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 I'm with you!
I think we all recognize that there's a bit of a contradiction in formality levels between the lighter suede oxfords and a navy pinstripe suit. But it's also a well known culturally acceptable combination in many European countries. In Sander's case, I think the particular colors look nice.
Just paid the invoice for these. 804 last, Vitello Bolet, Dainite with thin mid-sole, size 9.5.
Is it not possible (or easily implementable) to make the functionality of the thumb an option? So people who want it to be one click can have it that way and people who want to be able to leave thumb comments can turn that on?
@sacafotos I can compare Formosa and the old Lorenzo cut, but I'm not sure it's going to be helpful because I just don't think Eidos's jackets are a good fit for my body. I wear a 50R in Formosa and would take a 52R in Eidos. I find that Eidos jackets are constraining around the chest, back, and shoulders. In contrast Formosa jackets just feel natural. They're cut slim and fit close but leave me with complete freedom of movement. The ones with lighter fabrics feel like...
Me too. Besides it looking cool (and kind of like flowers), my dad is a crazy cyclist so I'm happy to honor him with my pocket adornment.
^ Thanks! It looks like I overdid it a bit with the color correction, but it showed off the jacket correctly. For anyone who wants a closer look at dat patch breast pocket:   [[SPOILER]]
In consideration of tomorrow, light grey cross-hatch from the last EFF round.  
#teaminkyblue (also AS oxblood hatchgrains again)      
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