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 I've got a ridiculous crush on the pub jacket.
Vanda square. I don't remember what it was called. It was probably one of the first ones I got.  
The chisel toe of the 946 last as pronounced as it looks in those photos? It seems almost square along the sides from a couple of angles. Not that it really matters since the claret museum austerity brogues are already sold out in 9.5.   Beautiful make-up, though.
I don't think Rudals is being completely unreasonable. If he's set on replacing his suits with Formosas and is willing to accept wearing suboptimally fitting suits until that's possible, there's no reason to spend the money on something he doesn't want, even if it is well fitting. He'll just have spent a bunch of money on SS suits and still be unsatisfied. Even if it's less money than the Formosas will cost, it's still a lot to spend on something he doesn't want. (That's...
Nice! What did you have done to the collar? I've noticed a bit of gaping in the back of mine but decided to wear it for a bit to see if it would settle down before asking my tailor to work on it.
Great fit after nipping the waist. I've had back from my tailor for a few weeks but haven't had much opportunity to wear it, unfortunately.
I tried on some Eidos suits at Carson Street in January. It wasn't a good cut for me. I tried multiple sizes and had bunching under the armholes in every one. The materials and construction were great for the price point though. I'll give the NMWA models a look in the fall.
Just made my regular Founders Circle contribution!
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