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Cappelli is another option for custom.   HN White and Shibumi for RTW.
The people cry out for block stripe shantungs!
^ Alright, you made me look. I'm pretty sure Greg could monetize a livestream of NMWA HQ, with an upgrade to watch the lunch deliveries.
@gdl203 @conceptual 4est Can one of you throw on the Drapers wool/silk/linen Formosa and take a couple of pictures? I'm curious what it looks like in other light. (Or if someone in the thread has photos to post ...) Thanks!
^ . 
 Fair enough. I'm not trying to internet fight, but your question was who are the bespoke tailors in NY, not who are the bespoke tailors whose work you like. I assumed from your list that you were aware of Ercoles, but some might not be. And my point was more about how few bespoke tailors there are in the US outside of NY.
^ Ercoles. But once you leave NYC, the local bespoke options in the US diminish rapidly.
If I remember correctly, the Fox oatmeal flannel is 14 oz.
Length looked good to me at the fitting. The front hem was right at the middle of your thumbs and the front-back balance looked right. And the overall effect was nice. iPhone camera lens strikes again, I expect.
This is counter-seasonal, but when temps drop, my dad's style is total urban cowboy. A Monitaly parka would suit him completely while updating his look and adding a touch of cool.  
New Posts  All Forums: