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Well, I like looking at watches and admire the skills in designing and making them but don't have enough desire to spend anything on one.
 Yes, but it's a worsted. I tried to find one as flannel-y as possible. Settled on this one from the Smith Botany book.
Thanks. I also meant to say no liner. I think I've got it now.
Oops. Yes, I meant the SB.
So just making sure about NR sizing: 50 Formosa means an L in NR if I want to be able to wear it over a suit, M if I don't.
A few Epaulet sport coats, a suit, and one pair of trousers. Letting them go because they don't fit as well as I'd like. All brushed after each wear. In excellent condition. Details and prices below, including shipping within the US.  1. Navy POW-ish suit with light burgundy/brownish overcheck. Partially lined. Size 40 jacket. Size 33 trousers. Jacket unaltered. Trousers hemmed to about 32" with 2" to let out. $400.     2. Checked sport coat. This was an Ends for Friends...
Multiple pairs of Howard Yount trousers in the old Italian cut. All size 34. Wait unaltered. Hemmed to about 32" with an additional 2" to let out. Brushed after every wear. All of them are in excellent condition. Letting these go because they don't fit me as well as other brands. $100 each including shipping in the US via USPS.   1. Dark grey flannel.   2. Mid-grey pick-and-pick.     3. Dark green textured.     4. Light grey flannel.   5. Dark grey...
   It's not NOT relevant. Thanks to you both. I wish there were a dark grey/charcoal.
Does the mixed navy NR have kind of a greyish look when made up? It looks like it in the photos, but computer screens differing so much, I wondered.
Cross-posting this from the Noodles thread.   Would folks in the US be interested in doing a small group buy from Cappelli? The idea would be to get enough guys to place an order for one or two ties to qualify for free shipping and then re-ship using USPS priority. I suspect folks hold off on ordering one tie because of the €25 shipping charge, so this would be a way of reducing shipping cost. The inevitable customs bill would have to be factored into final cost. I'm not...
New Posts  All Forums: