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 Those chukkas are classic unlined dark brown suede Aldens on the Leydon last with single waterloc soles. Lots of life left in the soles. They've been Nano-sprayed and well cared for. As a matter of personal preference, I've decided that I'd like a pair of lined brown suede chukkas with thicker soles. Otherwise, they would still be mine. They're awesome. If you like awesome things, like classic American-made brown suede chukkas, these are for you. You don't like awesome...
Suit looks great.
^ It's the same suit. I think I'm leaning slightly and my arm is raised a bit in the second photo. But thanks to all of you for pointing this out. I'll give it a closer look.
I suspect (hope!) that if you're seeing a shoulder issue it's a combination of the photo and the shoulders not having completely settled yet. It's still a relatively new suit. The seams, edges, and sleeves are where they should be. If the overall fit seems off, then it's time for a picnic attack! I think it looks pretty good, but I've been known to make a mistake or two.Self-critique: I would have preferred a more textured square. The silk is pretty similar to the tie, so...
@sinefine By instep I mean the height of the shoe from the insole to the tongue/laces. When tying the shoes, I can pull the lacing completely closed, and the shoes are still loose. If that doesn't help, please let me know.   If anyone else has questions, I'm happy to answer them. These shoes deserve a good home!
If Chris came to San Francisco, I think a lot of us would find our discretionary cash disappearing with a quickness.
 Some, which is why I'm still contemplating, but weight and weave difference is sufficient to make them both useful. I suppose it depends on how many suits you wear and in how many different temperatures.
 Just as a point of reference, I'd think about it in terms of weight and weave. I was wearing the Formosa birdseye yesterday, which is about the same weight as the checked one. It was a warm day here and I thought about whether the nailhead would be more comfortable, even though it's similar to the birdseye in color and texture. I haven't decided yet, but I am considering it. The lighter weight and more open weave might have been a bit more comfortable. But I'm also...
New Posts  All Forums: