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I find the 12" Great Wave square to be a bit skimpy. I know Kent has said that he likes it that way so that it doesn't make as much of a bulge in the pocket. Different tastes. The pictures on the Ikire Jones squares are totally my cup of tea but I find them challenging to use. Both the silk and wool-silk blends are wonderful quality.
^ Just to be clear, those are Foo fits, not me! And it's going to be 70 in SF this week. I wish we were having a colder winter. So much stuff I'm not wearing.
^ I think the scale of UC's shirt probably works but the lighting is making it look busier than it is (more stark than the actual color, though I could be wrong!). It seems like a larger scale stripe would probably mean having to change the tie. Off white would be interesting, too.   I'm enjoying the nitpicking conversation about UC's fits!   For comparison:    
 Wonderful use of that Cappelli challis. Everything else is so subdued that even though the tie is a bit less formal the total package is coherent. I also like the scale of the stripes of the tie contrasting with the scale of the tie pattern. Grey-green-blue combo = .
 Natural latex foam. http://www.apnealife.com/products/Oxygen-Pillow.html
Carmina is always a good option. There are a number of retailers who sell them, and there are two threads here about the brand--one for general discussion and one for sizing. For example, if you're OK with string rather than tassel, this is a possibility, direct from Carmina. http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/articulo.asp?idarticulo=4320584
 In Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations etc., Vox puts madder ties on the rustic/casual end of the spectrum. I agree, though, that given the prevalence of madder ties with neat and other more formal patterns, they're tricky. I have one in particular that's a very nice navy neat, but it has the subdued colors and dry texture of madder. I haven't yet found a combination for it that I'm happy with.
It can but it's dandyish in most cases. I don't think UC's square is the most observable piece of the fit. That would be the suit. The texture and pattern are the most attention-grabbing to my eye. Among the reasons that the whole works: the texture spectrum is filled. Each brown is a different shade so nothing blends into anything else. Orange and purple are solid complements for brown and each other; the particular orange and purple are warm but not too warm against all...
 Daaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnnn ... Exactly.   
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