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I noticed the Best Fit module earlier this week. Will it eventually tie in to previous purchases so that it can make recommendations based on them?
   Thanks, gents! I really like the design of that adelaide.
Sage Geo PS.
River II austerity brogues, antic cognac, U-last.  
I was really hoping one of these two would make the cut. Others interested?    
Wednesday and Thursday.
 I'd say U is more like Simpson. Not sure if these really help, but here they are.  [[SPOILER]]    [[SPOILER]]
^ What I was going to say. Also the stripes are a bit wider. In combination, it pushes the shirt more toward the casual spectrum, resulting in some incoherence between it and the suit. I think EliodA did the right thing in trying to make the tie subdued, but it couldn't tone down the overall effect of the fit enough. Compare it with this shirt, for example. (All said with the caveat that I'm still figuring this stuff out myself.)  
Yes, those do seem to be two different ties. I also have this Cappelli, however. The dots are grey, and the flowers are greyish-pink. I think it's fine with either a white or blue shirt, as would be the one in your photo. Here's an example with white (crummy light in my office that day). 
^ Interesting. I wonder if the pink was a result of the camera or other colors nearby when the other photos were taken. I won't be disappointed if the lighter flowers are a bit pink, but I was expecting more of an ecru. I'll report back when I have it in hand!
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