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Too late for your dinner but I agree that the darker green tie is better. Even lighter green also probably would have worked. If you hadn't had a darker green knit the original green might have worked with the striped shirt. By making the shirt lighter you could have given the green an impression of being darker. Since you were thinking about it for dinner I was also going to suggest white shirt and black knit. Although that might have suggested going with different...
And to continue beating this long-dead horse, since I don't think this was ever identified, any suggestions for something similar in a summer weight? Maybe slightly larger scale?
Fabric ID?
 Lots of good stuff, but this really enjoyable to me. The PI tie can't be ignored, but everything else is sedate, and the tie is unusual and has enough whimsy that it feels approachable rather than out-of-place or jarring, if that makes sense.
 My favorite of a bunch of great fits. Lots of brown variations (not surprisingly) but all playing well off each other in a way that you don't feel like it's too brown.
^ Ambiguous question on my part. How do you like the Piuma?
Thanks, @FlyingMonkey! Given your post, I actually think it would be great to see the two combinations that you describe, particularly with the Post Imperial ties. How to travel light and stay comfortable tastefully in the summer seems squarely in this thread's wheelhouse. So visual accompaniment, please!  @emptym That's great! Looks super comfortable and relaxed but also just formal enough to go almost anywhere. And that hopsack Formosa. Dude! That thing is...
 I like the colors but don't care for the amoeba, but that's just me. I prefer A8, which is similar. I got a third variation that has the same base but diamond shaped medallions. Not surprisingly, it's my favorite of the three.
 J1 doesn't seem that demanding of the viewer's attention to me, which is why I chose it. YMMV of course.  Here's a close-up of it. It's probably a fabric that could be used as jacketing (maybe it was made as jacketing), but it would be a rustic jacket. And the color is much better for a tie than a jacket. 
I wish that the V were lower on this particular Steed but prefer its drape, buttoning point, and jacket length. The Caraceni is a bit too close in the chest and the line from the chest is too straight. I love the belly on the Caraceni lapels but also enjoy the shape of Steed's as part of the whole.
New Posts  All Forums: