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^ Also interested to know about this.
I demand an additional sport coat from Formosa gratis to make up for this grave error.
@otterhound Well, here's a bit of a mystery. I'm pretty sure that there's a H&W tag inside the coat, but searching back through my email receipts and the NMWA thread, it appears that it's actually a Fox Flannel. 17-18 oz. Definitely herringbone, but a very subtle pattern that doesn't "band" or "track" at all. It just blends from a distance, which gives it the "char-blue" character that was used to describe it when the GMTO was put together. @gdl203 can probably confirm....
I@JAEBH I'd say the rise of the HY trousers is lower, the legs are a bit slimmer through the thighs, and they're more tapered below the knees. In other words slimmer all around. Definitely still dress trousers appropriate, just slimmer than Panta.
Mike, any chance of getting the Cramerton cloths added to the MTO options so that I can get it in the old Rivet cut? I really like that olive drab.
 Thanks, Pliny! 
Yeah, I think that should be let out a bit at the waist. The lines are still angling up toward the button.
 I could set up a Google doc, but probably not until tomorrow or the weekend. Greg, when do the Inglese pre-orders close?
^ That looked great when Edwin showed it to me and Murl. Took photos of that and another of the bamboo swatches in the book.
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