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New stuff looks great, Murl! I really wanted that Inglese, but they're not a great fit for me. The collar of the 16/41 that I got was a bit big and the chest a bit snug. I'm holding on to it because it's such a beautiful shirt, but I'm resisting getting any more.   What square is that, Stitches?
@mrjester I think you could do a white shirt with that tie, but you'd have to wear a different suit--something more summery, like a lighter blue linen. Even then, I think the color of the tie just doesn't work with white. Everyone seems to hate hearing it, but light blue would be better. I think cream might work. Also a brown stripe like this would be good.  
In case anyone is looking for a rust tie for fall. I just received one yesterday from this seller. Is nice.    
What's the timeframe for a restock of the brown French calf service boots?   Those CXL look great, too!
 I have Macclesfield #121 and like it a lot. 
I didn't really think about burgundy, but I agree that it would work. The suit reads a bit light in person, and the fit overall felt very "spring," so I went with mahogany shoes to maintain the feel of brightness. But it was a toss-up between them and a pair of dark oak, so I can't argue with you. Thanks for the input!
 People keep trying to buy my sweater drinks. I'm like, "My eyes are up here!" 
Inis Meain linen pub jacket MTO
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