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^ Did you not grab a SS Great Frozen Waves coat from NMWA?
I've found that some shirts from TS shrink if put through the dryer. The Yosemite, a heavy flannel, and the canvas mechanics shirts have all shrunk. For me that's been great because 42 fits me best but can be a bit long or loose. Drying them improved the fit. My practice now is to wash and dry once and then only hang dry after that. The chambrays don't seem to shrink as much.
There might have been some L at the SF Bloomingdales when I was there last week. There were definitely some S, which makes me think there might be some L. You should call.
^ +1 on both points.
I think 1.25" for the buckles would work. I could see a lot of guys who spend more time in the SW&D side being interested, and also some if the CM guys who mix it up. I'd just like to see both buckles offered with other leather colors. (Maybe it was always possible to order the buckles with other leathers and I just misunderstood?)
 Thanks! The collar points looked long for 7 cm. The suggestion to size up would mean from 41 to 42?   It's pretty nice, but maybe not quite sleepwear nice. Needs some cashmere blended in for that ... 
[[SPOILER]]  Steve, it seems like the dark burgundy museum is probably similarly dark to Alden #8. Do you think that's a fair assessment?
^ Alcudia maybe?    
Is this the Camoshita white/green shirt, as listed on the gallery? The collar seems much bigger and to have a slightly different shape than in the product photos. Have any pics of the Camoshita shirts been posted in the thread (I looked and didn't see any)?       Favorite F/W item is a tie between the casentino coat and pub jacket. But I only have a full pic of the casentino.  
[[SPOILER]]  Got any other photos that show the collar of the Camoshita? Not enough pics of those being worn! Great looks!
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