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I put together a survey for another round of GMTO sport coats--three from the previous bunches and one new idea. I got busy and didn't get around to posting it. If Greg is going to start something up, I'll hold off, though.
My pleasure! I would have bought one already but am generally disappointed with the knots that I get from 8 cm ties.
 I thought that thread was a piss-take. No? Check ties (even beyond the shepherd check wedding tie) have a pretty long history, as I understand it. Some tie makers have probably stretched that tradition a bit recently by using jacketing cloths that look like what they are when made into ties. But a check wool tie with appropriate texture, tasteful colors, and a properly scaled pattern can be part of a coherent fit (with or without a human head associated). It remains an...
I'm not Greg, either, but I like this fit of Foo's.  
FW stuff looks great! Those scarves ...  
^ Albert Thurston. Boxcloth and barathea. Exquisite Trimmings has some. There are some deals on eBay. You can also order directly from Albert Thurston.
^ That looks great!
Not at all. I think it's a good compromise.
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