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 Are the burgundy museum derbies in the same shipment?
Winter Sleepers Contest  Awakened at midnight  by the sound of the water jar  cracking from the ice. SS Botanical Shirt Winter solitude--in a world of one colorthe sound of wind. Big John chinos Tethered horse;snowin both stirrups. Buttero blue suede chukkas Crossing long fields, frozen in its saddle, my shadow creeps by. Suzusan shawl Winter downpour -  even the monkey  needs a raincoat. Robert Geller Canadian coat   [[SPOILER]]  Plenty of sizesleft for all items...
 O I NO BRO! Dudes should bid the hell out of that thing. Seriously, it's a totally amazing suit. Bid high without the slightest chance of regret.  
Sorry the deal didn't work out, Spoo! Good luck with option #2.   Also, I can't believe someone is selling that Formosa suit!
I pre-ordered the Formosas I wanted. I know you animals well by now.
Yeah, looking at the holes, it doesn't seem like those could be the same buttons, just showing different sides.
^ Oh! That didn't occur to me at all.  Those look nice (as expected). I've got till next week to decide on the navy sport coat GMTO?
 Is that horn on the left and MOP on the right? Hmmmmm ...
Lots of great looking shoes. I particularly like the longwings and hatchgrain. Thanks for the photos!
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