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 One of my favorite movies.
Delfino inky blue patch chest pocket.  
@Viral Sorry, these are sold. I forgot to update the listing.
I'm wearing boxcloth today. Wore barathea yesterday. I don't notice a tremendous difference.
I like Paris and HK best of the Kimbers. The colors are excellent and you can easily use them as white or cream. But they're all good!   The 3-piece is sooooooooo nice.
 For obvious reasons, I'd like to do the lighter version, larger scale, with the purple stripe swapped for blue. My recollection is that it's more tan than yellow. I almost went with it instead of the one I did. I didn't care for the purple stripe and I like the hints of green in the one that I had made. I think that at larger scale the lighter one would be fantastic. Would you keep it at 12 oz?
New Posts  All Forums: