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Mostly NMWA today. The Formosa tobacco fresco suit was also delivered. Probably the best fitting jacket I've received from them out of the box. The color is also a pleasant surprise--richer than I expected with a lot of depth. I'm glad this collabo came together.
Great thread! I usually donate clothes to a local organization helping people find work but I'll keep an eye on requests here in case anyone is looking for something that I'm ready to part with.
Has anyone posted a photo of the grey tubo belt being worn? I like it but kind of want to see it deployed before pulling the trigger.
Mike, congrats on the shell sneakers! They look great. Any chance of oxblood cromos in the future?
 You really do rock, Mike. Also, does the steel wool have a tonal stripe or is that just the lighting?
I find the 12" Great Wave square to be a bit skimpy. I know Kent has said that he likes it that way so that it doesn't make as much of a bulge in the pocket. Different tastes. The pictures on the Ikire Jones squares are totally my cup of tea but I find them challenging to use. Both the silk and wool-silk blends are wonderful quality.
^ Just to be clear, those are Foo fits, not me! And it's going to be 70 in SF this week. I wish we were having a colder winter. So much stuff I'm not wearing.
^ I think the scale of UC's shirt probably works but the lighting is making it look busier than it is (more stark than the actual color, though I could be wrong!). It seems like a larger scale stripe would probably mean having to change the tie. Off white would be interesting, too.   I'm enjoying the nitpicking conversation about UC's fits!   For comparison:    
 Wonderful use of that Cappelli challis. Everything else is so subdued that even though the tie is a bit less formal the total package is coherent. I also like the scale of the stripes of the tie contrasting with the scale of the tie pattern. Grey-green-blue combo = .
New Posts  All Forums: