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No apologies for the X-post because, tobacco fresco, wut wut. Also Camoshita and Rota.  [[SPOILER]]
Biz cash.  
 I thought Leonard Logsdail made Letterman's suits, although I don't know that it's ever been officially confirmed.
Thanks for the additional illustration! Can you also provide information about the fabrics available for the sport coats? Mills, composition, weight, for example.
Now that we've gotten the light brown herringbone taken care of is there interest in getting this made?      
More shots of what's at the booths, less street-style.
Black adelaide looks nice. Kinds of makes me wish I hadn't done the peaked heel counter on mine because the line of the counter complements the lines around the laces so well. Next pair! Definitely shows how much Bonafe would benefit from better pictures of their models. (I know you're working on it!)
I vote for 2-patch + barchetta, but I'm OK with 3-patch if that's what the majority wants.
 Too many patterns and, at least in the photo, the scale of the pattern of the tie is too close to the pattern of the shirt. Also, are all of the pieces brown? That kind of monochrome look is tough to pull off. At least one other color would help.
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