of real people to strawmen caricatures?
9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9 There aren't enough 9 cm tie options in the world. I can live with 8.5 if the shape of the blade isn't too tapered. I have to really like the fabric to get an 8 cm tie. I buy very few Drake's as a result. (TWSS jokes aside, I realize that a cm difference isn't that much, but it often does affect the shape of the blade, which affects the size and shape of the knot.)
Bigi tie.
(Inspired by @Sotiris)
I feel this photo is appropriate at this point in the thread.  
 I like. Olive suit, reddish striped shirt, brown tie? Great combo.
 Literal LOL.
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