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^ Yes to oatmeal flannel. I don't wear mine as much as I'd like since they're a bit heavy for my climate. Red would be interesting. Not really my thing, but I saw photos of a pair of brick Sherry Tweed pants that Ed had made up for someone. Really nice. I like green pants, including with brown jackets. It would have to be the right shade, though. I've been thinking about blue, including maybe AFB flannels. I hadn't really considered a deeper blue, but it could work. Do you...
Thanks. I care about a lot of things, but pants hangers aren't one of them (jacket/suit hangers, yes). I have limited space in my closet, and these hangers do the job without taking up too much room. My igent tendencies only go but so far.
Those cav twill or the Dakota equivalent are on my to-get-made list. I have looked at wearing the jacket with a pair of twill trousers that I have but that are maybe a bit darker. The colors in the combination seemed muddled to me, creating an overall too brown impression. On the other hand I have worn the jacket with fawn flannel and thought they looked good so it might be the particular twill.
It's this Albini chambray, which has a bit of a donegal effect. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/donegal-blue-chambray-shirt-spread-collar.htmlExactly.A solid shirt is the obvious choice and properly scaled stripes would work too. Greg suggested mixing smaller graph check with it, and I think it works and makes for a nice combo. A little more unexpected and visually interesting than solid bit still complementary. The tie probably is a bit too saturated for the...
This is from the Brughiera book. I believe it's about 10% cashmere. The cash, not surprisingly, adds softness and smoothness. The texture is quite nice. It also seems like it adds a bit of lightness compared to other all wool clothes at the same weight (though that might be imagination). It drapes very nicely, particularly for such a soft feeling cloth. I don't have any concerns about durability. It doesn't feel fragile at all. I like the book a lot. There are several...
^ Can't believe you were wearing flannel today. It was even warm in SF!
It is!
I preordered it but mine hasn't arrived yet. When it comes in, I'll let you know. I'm happy to meet up if you want to see it in really real life.
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