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Thanks Stitchy. Love Patrick's suit today. Brown tie and white shirt always looks off to me I think a blue (or pink or red) striped shirt would have been better there. But that's picking nits.
^^ Thanks! Looks pretty good made up. It's a color and pattern that I continue to search for in a summer weight.
That seems to be a fairly common occurrence. From a couple years ago ... 
Does this mean that the photo of regimental ties on the CM landing page will be replaced too? OMG
^ And the one in front.
I wonder if the perceptions about cream and oatmeal are partly another instance geographic difference. Here in the Bay Area, "normal" attire at work for men is some cotton pants, a shirt with a collar, and athletic shoes or some form of leather slip on. Jeans are even more common. Non-work attire is all denim and urbanized camping clothes. In that setting, pretty much everything on these forums is alien. Cream and oatmeal flannel aren't any more alien, except to people...
If the wallabees aren't blue and cream I don't want to hear about it.
 I'm assuming that the colors in the finished tie will be lighter than the yarn, but yes, I'm trying to get a warm brown that doesn't appear so rusty that it's more fall-winter. #40 might also work. I'd trust Gerald and the weaver to select the right yarn. 8-9mm is wider than the original but it's based on the stripes on a tie that I think has really good ratios.  It's a real winner for sure!
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