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Less for singular nouns, fewer for plural. But I'm in the camp of those who only care about whether one is understood, except in the most formal writing. Which isn't to say that I don't have my own pet peeves. That/which kind of bugs me. 
Can someone remind me of the sizing for the S&C cardigan jackets? I tried searching but can't seem to find the posts about it. Thanks!
The tie is 9 cm. I have some preferred dimensions that I ask Cappelli to use when making ties for me, but since I also have some if his ties from third parties, it seems like mine are close to his standard.
 I have both as well, have noticed very little stretching, and wouldn't size down.
@cezinho Thanks! The jacket is from Sartoria Formosa via a GMTO with No Man Walks Alone. Yours looks great, too. Where's it from?
 Thanks! Yes, it's a hopsack by Drapers. Very little padding in the shoulder and spalla camicia sleeves (Formosa via NMWA).
Too hot today. 3-fold untipped linen.
I have tweed that needs to be worn!Thanks! Just the angle. My phone tilted a bit more than normal and I didn't feel like taking another pic.
85°F in the Yay Area so summery.
^ Thanks, man! Bolet is a wonderful color. I'm glad the description was helpful. 804 is a great last, but I can report that it's long and has a high instep. (Some photos from the EB thread a few weeks ago showing the difference in length between 804 and 946 were illuminating.) A half size down would have been better. I have a pair of EB's on 946 on order. Fingers crossed that they work in my Rain size.   Update for anyone who looks at this thread. I have some thick...
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