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 I see, my declarative statement that a blue shirt would have better is nonsense but your declarative statement that it's a matter of preference is undeniably sensible.  I don't think that the aesthetics or cultural associations/social context of white shirts are a matter of preference. One can choose to disregard them as a matter of personal preference, and I and others can point out that another choice would have been better and have avoided some degree of incoherence as...
 I'd like you to keep repeating it. A blue shirt would have been better here. The white shirt looks OK in this instance, but it is visually at odds with the rest.
Sorry to bring up a topic that's been beaten to death and that I'm tired of too, but ... Since Sko changed the free shipping option to Fedex Economy, have people in the US been getting hit with customs bills from Fedex? I always get a bill from Fedex for shipments from Europe, never from the USPS. It would actually be cheaper to pay for USPS shipping than to pay the 8.5% duty plus Fedex handling fee.   (That's not intended as a criticism of Sko.Just trying to save a few...
Inglese is narrower in the waist, chest, and shoulders compared to Mazzy. I lift moderately and find Inglese a little close in the chest and shoulders. Not unwearable but a little more room would be better.
It would be amazing if he delivered a RTW shoe at that price. I look forward to hearing the upcharge for MTO for Argentum.
Nice pickups! Which last are the scotchgrain austerity brogues on?
You're probably right, since you've seen it in person. Photos of swatches can be tricky. If it registered as blue, I think it would be a nice FW piece. I dig icy blue like that.
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