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Carmina x Epaulet balmorals.    
 Was this in the shop and I missed it? Group/single MTO that I've forgotten about? Looks great!
 I can only speak for myself, but my issue with the Polo suit wasn't the swelled chest. It was how that particular swelled chest was constructed and cut and its relationship to Noodles. To me, he looked a bit stuffed into the suit at the chest, rather than it looking like it "swelled" around his chest and then draped appropriately. Thanks for digging up that Manton piece. It's great!
If anyone decides they don't want their size 50 in that jacket or the Fox Flannel or the Tallia di Delfino, PM me! Also: 
Greg, is the Rota fawn significantly different from that special run of oatmeal flannel? It seems noticeably darker but thought I'd confirm.
I just don't like button down collars. Plus, it's exactly because flannels are casual that I don't care what the collar does. Let it be free, man!
Plus, Edwin and Matthew at Steed are great to work with. You could make an appointment to see what their MTM suits are like, get measured, and look at fabrics. The style is different from Formosa, and the prices are comparable, so it would a good alternative. 
Button down collars on the flannels? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 
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