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Similar but not quite the same. The Cappelli has three shapes in the pattern, the Hober two. One of the shapes is about the same, but the others are different. That's a nice Hober, though.
^ Of course, that's why I'm sure your jacket is grey! 
Looks good, helden. I actually like that better than the green. But have you consulted with @Murlsquirl to prepare for a new round in the Great Brown or Grey Debate ...
^ Fair points. It's not like getting a good white dress shirt for a suit is a tremendous burden. Shoes are tougher though. I guess there are plenty of decent patent leather shoes that aren't too expensive. This is a special event, but I think pumps or slippers wouldn't be appropriate.
How much flexibility will the new MTM program have? Any chance of altering sleeve rotation and armhole shape?
 I wish I could tell you that there was a secret. Some days the square is agreeable, others not so much.
Is the checked jacket Glenroyal? If so, I got the same thing from Steed (MTM) a few weeks ago. Nice choice!
New Posts  All Forums: