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Then there's a Rubi purchase in my immediate future.
^^ Thanks! I'm sorry that I missed the navy version of the tie. I'm sure it's spectacular.
Calabrese and Mazzy. Unseen: AS brown balmorals from NMWA and Farnese belt.
Yeah, I meant add above that the folks at SkoAB should get major kudos for the u-cap boot design. Of course Sr. Albaladejo should get a ton of credit too. It's a wonderful concept. Great work all around.
Thanks, guys! The boots are great. I think a version in burnished natur marron or burnished burgundy would be pretty great. This boot seems really dressy to me. The broguing gives it all the character it needs, so simple leather choices seem most complementary.
 Navy with a faint POW pattern. Thanks! 
I've been having some issues with my iPhone's focus. Wish these were clearer. No qualifications about the boots. They're .
Not happy with the square puff, but I like how this color combo came out.
 I was supposed to be on the email list and didn't get anything, so perhaps  9.5UK didn't show up. Thanks!
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