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 Maybe. I think it's difficult to tell without the trousers. It looked pretty good in the store but I didn't have time to try the trousers or an L.  As I said, there's a problem with my iPhone camera. And I wasn't really looking for comments on the fit, just offering it as additional information since many seem interested in the cut of the jacket, and the silhouette was OK despite the problems with the camera. I have to say that I think it's actually a pretty nice...
Since SuSu comes up here occasionally I thought I'd add a data point. I stopped by the NYC store today to try on the La Spalla fit. The salesman who helped me was very nice but I had to convince him to let me try on a 42. He first offered me a 40 with the unsurprising result of bowed lapels. He then offered me another jacket but didn't tell me the size. It was too tight in the shoulders, waist, and chest. When I explained what I didn't like about the fit he asked me what...
I'm a fan of off-white shirts. I have a couple that are wearing out and intend to get a couple more.
Thanks to @conceptual 4est for showing me around the office today. Great chat and I had a ball trying stuff on, feeling the textures of some pieces, looking at summer Formosa fabric samples, rummaging through the ties, and seeing some Cantarelli previews!
Happy new year everyone! Thanks to you all for dropping the knowledge and Greg and team for the awesome stuff!
^ Thanks for the info about etrusco. What about giamaica? Do the finished shoes come out like that 3202MOD pair or would we have to request something specific to get them like that? Happy new year everyone!
The sample of vitello giamaica looks pretty different from this 3202 MOD model. Is the difference not as great in person? The result of finishing by EB? Also, which of these is the better representation of etrusco? Or
I would also 100% show up for a MTM Formosa event in SF.
Does 804 have a lower instep than 946? What about heel width?
What is the consensus (if there is one) about the fit of current US and Italian made trousers vs. the old cut?
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