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 Thanks for daylighting them! They've got some great designs. That Moby Dick print is calling me.
The next time Epaulet does an "Ends for Friends" trouser promotion would be a good time to try out the Rudy cut. More unusual fabrics and lower cost.
 Great point about the seasonality. I hadn't thought about it in those terms. I am not a good summer dresser--I don't have any instinctive sense about dressing that way in MC terms and other than lighter weight fabrics, don't have a lot of truly summery stuff, including chinos in those colors (grey and green only). The light beige Rota are waiting to go to the tailor, but that and the cream that I posted a photo of are about as close as I've got. 
Jorah is so #menswear.     Jorah explained to Tyrion why he wanted to get back to get back to Daenerys: love/awe.   Tyrion's potential value: (1) Revenge, if she just wants to chop his head off. (2) Relatively recent information about the state of things in Westeros. Helpful if you want to invade and conquer a continent. (3) If she let's him speak, she'll find that he's probably a better counselor than her small council of people who've never governed anything....
  (Game of Thrones joke, not a comment on the fit, which is nice!)
 The navy did look better in person.  Fair point. I usually think of charcoal being more like 8. I should try the coat with something more like 6 and 7.
 Lovely. Do you happen to recall which cloth that is?
 I'm glad it was useful. I thought that the Air Force blue/grey, brown, and green trousers were the best. The navy is better in person; the photo looks too stark to me. The greys were a little too low contrast even though ...    ... the jacket is actually light brown in person. Obviously the overall effect is grey-ish because of the pattern, though. (Plus, crap photos.) I think that grey sport coats are fine but difficult to do well. I have one that's easier because it's...
So much easier! It's ridiculous how hard it is to send a wire transfer from the US to most other countries.
New Posts  All Forums: