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 Me too! I was glad that my experiment worked out. I think they'd look really good darkened, too. Go for it! I forgot that they were selling them so cheap. Good deal.
I have a pair of Carmina hatchgrain chukkas from Skoak. As reported around here, the leather seems to have difficulty holding the finish. Mine arrived with several spots where just the laces had left visible marks on the surface. Luckily, I knew about the issue before I ordered, so I wasn't freaked out. I also wanted them to be a bit darker, so I applied several layers of Glen Karen dark brown polish, which worked great. They still get some marks where there's friction,...
 Count me in. Good luck with the move!
Greg, you've probably seen that dieworkwear is putting together a run of tobacco fresco. Any chance that you and he could work something out so that we could get Formosa sport coats made if there's enough interest here?
@mrjester 1013 and 1017 look pretty interesting to me, if you want something brown, and are good warm weather blends. 7725 if you want something blue. Soft construction and partially and any would be a nice addition.
Which lasts and soles for those two, and what shade of cognac for the u-wing boot?Great lineup!
Does anyone have the ...   40723C from CitiShoes     or 44924HC from Alden NY?     I'm looking for a casual pair of brown boots to kick around in and wondered if anyone has had a good experience with either. Thanks!
^ True enough. I suppose it's really chaps with our without pants, but the phrase has entered the lexicon, etc.
 Depends on whether the cowboy is wearing assless chaps. Assless = no turned heads, other than to appreciate or mock. Chaps that cover ass = suspicious. Or are we still talking about little kids?
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