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 Definitely. I watch it occasionally when flipping channels to see what still works and what doesn't. 
 Stephen Merchant is amazing, but I couldn't watch Hello Ladies. I think Curb works because "Larry David" knows he's not such a great person--sometimes he is, sometimes not. When things go badly for him, he doesn't seem overly affected by it because it's consistent with his view of how the universe works. Bad things happen because people are partly bad, including him. In other similar comedies, the main character is clearly hurt when things go badly for him. And he often...
     Thanks, guys! From straight on, I think it could stand to be taken in at the waist a bit, but I'm going to wear it for a while before deciding. (It's a little looser than the Drapers hopsack and Fox flannel sport coats.) Same with a little bunching under the collar. Overall it's great, though. My wife generally just makes fun of my sartorial hobby, but she really likes it.
   Thanks, gents. And thanks for the thumbs. Stitchy, I'd make a joke about how a 52 is just sitting there in stock, but I know you know and feel it deeply.
^ What he said.
I am intrigued by this Monkey Boot to which you refer ...
I actually can't watch cringe comedy at all so stayed away from Curb for a long time. When I finally started watching it I had no problem, which is I think part of its genius. Larry David is so indifferent to/accepting of the things that happen to him that it turns out not to be cringeworthy at all.
I've got both! I was using the timer but couldn't get the focus right.   [[SPOILER]]
Because I love you guys I tried to get a full-length pic of this yesterday. But my iPhone camera wouldn't focus properly. So this is all I have. Houndstooth again with a Calabrese tie (and Vanda square).  
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