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Me too. Have my eye on a pair. Since Shaya was selling them I assumed they were good but it's nice get confirmation.
Oxalis from NMWA.
Yeah, the weave isn't as obvious as the grey one (judging by NMWA's photos) but it does show in the right light, and the mohairiness give it extra visual appeal. The hand is lovely--the yarn is soft but the way it's knit and the mohair hairs give it a pleasant texture. It's also surprisingly warm for such a thin sweater. Did I mention the hairiness? It's a total winner.
Those boots are so nice. Maybe I'll wear mine tomorrow. 
To expand a bit on my previous oxalis sweater comments ...  
If I were in NYC, I'd go to Ercole for MTM. Should be in the upper end of the $1,000-$1,300 range, depending on fabric.   Fabric, I think, is another reason to go MTM. You get to pick exactly what you want and, ideally, you're working with someone who can provide useful input about what a fabric looks like made up. 
Oxalis sweater, yo. (NB: Greg's sizing advice was spot on. Dude knows his goods.)
^ Nice.
Then there's a Rubi purchase in my immediate future.
^^ Thanks! I'm sorry that I missed the navy version of the tie. I'm sure it's spectacular.
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