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[[SPOILER]]  Looking good! What cloth did you end up using?
^ I saw them in person on Sunday. The fabrics are nice and appeared to be made to the same standards as Harry's other ties. I believe that they're slightly shorter than Harry's standard, at 147 cm. As noted above, email Matthew DeBoise to check on availability. Expect some delay in him responding right now, though, since he and Edwin are touring the US.
^ Interesting. I've been trying to get a sense of whether the goyser stitching can be made to blend into the rest of shoe enough so that it doesn't end up looking overly countrified.
@beargonefishing Did you get those with goyser welt?
 Thanks! Hard to tell from some of the photos floating around.
Does anyone have a Norwegian Rain coat made up in one of the black options? I'm curious if it reads more black or grey in person.
I look forward to future Manton threads--presented in memoir style--about his time as Sean Spicer's personal in-house stylist and lessons to be learned from same.
I was able to stop by Steve's shop last week. He was, not surprisingly, a gracious host--he opened a nice new bottle of scotch for me and a friend of his. The shop is really nice, so make sure to plan a visit if you're in San Diego.   Steven has a couple of exciting things on the horizon that I was able to check out. I also tried on a sample Orazio Luciano suit. I would make a number of adjustments for my personal preferences, but it's very nice and worth considering if...
^ Interesting. Do you know why they dropped the knee length option? Just curious.    Is there a link for the arctic liner? (I swear I looked!)
Greg, I noticed on NR's site that the SB is available in mid-thigh and knee length. Is it possible to get the knee length through the pre-order?
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