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 Everything seems the same to me based on a quick try-on of the one I preordered and received Monday.
 My wife still wears the purple check 3/4-sleeve flannel that I grabbed for her when you were closing the women's line. Expect some orders when this goes live.
I use it to create unreasonably high expectations of what my closet should look like.
 I finally found a use for Pinterest.
Formosa F/W   Suits:   This Fox flannel version of the "Agnelli tweed" at a reasonable weight (12-13 oz.). (This was a special run done for Fishball.)       "Agnelli flannel" at a reasonable weight (12-13 oz.)     A winter version of the unbel suit       A grey birdseye or nailhead. I haven't found anything I've liked. But something that has the same quality as the P&B Universal herringbone.     Sport coats:   A blue barleycorn...
Madhur Jaffrey's Quick & Easy Indian Cooking. The title does not lie. The recipes are delicious. http://www.amazon.com/Madhur-Jaffreys-Quick-Indian-Cooking/dp/0811859010   Black PTB's and derbies are totally different in the streetwear context. They aren't formal at all. But I'd only do double leather soles, commando, or something else equally casual. Shell seems fine if that's what you like, since it's origins are in workwear anyway. I mean Dr. Martens has been making...
I wore my similar jacket with the burgundy Cappelli madder in the spoilered photo below. I included the jacket and a striped tie in spoilers. I think a wide block stripe tie also works; I included an example of a different but similar jacket in spoilers. Neats are tricky, though, and I'm keeping my eye out for something else that would work.  [[SPOILER]]
I don't think the scales are at odds. The medallions are larger/wider than any line in the check, including the blue overcheck. The spacing of the medallions is also wider than any of the lines in the check, including the overcheck. At least to my eye--without breaking out a photo editor to draw lines the way SB did.   On the other hand, I don't love that shade of red with the jacket--I'd like it to be a bit more wine/burgundy. But that might be the photo. At least only...
Looks purple to me.
 The USPS tracking for a recent package of mine seemed to suggest that it had cleared customs but then it's status didn't change for a week. I initiated an international inquiry with USPS and magically the package started moving again the next day. USPS actually emailed me to say that it was up to customs and they couldn't do anything, but I suspect they did something. https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm. Click on the International tab to initiate an inquiry.
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