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I think it's fine to keep A and B. They're similar but different. But if you don't like B, sell it and buy something you like better.
^ I agree re Merick's fit. Also, on my screen at least, the tie and square look pretty similar in color, but I withhold judgment on that.   The chances that I would wear khaki trousers with this sport coat are pretty small. Light beige or cream, yes. Maybe we're all thinking of the same color, but my mental image of khaki makes it hard for me to imagine the two looking that great together.   Time for a Vox pic!     That works, of course, but it's not what I think...
A couple of recent Vanda squares.  
No apologies for the X-post because, tobacco fresco, wut wut. Also Camoshita and Rota.  [[SPOILER]]
Biz cash.  
 I thought Leonard Logsdail made Letterman's suits, although I don't know that it's ever been officially confirmed.
Thanks for the additional illustration! Can you also provide information about the fabrics available for the sport coats? Mills, composition, weight, for example.
Now that we've gotten the light brown herringbone taken care of is there interest in getting this made?      
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