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Thanks, man!My take on the length of jcmeyer's jacket: I can't tell. To my eye, the slimness of the jacket, relatively greater fullness of the trousers around the thighs, and taper below the knee create three different volumes that make it difficult to evaluate the length of the jacket. I'd like to see either more fullness in the jacket (esp through the chest) and less taper below the knee or the trousers slimmed above the knee. Personal preference would be the former....
^ On the ET site, in the size field, there's an arrow that let's you select different widths, but it's easy to miss, since there's often only one size.
 Great jacket.  Nice suit. It's gonna be hot today. Exquisite Trimmings sometimes stocks both 9 cm and 8 cm width Drake's. A Suitable Wardrobe used to, but with 62" length. Otherwise I think you're looking at custom from them.
Thanks! Vanda. Not sure if they still have it.
Took this yesterday and thought I'd share the jacket even though cream shirt! no tie! and no square!
Wore this today.
I'd articulate it as different kinds of casualness. Shell casual to me leans toward workwear. Linen casual leans toward leisure. I could see boots with linen but they would have to be something more leisure-ish.
 Just read @NickPollica's comment that SP nailed the shoulders. I'm looking forward to trying these jackets on. Also, yeah, grey birdseye Formosa!  Might also have to get that Moon gunclub.
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