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 Thanks! I'm glad you got yours sorted out length-wise.  Gracias! It was from a GMTO last year. I'm looking forward to its true navy cousin.
Lighter than navy hopsack Formosa and lightweight mid-grey Rotas.
Guard duty again, DTO'ing tchoy, Shirt collar a bit wonky.
 I've just had the buttons attached on all my Formosa jackets, after shortening the sleeves. I'm repeating myself (I'm not sure if it was here or the NMWA thread) but since my tailor wasn't going to do hand-made button holes like the ones from Formosa anyway it was going to be mismatched in one direction or another so I didn't see the point of paying for buttonholes.
I'll be at the trunk show but probably won't be able to make it to dinner.
Clags is in TX, but that's not him. I take those comments to mean, "We'd like to come to the US and will at some point in the future but don't have any immediate plans."
 Steed MTM. Dugdale sharksin.
So much good new Calabrese stuff!
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