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 I can't be expected to think about ordering a raincoat in the middle of a drought that might never end. But now there's rain and I need a raincoat.  Have you seen the swatches yet? Anything similar to the hopsack on offer?
  Was looking forward to ordering something in the green hopsack.
It's not. What's important is those stingray belts! Also, going to miss the open house on Sunday by a couple hours.
Thanks! I owe you a PM.I agree there are a number of ways to look at the shirt collar that would have resulted in different lines. That's how my eye is drawn though. The slope of the second collar that I see isn't as pleasant to me as the first. The first does perhaps convey a bit more formality with the angles and parallelism. But I don't find the same collar when worn with a sport coat and more casual elements to seem unapproachably formal. The second collar could be...
@TweedyProf This isn't prescriptive or particularly technical. I just think that the collar and lapel lines in the first photo below look nicer than those in the second.    
I'm with Butchy on this one. I get what Booth is going for and a bespoke sport coat will be fine for those purposes. It will look like .... a black sport coat.
^ Since there aren't great RTW waistcoat options, that seems like a good use of some bespoke funds to me. But a cummerbund would certainly work.   Is the Armoury tux Orazio?
@Newcomer Just offering as an alternative: get a RTW Formosa or Eidos tux, have Chris make you a matching waistcoat, and put the "savings" of buying a RTW tux toward your next jacket commission from Chris.
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