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I was hoping that the photos were better than that text. (Thanks for posting it, though!) With acknowledgement that this is perhaps a bit overblown for discussion of a pocket square, one of the things I like about the Rubi squares is their romantic depictions of the past. The samurai square has an additional layer of European romantic views of "the Orient." The Rake's summary is kinda bleh and cringe-y by comparison.
No, what did it say?
 Yes. I've also thought that a "Have You Seen This Thing I'm Looking for?" thread would be useful. Maybe yours could cover both?
Rubi samurai square courtesy of Shaya.  
 As others have said, the FW pre-buys closed a while ago, but if we get 6 people on a project we can do a group order, right? Yesterday, Formosa fresco and Calabrese tie. 
This comment is solely for the purposes of anyone else reading the thread, not directed at Noodles.   Steed carries a small number of sample MTM garments with them. If you want to try one in your approximate size, ask about it when making an appointment. If they have a bespoke garment with them that's about your size, you can also ask about trying that on. It won't be perfect but should give you a sense of what their style would look like on you. You can't return a MTM...
Sorry, yesterday. I shouldn't have gotten anyone's hopes up.
Grabbed the champagne hopsack EFF. Should be a nice addition!
 Beautiful example of the firemen's coat, very well worn. I have one with a burn hole in it hanging in my house. It's one of my favorite things. I particularly like the way that it exemplifies how practical things can be beautiful, and beautiful things practical.
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