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 I don't equate structure with formality--other than considering completely unstructured jackets to be casual. To the extent that less structure creates a visual sense of softness, I think about that when I pick things to go with a less structured jacket, but that's about it.
 I'm pretty sure that's a Formosa sport coat. If so, I suspect that this might be the first time that someone has critiqued their shoulders as too padded/structured (depending on what terminology one prefers).   This seemed like sufficient contrast to me to avoid it being too muddled. A lighter or more saturated green would have been more optimal (sorry, @UrbanComposition!), but the color didn't strike me as discordant.  
 What's your thinking on this? 
For my Inglese MTM shirts, I started with a size 41. I have a few and knew that they were a bit tight in the chest, a bit big in the waist, and the sleeves were long. I visited the offices and tried on 40, 41, and 42. I liked 41 overall, the chest of the 42 and the waist of the 40. We also figured out how much to shorten the sleeves and tighten the cuffs. The result is: size 16/41; sleeve -2cm; chest +2cm; waist -2cm; cuff -1cm. They felt and looked good out of the box and...
Being a gracious gift recipient is something that I've had to learn and I'm still only so-so, particularly if it's not something I like. Thankfully people have mostly stopped trying to buy me clothes. I think they all realize that guessing what I'd like has low odds of succeeding. Online shops that allow you to create public wish lists know what's up.
Today #tacos4kanye
@ericgereghty 'Tis. Did you order? Here's the best photo I have of the full suit. The light is only so-so.   [[SPOILER]]
Thanks, @UrbanComposition!   @Andy57: Yep. You ordered some as part of the new run, right? You made the right choice.
Whole lot of NMWA yesterday.  
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