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That genuinely means a lot coming from you. Thanks! I appreciate everyone else's kind words as well. It seems to me that the WAYT thread only irregularly generates substantive conversation about fits. I would conjecture that it largely has to do with a form of politeness. It's not a thread that has a convention of critique and positive reaction beyond thumbs seems to depend on individual reactions and relationships. To use myself as an example, I hesitated to make any...
 European Sleepworks.
 Is this a fairly accurate representation of Bolet? Thanks! Edit: Is the WeTransfer link to the Bonafe archive dead?
         Thanks! The jacket and tie are both great. I think the tie is still available ... Also pictured: Rota fawn flannel and Mazzy oxford. Not pictured but worn: Farnese brown tubo belt.
Lotsa NMWA today.  
Thanks! As with most #8 shoes, and the burgundy family in general, it seems to me that the red comes out more in natural light. But I think you make an important point, which is that "red" shoes are arguably really brown shoes. jfrater's vintage cherry G&G's show that off.
The bordeaux/burgundy/oxblood family is easy to use and great. Noodles should get some oxblood to go with his navy and grey suits. #8 for me today.
I believe the most recent discussion of shirt stripes in the Good Taste thread was prompted by comments from Foo. Here's a link to the post. Immediately after it is a comment from gdl and then a little further down some examples. http://www.styleforum.net/t/309586/whnay-s-good-taste-thread/12000_50#post_6922348   Foo's observation is that it's an issue of the ratio of the width of the stripes to their spacing. If they're spaced too far apart, they become overly visible....
http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/navy-woven-silk-tie-light-tan-stripes.html http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/blue-coarsely-woven-wool-silk-tie-brown-and-white-stripes.html http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/neckties/unlined-and-handrolled-dark-green-cashmere-and-silk-tie-copper-stripes.html And one a little out of left field...
New Posts  All Forums: