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 Connoisseurs' Consensus! 
Thanks, gents! Hoping for a cool winter so I can get more wear out of those.
@Newcomer For faux tweeds Worsted Alsport and Glorious Twelfth are great. There are just some cool sport coat fabrics in Delfino Brugghiera, Moonbeam, and one of Cacciopoli's books (can't remember which, not Golden because that more summery).
@Murlsquirl Yessir! I thought it had sold out long ago but one in my size turned up a few months ago.Thanks man!
Although the oatmeal flannel isn't the most versatile fabric, I find that green, blue, and brown jackets complement it without too much trouble or need for audacity. But I understand what your saying. They're conceptually easier to pair than they are actually. I think fawn turns out to be more versatile. In the case of today's combo, the shade of brown of the pants is basically one tick lighter than one of the browns in the jacket, which is probably more apparent in the...
NMWA x Fox oatmeal flannel made up by Ed.
@conceptual 4est looking great! Mazzy, Cantarelli, and the first run of Fox oatmeal flannel made up by Panta (x-post from WAYWRN)
Excel hate me. Congrats to the winners!
No matter how fast you run, your shadow more than keeps up. Sometimes it's in front. Only full, overhead sun diminishes your shadow. But that shadow has been serving you! What hurts you, blesses you. Darkness is your candle. Your boundaries are your quest.   Document shawl collar robe coat, Schneider F4 crewneck, Leder flannel trousers with suspenders, Heschung leather and suede split toe boots, poem by Rumi
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