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My turn to ask for travel recommendations. I'll be in Amsterdam for a week at the end of April. I haven't been there in 20+ years (I'm old). If you've been recently and have recommendations for food and sites, I'd appreciate them. I know most of the main tourist attractions and will probably go again since my wife has never been there, so less obvious things that you really enjoyed would be great. Also, just to deal with this up front, we're cafe people, not a coffee shop...
 I like this overall (pencil strip shirt might be a bit a bit formal for a linen suit), but shell boots and a linen suit strike me as a bit incongruous. In the last shot, at a distance, they look OK. I'm curious what others think of the pairing.
I like my tobacco fresco blazersuit, which I've only worn as separates. The color, weave, and weight in combination seem appropriate for a S/S sport coat. Without that combination, though, I agree that it seems like a material better suited to a suit. On the other hand, dieworkwear's houndstooth fresco looked like a good sport coat fabric.  And for the record: 
Yeah, seem like you could wear that with the right shade of green, tobacco brown, light grey ... maybe even purple?
Have you read the thread from the first page?
Find out whether the kimono maker has more of the cloth use for the kimono or obi. Have a piece sent to Vanda to be turned into a pocket square. Wear a traditional wedding tie.
 My pleasure! I had just watched it the other day. After years of people writing about how to do this, it was nice to actually see it. Good loooking new stuff from Pat.
David Hober (and family) made a video on how to repair a pulled/snagged grenadine.    
 Yep. The light in my office was finally right to capture the texture. Great fabric.
No longer on the site, though Exquisite Trimmings might still have it. This one is 9 cm x 148 cm, three-fold, untipped, lightly lined.
New Posts  All Forums: