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Forgot to post this one the other day.  
Nice! I don't think I've seen the River II on F before. Looks good.
I've liked the photos of the swatches of LL city gunclub better than the photos of it made up. I think the blue seems too saturated. But maybe it's more subdued in person. I'd be up for a cool gunclub project though.
Still not professionally shot or even great light but here's a decent shot of the Formosa suit silhouette.
Evening light ...
I agree that the oatmeal is too close to one of the colors in the jacket and sort of just disappears (and the texture is similar, which as the same effect). In which case you might as well go squareless. And squareless I think is OK with gunclubs. They're busy and a square often just seems forced.   But since this thread is partly about getting things to work so that they don't seem forced, I think that you could look at Drake's wool-silk blend squares (moghul, aliens,...
 This. I'm about the same height and weight but workout moderately and the chest and shoulders on the Epaulet M are way too small.
As long as the thread's been bumped.  
Don't forget girth and size of leg opening.
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