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I'm sweating just thinking about 19/20 oz tweed! Beautiful weave though.
^ What's the swatch with the W Bill? That looks interesting. Not that the W Bill doesn't. I'll bet that turned out great. Other than the cuffs. Surprising they whiffed on that.
^^ Top one is H&S Crystal Springs? I noted that one. Looks pretty nice.
Just a couple "in the wild" shots of the purple and blue check Inglese fabric but done to my fit and with the spread collar. One of the things I enjoy about Inglese shirts is that with collar stays and a jacket the collars stand up wonderfully so I don't have to have a buttondown (for which I have an idiosyncratic dislike). Lots of other NMWA stuff also shown.
 Excellent! I'll PM you when I have a little more time.
 I believe Steed contracts with Bernhardt, who do production in the Czech Republic. I go back and forth about the length of the jacket based on jcm's photos. In some I think it's fine as-is. I'll reserve final judgment for seeing in person and hearing what Edwin has to say.
If you would, I'd appreciate it!
 Burgundy, U, Old English II.  Yeah, gold and chestnut museum seem to be the two options between (dark) brown and antic cognac. I agree that gold museum has a distinctly reddish hue. I'm a fan.
@Equus Leather Just confirming that Rustical No. 23 is out of stock. Thanks!
 It's been a while since I asked Rezso about whether they have something between (dark) brown and antic cognac, but when I've asked in the past he's said no. So maybe they've added a color or maybe it's just a mistake on the site. I think what we're telling you is that you'll have to ask him directly, since in the past brown and dark brown have been the same and have been a very dark brown. Please report back if he says that they have a new brown shade. I'm sure we'd all...
New Posts  All Forums: