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   Manton, can you elaborate on what makes a tie, particularly a neat, appropriate for a suit and what makes one appropriate for an odd jacket. I've been thinking about this--and read Practical Thoughts on Coherent Combinations (to the extent that it survives) several times--but I'm struggling a bit. I can see why the tie in Spoo's example is more appropriate for a suit, I think: city/formal material, small pattern, fairly soporific. I can't tell in other instances. Thanks!
 Depending on what the color is like in person, I could see it with a brown coat and grey or burgundy tie. ^ A lot of Kent's stuff is great, but I agree that his squares are too small. I find it difficult to play with the pattern.
Thank you! Here are the links.http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_17&products_id=1715http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_17&products_id=137
And here it is in the flesh. Some of the flowers are a little pinkish, which I'm OK with. [[SPOILER]]
A couple of forum favorites and some others I liked. I think I'm set on neats for a while. [[SPOILER]]
 If #1 doesn't make it as a tie, could you get it made as a pocket square? (But it should win as the tie.)
I noticed the Best Fit module earlier this week. Will it eventually tie in to previous purchases so that it can make recommendations based on them?
   Thanks, gents! I really like the design of that adelaide.
Sage Geo PS.
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