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Cool. Looks like they did more work on the finish of the boots (can't remember if Epaulet described them as hand burnished, but it kind of looks like that). It suits them. Nice pick up!
Old new wife will be on B&S shortly. Or sent to Spoo.
 Thanks! Coincidentally in light of the conversation in the good taste thread, I wasn't sure about the square. The tie is Hober, the shoes Foster & Son (by EG).  That would be some EXTREME! pagoda. I particularly like your fit with the tiger square.
I'm not totally sold on this fit. But the trou/shoe photo came out great.
Making up for Murl's slacking, I emailed NMWA earlier to get in the full tobacco fresco suit.
I like Gaia Italian Cafe, which is a couple of blocks east on Houston. New Kamigatas look cool, particularly the camo. If you did an extra small, I might grab one for my mom!
 Probably just the jacket, since I wouldn't get much use out of the fully suit. But I do keep thinking that I should get the suit, wear the trews separately, and have the option to use the full rig, just in case.  
 Thanks. I have a white linen square but don't use it much. I don't think it's always the right solution, as is often suggested on SF. I believe it was Greg who wrote early in this thread that a white linen square implies a degree of formality that isn't always desirable, with which I agree. I also don't necessarily think that it would have been complementary of a few of the fits that I posted. But I will think about it more. I also just disagree with your characterization...
Email Betty at Carmina and ask her if it would be possible to get a replacement string.
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