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Mike, the flannel trouser swatches look great. Any chance you've got a "wheat" flannel that you could add to the mix?
[[SPOILER]]  I applaud you for helping your partner with this endeavor. Gender definition issues are difficult, and I know many people who have found clothing to be among the things that are hardest about making their exterior match their vision of themselves. I admit that I haven't read all of your posts closely, so maybe you've touched on this, but I think that it would help those who want to offer advice if you could describe the result your partner wants to...
The buckle looks great, Charlie. It appear a bit yellow on my screen though. Is that just an effect of the lighting and the brown material that it's on?
SW&D goth ninjas in your intertubes stealing your Frozen Waves.
Someone beat me to the charcoal in size V.  Curse the slow electrons between me and NMWA's hosting!
I'm a fan of St. James in vintage cherry.
Indigo-brown check tie.  
Greetings, gents!
 *Checks calendar. Sets alarm.
One of the group MTO's that Greg organized. I'm looking forward to receiving mine!
New Posts  All Forums: