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^ What he said.
I am intrigued by this Monkey Boot to which you refer ...
I actually can't watch cringe comedy at all so stayed away from Curb for a long time. When I finally started watching it I had no problem, which is I think part of its genius. Larry David is so indifferent to/accepting of the things that happen to him that it turns out not to be cringeworthy at all.
I've got both! I was using the timer but couldn't get the focus right.   [[SPOILER]]
Because I love you guys I tried to get a full-length pic of this yesterday. But my iPhone camera wouldn't focus properly. So this is all I have. Houndstooth again with a Calabrese tie (and Vanda square).  
I'm watching Blackish. It's pretty good. Some great moments. I don't like the narration. It doesn't add anything.   Curb Your Enthusiasm is the best comedy show. Louie is in contention, though. I don't think Seinfeld is as funny now as it was at the time, but it's easy to forget that is was groundbreaking in terms of the characters and the topics covered by a sitcom.
 Thanks, guize, esp. Kyle. Sadly, I've been busy with work and just saw this. C'est la vie. AJL, you must have bought the 52 within minutes of me deciding to buy. I can't believe people returned the Merino coat! I did buy a few things this round, including the navy Oxalis. UPS is taking its usual week to deliver to California, so no pics.
I was thinking the same. Well, not the only thing. But a very worthwhile one.
So .... if someone did grab the LBM navy basketweave overcoat in 52 or 54 and you change your mind or it doesn't work for you, let me know.  
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