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Would you mind explaining your objection to patterned linen? So many have wondered for so long ...
Not a good photo overall but maybe a bit better at showing the jacket. @sacafotos
Bleh photo today.
Port Royale. Maybe Kombu instead of Deep Forest?
 Thanks, man. It's definitely the I linked to below. It might have been a bit of a cloudy day when I took the photo, so my office was a bit dark. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/grey-brown-shepherd-check-wool-cashmere-sport-coat-11-12-oz.html 
What are the weights like on the Midnight Madness Tattersall, Indigo Sporting Plaid, and Cycos flannel? (I already know the answer to the last one: "Perfect for the Bay Area." )
^ Just this one. It's a great fabric, though not versatile (not that everything has to be!). It's easy to use with some simple combos, but I'm still kind of figuring out what to do with it.  
@gyasih They all measure to Epaulet's standard measurements for the sizes (+/- a bit for the the nature of measuring, of course).   Here are the measurements for the jackets:   40 20.5" 17.5" 26" 30" Here they are for the suit trousers:     Size 33 WAIST     34" THIGH     12.25" LEG OPENING 8" RISE 10" INSEAM 32" (~2" to let out) Thanks @tricky!
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