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I like the idea of a blue POW Rangoon. Or a navy or grey chalkstripe.Still interested in this with blue substituted for purple.
 Stingray belts? 
Centralized thread for the beginning of shoe cleanout. Starting with one pair each of Carmina, Gaziano & Girling, and Meermin. No smoking, no pets. All well cared for with Saphir, GlenKaren, Bick products. Brushed after every wearing. Always kept with shoes trees. Boxes and bags available, with details below. Shipping is extra, to be determined. 1. Carmina x Epaulet dark brown scotch grain plain toe derbies on Forest last. Size 9.5UK. Partial Dainite soles. In great shape....
I just think a bluer red with the brown of th jacket or a yellower brown with the tie would be better. But cameras and screens are weird so I'm prepared to be wrong.
The tie is great. I didn't love it with that combo either. I think it's probably too red for that jacket. It's nice with the pants though.  McFox gets the nod for decent light (and a more than decent fit). 
^ It's not just you. I have the navy version. I roll them up once and forget about it.   Me with my Formosa like  
There is variation among the OTR Formosa jackets (and trousers) at the same size. Some of them fit basically perfectly upon arrival. Others I've needed to have taken in at the waist. One I had to have shortened. I haven't noticed any consistent changes in more recent jackets, however. Variation from jacket to jacket continues to be my experience, rather than new jackets being slimmer than older jackets. The grey birdseye suit jacket that I got this season needed to be...
^ Sorry, I meant shorter sleeves and longer body!
@conceptual 4est Does the current stock of Inglese polos have the shorter sleeves and body or is it a mix?
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