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 Mostly likely 50. That said, I tried 50 and 52. I decided to go with 52 and had the waist and seat taken in to get the drape that I preferred.
^ Also, isn't the coat center-vented? That would be a non-starter for me.
^ Hmmmm. Looks bigger than the graphite houndstooth that I picked up a while ago. Thanks!
Mike, what's the scale of the charcoal houndstooth like? I remain on the lookout for something like the ones in this picture.  
I wore my Inis Meain wool pub jacket today and thought I'd try taking some pics since there still haven't been many of it in the wild. It's probably my favorite piece of knitwear.
Camel fills a hole and looks real nice. But that navy ... Also, I always think camel colored things look weird on me ... But probably camel ...
Better. It's got angora!
Today I felt the embrace of a Moonbeam. And I liked it.
 I assume that the burgundy museum wingtip GMTO has also been delayed. Is it also realistic to expect it around the end of February? Thanks for your efforts, Steve!
I remembered you saying that you're from Oakland. Thought it might be a two-fer. Formosa and Eidos are working plenty good! Bigi x 2 today: 
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