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 Some would even say that you shouldn't button the jacket when wearing a waistcoat.  I'd say the jacket looks a touch snug at the waist even without the waistcoat (from how much the quarters are opening, though that might be posture), but the fit looks good everywhere else.
If there's another round, I'd really like to see a dark bottle green with a pattern like the small scale rust. I wanted to wear such a tie recently, found I didn't have one, and don't see anyone offering a color and pattern mix like that right now.
Henleys!(Also curious about those loopwheel boxer briefs. vvvbj was realer than he knew.)
Someone get David some menudo stat!
I'm returning from some holiday travel that night. Sorry I'll miss you, David, and my fellow #StyFoDudes.
That looks great made up as a DB, Andy!
Sizing help for GRP knits? I'm an M in Inis Meain and V in Schneider.
^ Try 52L in Cantarelli. In my experience the shoulders and chest will work but you'll need to bring in the waist. The length should be good.
 Congrats! Whenever you post a pic with construction in the background I have flashbacks to a kitchen remodel and feel deep sympathy.
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