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I meant to follow up about the Kylnadrochit tweed. What weight did you have in mind? Is the shade of green in the book pretty close to what you'd try to achieve? I like that a lot. 
Thanks, Don!
As long as it's not shell, Alden shouldn't take too long. If it's shell, you're doomed. 
 I hadn't read the NYT article, but when the dust-up with Trump happened was directed to this old Weekly Standard article, which also talks about Stone's sartorial habits. It seems to be a common theme in profiles of him. http://m.weeklystandard.com/Content/Public/Articles/000/000/014/278vjcro.asp Edit: It's amusing that the NYT describes him as "not afraid of playing rough." 
^ Nice! Long wait to December. 
I've bee thinking I need to carve out some time to look at books online so that I can fill some holes via MTO from Ed. Perhaps I should just tell him what I'm looking for and see what he has lying around. 
 I hate debating aesthetics on the internet, since it rarely goes anywhere useful. Suffice it to say that I'll stick with my original statement that the white shirt in that fit looked OK but a blue shirt would have looked better. I'm not sure I fully understand your other argument. Is it that men wearing suits initially only wore white shirts because there was no other option, and if there was no other option there can't be any association of formality with them? I can't...
Nice! What's the fabric?
 I see, my declarative statement that a blue shirt would have better is nonsense but your declarative statement that it's a matter of preference is undeniably sensible.  I don't think that the aesthetics or cultural associations/social context of white shirts are a matter of preference. One can choose to disregard them as a matter of personal preference, and I and others can point out that another choice would have been better and have avoided some degree of incoherence as...
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