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 Just as a point of reference, I'd think about it in terms of weight and weave. I was wearing the Formosa birdseye yesterday, which is about the same weight as the checked one. It was a warm day here and I thought about whether the nailhead would be more comfortable, even though it's similar to the birdseye in color and texture. I haven't decided yet, but I am considering it. The lighter weight and more open weave might have been a bit more comfortable. But I'm also...
I just assumed that the stalker would pick a member who was approximately the same size, but good point.
 "Stalk well-regarded member of Styleforum, rob him" would be an excellent addition to the chart.
Never gets old.  
Edit: That's a good point, Kulata. I don't agree entirely, though. Trousers that are too slim through the waist and hips are a problem independent of rear support. And they need to be pulled up properly.
I wear a 50 Formosa, the pants for which, as you know, are tagged 52. A little more room in the thighs would actually help with the puddling issue because the fabric is more able to drape. You don't have to keep the 52; but it would be worth trying a pair to see how they fit.
^ Exchange for 50, if NMWA still has a pair, or return. I actually found that 52 in Rota was a better fit for me, although they had to be taken in quite a bit in the waist. So it's worth trying a pair in 52, just for sizing comparison.
 Chambray popover looked really nice.
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