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Nice! But when can we get ostrich and gator belts?
Smith Blue Riband SW5806, for anyone interested in how it looks made up.
Serious business today.
Sorry, I meant is there a way to identify that fabric for Patrizio in addition to the picture? Sometimes my meaning seems to get lost in translation when I email him (and photos don't get delivered).
Definitely Manton.
PG's pants don't look like that, so it must be possible for them to do. If you walked in wearing a pair that you like and pictures of PG's, and told them to make the pants similar to those, it seems like they should be able to produce something less jegging-like. But maybe not. 
@C&A Any suggestions for identifying that fabric in addition to the photo? 
Definitely worth making an appointment to check it out in person and meet the guys. Also, what murl said about the price sheet.
 I think he used whatever program they have, which now that I've looked at it again seems like a bit of a hybrid, so "custom" might be the best description. But I only know what I read on the interwebs.  Just looked at the P Johnsons thread and saw that you already asked about it. Did you dislike all of their work? Seems like different people got different results.
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