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You haven't already? Futile!    Yeah. Leaves has noted that Carmina has a burgundy museum calf that's almost black. That would be a great version of the u-cap boot ... among others. Leaves or Gabriel mentioned that it was in the pipeline a while ago but it just popped up today. I got on the waitlist and grabbed a pair as soon as I saw it in an email. As NAMOR noted, this batch of shell came out just right and the details are spot on.
The labels are great, befitting what look to be wonderful fabrics. I'm looking forward to the meet-up!
Potentially of interest to folks in the Bay Area.  
Unbel deserved more than 5 votes.
Sorry, I thought you were talking about the group MTO's as allowing for changes. Never mind. 
^ Nice. More Formosa MTOs need to happen.   Can Formosa shorten the sleeve length as part of MTO, or is that considered a pattern change?
^ 1.5 meters gone. Thanks gdl and unbel!
I have a question for the tailors, although not one about fit. (I'll have some fit questions this weekend, assuming I can get photos.)   My closet is getting full and I'd like to start putting some seasons items in storage. The only place I have to store them is a third-story attic that isn't climate controlled. It gets quite warm up there, even in winter. I know that I should have the items cleaned before storing them, but I was wondering about the potential effects of...
New Posts  All Forums: