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 It is indeed Steed MTM. I'll shoot you a PM with the details. Thanks, Stitchy!
No red undertone. The photos came out darker than the actual color. I tried to adjust them but couldn't get the color accurate--cloudy day, office window, etc. The first spoilered photo is closer.   I'd say Bolet is pretty much an ideal mid-dark brown, the kind of color you imagine when you think of a brown business shoe. Consider it Bonafe's equivalent of EG DOAK or G&G Vintage Oak, though without the burnishing and perhaps a bit more yellow.   Also, the finishing of...
 Thanks! Steed MTM using Dugdale sharkskin (DP 3517).
Here are my Bonafe MTO's from January. Vitello Bolet, Model 3200MOD on the 804 last with Dainite soles (thin mid-sole), size 9.5. Bolet is a fantastic color, and the 804 last has a wonderful, classic (sorry!) look. Sadly, they're a bit roomy, particularly the instep, which was a known risk with my low volume feet. I'll play with insoles and tongue pads. I'd like to order more Bonafe but will have to email with Gabriel about sizing. [[SPOILER]]
Would an oxblood Couro Cromo be possible?
 That might be me! I think Zoltan at Advanced European Tailoring does a good job, will offer an opinion but do what you ask, and is pretty conscientious about getting things right. He's also a really nice guy. He'll do working buttonholes, but I haven't asked for them. It's a bit of a trek from SF but easily BART-able and parking isn't usually a problem.
Equus does a lined and raised belt using bridle leather.   http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/lined-and-raised-belts/the-lined-and-raised-bridle-leather-belt.html
 I replied before reading to the end.  I think both Steed MTM and Formosa RTW/MTM offer great value (relatively, of course!).
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