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 I'd add that Forest is "blobbier" in part because the height of the toe is pretty uniform. The toe of the Robert last tapers down, which I think is more attractive. The fit is similar to Forest, but the toe box and heel are maybe a bit narrower, the instep a bit lower. I'll repeat that I think it's Carmina's most attractive last.
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I have a Harris tweed with patch flap. I don't think of the pockets as being bulky.
 And yet you always seem to have a photo of cloths that people mention!  I confess to joining the pre-order for the Formosa version.
Also, @dieworkwear please upload your repository of swatch photos somewhere!     ETA: Flapped patch is always right for a tweed like that. But plain patch looks nicer to me for a jacket that's actually going to be worn in the city.
   NMWA is also having it made by Formosa for this F/W. Greg had some pics. 
Speaking of tie dimensions ... Kirby, can you tell me what the dimensions of this one are? Under size, the site just says, "<3.5." Thanks!  
And as further supplement. When I ordered this jacket, I thought of it as being a bit more F/W. Now that I've had it a while, it seems to work year-round. Here with shantung and habotai silk. But it also showed up in the F/W 10/5 thread with madder and cashmere.  
 These are my two favorites from Coxsackie. So restrained! Both have nice palettes and textures. I might have gone squareness with the second or used something simple with cream or something like Pliny above, but this one works.
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