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^ Looking good.   I figure this might be a good place to ask: does anyone know an online stockist of women's Inis Meain sweaters? (Other than IM itself.)
 I wish you'd asked a couple weeks ago! Which reminds me, would folks be interested in doing a small group buy from Cappelli? Same idea as jrd: get enough guys to place an order for one or two ties to qualify for free shipping and then re-ship using USPS priority. I suspect folks hold off on ordering one tie because of the €25 shipping charge, so this would be a way of reducing shipping cost. The inevitable customs bill would have to be factored into final cost. I'm not...
How close is the color of the Rangoon to Fresco 104342 (if you can compare)?
 Wondered the same. Though it would be better without the buttondown collar.
 I'm not sure the world wouldn't be a better place if more people thought the answer was the latter.  Oh, did I overstate something for rhetorical effect that likely misrepresented the thing itself? It's a good thing that hasn't occurred in the course of this discussion. sprout2 seems like an interesting and funny guy with a lot of smart things to say about men's clothing. I'm just not a fan of the genre of writing--particularly popular on the internet--of shitting on...
Which is more self-indulgent: making/selling/buying an $8,000 coat from scraps of old fabric, the associated impulses, and commercial pitch, or an 8,000-word rant about the garment and its sellers and buyers that engages in broad generalization and gross reductionism of real people to strawmen caricatures?
9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9   9 There aren't enough 9 cm tie options in the world. I can live with 8.5 if the shape of the blade isn't too tapered. I have to really like the fabric to get an 8 cm tie. I buy very few Drake's as a result. (TWSS jokes aside, I realize that a cm difference isn't that much, but it often does affect the shape of the blade, which affects the size and shape of the knot.)
Bigi tie.
(Inspired by @Sotiris)
I feel this photo is appropriate at this point in the thread.  
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