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I've had the impression that the distinction made on SF was not between woven and printed but between woven with the design element in the same plane as the base and woven with the design element raised from the base. The innovation of the jacquard loom was, as Sprout2 pointed out, to allow weaving on the Z axis. Of course I might have misunderstood!
^ I suspect it wouldn't be considered "jacquard" because the florets aren't raised--or at least don't appear to be. That doesn't mean it wasn't woven on a jacquard loom (or a loom capable of doing jacquard).   This might be the only "jacquard" tie I have. I've taken Manton's non-rule rule to heart so don't usually like them. But I think this one is tasteful enough. I haven't worn it for a while though. It's a thick silk, lightly lined, untipped, from Cappelli  
From Will. I wish he would provide access to the ASW blog archive.  
Necro-bump, since this might qualify. The discussion in this thread was helpful background when I put this together. If anything, it demonstrates that a light tie is much easier with a dark jacket and striped tie that's actually lighter than the tie so that the tie becomes an intermediate color.  
 This seems business appropriate to me and not like a blueberry, but as is often the case with color, we might be associating different things with the words. I assumed that the lighting of the photos might be a bit off (lighter or darker) but liked the texture and included them to given an idea of what I had in mind. 
Thinking about having a worsted air force blue suit made up. Good idea or won't get worn? Any suggestions for fabrics?   These two from H&S look nice (Classic Worsteds and Perennial Classics, respectively).    
Forgot to post this the other day. TYT from ET.  
   So good. It was hard not to preorder.
 Thanks! I admit that it did take some thought. I'm glad it's been well received. In the photo, I think the gold tones in the square might be too matchy with the tie, but it seemed to work in person. Maybe it was too cute, though. Filed away for the future, either way.
New Posts  All Forums: