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  Thanks, dudes. It just seemed a bit wonky. I'll get over it! 
 Fair enough. I don't need it perfectly centered, but that one looked wonky.  Black on black on black with the ski mask, that is my crook look
Bigi x 2, from last year. Finally got a better picture of the combo, though I wish the tie dimple hadn't been so askew.  
Yesterday. Wish the dimple in the tie hadn't been so off center.
Forgot to post this one a couple weeks ago.
IMO, the small pindot tie is too formal for the jacket, even if the tie is wool or a blend, which casual-izes it a bit. The pattern still makes it more appropriate for a suit. The same color solid brown wool or cashmere tie would be great. I like the green cardigan with the jacket.
I'll see you in the auctions!   [[SPOILER]]
What size is that Schneider?
It does! Thanks!
 I feel the momentum shifting ...
New Posts  All Forums: