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No one has posted a fit photo taken in a car for awhile. Best I could do today.
Thanks for bringing us all the great stuff, Greg. Happy born day! (NMWAxBigi tie; Farnese tubo belt and AS captoes from NMWA not pictured)
I'm no expert, but I believe that "arranged marriage" these days exists on a spectrum. At one end, girls are still effectively property (and young men have circumscribed options) and if a girl's father makes a match with another family, she will be married. At the other end, parents with marriage-eligible adult children use their social networks to find suitable matches with a focus on identifying a family that they know and respect; the children are free to reject the...
 Mills College announced yesterday that their admissions policy will include people who self-identify as female (with some parameters) and that anyone who is already admitted who transitions from female to male while a student will be allowed to graduate. It's not a gigantic move of the civil rights needle, but it will make a difference for the transgender and transitioning community. I hope more single-sex schools follow their example.
I like it for the qualities of the textile and think the pattern is interesting. I would struggle to figure out how to wear it. But I occasionally buy things that I like for those kinds of reasons and deal with wearing it later. 
I've been seeing random broken pic links in general since late last week.
I got sniped this week, too.  Thought I'd bid high enough. Next time!
 My pleasure! I wear 9.5 on most Carmina lasts (with Rain being a bit loose on my smaller foot) and went with 9.5 on the Wilsons also. The Wilsons were a bit tight on my larger foot but they've broken in well.  [[SPOILER]]
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