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At this point I treat every "chance of rain" statement as a straight up lie.
Mike, possible to do the MTO shirts as short-sleeved? Those Canclini prints seem like they would be great that way.
Formosa tobacco fresco suits already gone. Dudes are thirsty. Which I understand, since that Caccioppoli sport coat is calling me ...
Gracias muchachos! I'm glad I went for it. This coat is pretty sweet. You actually going to NY for a Formosa fitting Murl? If so I is jelly. I'm hoping to make a trip there align with their schedule some time this year.
I got my Formosa Minnis flannel nipped in the waist a bit but none of my other jackets from them. It might be the way they cut flannel as opposed to other cloth. Or random chance.
No full-length today but some lunar awesomeness.
I don't find that shirt particularly formal.
 Thanks! It's the newer fabric. And it's great!
New Posts  All Forums: