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@C&A Any suggestions for identifying that fabric in addition to the photo? 
Definitely worth making an appointment to check it out in person and meet the guys. Also, what murl said about the price sheet.
 I think he used whatever program they have, which now that I've looked at it again seems like a bit of a hybrid, so "custom" might be the best description. But I only know what I read on the interwebs.  Just looked at the P Johnsons thread and saw that you already asked about it. Did you dislike all of their work? Seems like different people got different results.
Anyone know the current price of P. Johnson MTM? Phat Guido got really nice results from them.   Might be an option for you, S McF.
 Thanks! I like their MTM stuff a lot. I'm sure I'd like bespoke better, but ... Their MTM program is great because Edwin does the measurements and evaluates the fit. So you get attention from an excellent tailor. You get access to all of their fabric books. And you get to talk styling and tailoring history with Edwin and Matthew. Win-win-win.
 Sure! SC: Steed MTM using Minnis Worsted AlsportShirt: CEGOTie: CappelliSquare: Rubi samurai (Thanks, @davesmith!)Trews: Epaulet Rudy with legs slimmed a quarter inchShoes: Carmina (GMTO via Gentlemens Footwear)
In the photo, your left shoulder looks low. Maybe it was just how you were standing and needing a pressing. You've got the jacket and the shoulders, so I'll take your word for it. But here's what I saw.
^ The latter does make sense. Not that I really know anything but I wonder if dropping one side presents problems for left-right balance and keeping the center line straight.
This also might be the photos, but it looks like they didn't fully address a low left shoulder--I say that because of a bit of crumpling on the left side around the mid-section. Hard to fix without some padding, I imagine. The trousers look great from the front. I think you've said that bow legs are an issue. It seems like they did a good job with that. Nice feel overall!
New Posts  All Forums: