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^ Thanks! Very nice of you to say.   I forgot to mention the tie details: it's six or seven-fold outlet tie, untipped, with very light lining. The silk is super super dry. Very cool texture.
Really nice PCK.
 Anything like this but in a dark, bottle green? I'd be very interested!
Unless something has changed there are probably only two mills in Italy weaving grenadine. So, David and Drake's are likely using the same silk in many cases. Both have skilled makers sewing the ties. The differences are down to lining and customization. For a very reasonable price, David will make you a tie matching your exact desires with high quality interlining. Drake's will do the same for a completely unreasonable price. A custom 4-fold black fina from David will...
^ No panty line. Impressive.
  That's what I meant: the bottoms of hip pockets on the blue fresco are closer to the hems. I like the placement on the tobacco a bit better. I also prefer the gorge height on the tobacco.
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