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Plus, Edwin and Matthew at Steed are great to work with. You could make an appointment to see what their MTM suits are like, get measured, and look at fabrics. The style is different from Formosa, and the prices are comparable, so it would a good alternative. 
Button down collars on the flannels? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 
Great jacket! What fabric is it?
^ That Homburg is great!
I already dumped my sport coat in a Good Will bin and told UPS not to bother delivering my Minnis houndstooth suit.
In my limited experience, the Formosa silhouette isn't as long above the buttoning point as some of the photos posted suggest. It absolutely has a lower buttoning point than a lot of current jackets, but it's basically right on my bellybutton. I might have a better photo tomorrow, but this is a sport coat right out of the box with no alterations (I only had the sleeves shortened). Since it's not full-length, it's not as informative as it could be, but I think it...
^ Right.I looked at that but missed the flap hidden in shadow.
Does that new Formosa x Minnis navy suit have besom pockets or are the flaps tucked in? Looks very nice, of course!
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