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^ That would be exciting, especially if done with spider silk.
Is that done by machine or by hand? (No judgment, just curious.)
 Lighter grey, oatmeal, or donkey would help, but I still think the flannel seems very flat. Maybe it's the photo, but there doesn't appear to be much texture or variegation of color. So it looks fine but like it could easily be much better.
 whoawhoawhoa this jacket is brown fresco? I'm having a blue dress/gold dress moment. That looks completely navy to me.
Sorry I couldn't make it since I live close. Thanks for the photos Gus!
Not trying to pile on TM but I think that photo shows that solid brown flannel--in a very standard brown shade--is just kind of flat and not that interesting. The jacket is fine. But something like Moonbeam or a herringbone or tweed would be better. Or a flannel with pattern. Navy flannel works because of tradition and because blue and brown aren't the same.
Received this recently. Rusticalf #28 with a palladium Mayfair. Beautiful work!
It's too bad that Moonbeam doesn't have a solid brown. What about W Bill Phoenix WB14827? Lighter weight but the swatch looked really good in person, with the texture/weave providing enough variegation to allow for a solid brown.
^ Was going to post those last night but was on my phone and fuck IG/Tumblr for making it so difficult to share photos to other platforms. The B&W photo to my eye shows a suit coat well cut to a woman's shape. Great job by BnT.
Too late for your dinner but I agree that the darker green tie is better. Even lighter green also probably would have worked. If you hadn't had a darker green knit the original green might have worked with the striped shirt. By making the shirt lighter you could have given the green an impression of being darker. Since you were thinking about it for dinner I was also going to suggest white shirt and black knit. Although that might have suggested going with different...
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