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I think there are a number of elements of SVB's YSL bit that are better for him than the Epaulet suit fit (and I say that as someone who likes Epaulet's stuff): The more extended shoulders. They create better overall proportions by giving the appearance of broader shoulders. The wider lapels. They enhance the visual perception of stronger shoulders and chest. The length of the jacket. It balances the proportions between his legs and torso. The buttoning point of the...
 To quote a great man, "We can't be friends no more." Nice tie though.
Delfino Formosa untailored. I had to do a fair amount of correction to get the color close to right.
 Yes, some people own houses and apartments solely to rent out on Airbnb, VRBO, etc. In the Bay Area and some other communities, the extent of that use of property is potentially having a meaningful (negative) effect on housing supply and pricing. They are a good way to get a multi-room rental for a short stay at a reasonable price, though.
I was hoping that the photos were better than that text. (Thanks for posting it, though!) With acknowledgement that this is perhaps a bit overblown for discussion of a pocket square, one of the things I like about the Rubi squares is their romantic depictions of the past. The samurai square has an additional layer of European romantic views of "the Orient." The Rake's summary is kinda bleh and cringe-y by comparison.
No, what did it say?
 Yes. I've also thought that a "Have You Seen This Thing I'm Looking for?" thread would be useful. Maybe yours could cover both?
Rubi samurai square courtesy of Shaya.  
 As others have said, the FW pre-buys closed a while ago, but if we get 6 people on a project we can do a group order, right? Yesterday, Formosa fresco and Calabrese tie. 
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