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 Thanks for the tip, Antonio. Just grabbed one. The fabric and color look great! 50 thirded.
@kirbya can you answer this one? Thanks!
 I've been fond of this shop in Berkeley for a while.
 Thanks! I'm a fan of grey and green. Thanks! That one is Formosa (Lesser birdseye). The navy I posted yesterday is Steed MTM, although I've switched to their 3r2 pattern now that they offer it and widened the lapels on more recent orders. The Steed MTM trousers are a bit roomier than Formosa, and the rise is higher.
 @justinkapur hit me up via PM is you're going to be in the East Bay.
  Thanks, doodz.
 Funny you should say--I was actually pitching for some new work. Nailed the interview, but we'll see. And thanks!
Everything looks great, but I really like the chalkstripe fresco. I've been thinking about getting something like that.
Serious biz    
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