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 It me.
Sadly, I'll be traveling next week. Sorry, StyleFriends!   Please report back whether the folks at SS try to put all SF members into suits and jackets that are (at least) a size too small and possibly a size too short. 
 There was a useful recurring sub-discussion in the Good Taste Thread about turquoise/teal ties. I think that looks OK, but the issue is probably the tie itself, which appears quite saturated. Lighter grey, as suggested a few posts up, could possibly work, but it seems to me that the darker grey  helps tonedown the tie. Two other ideas are a brown glenplaid. The brown would balance the teal. The other thought is that even though it's a neat, it might be better paired with...
A little late on this but I enjoy both straight and a bit of belly. As long as the other elements are coherent, some belly gives the lapels an organic and flowing feel. They're softer and can create a sense of approachability. Straight can feel a little more aggressive, like they're drawing a line. Other elements of soft Italian tailoring offset that but it's an impression that I've gotten from straight cut lapels where there are a lot of visually hard straight lines...
 I think I understood generally what you were looking for. I guess I should have been clearer myself: my general impression is that people have been dissatisfied with the custom makers at that price level because the results have been poor by any standard, not by SF's standards. There are mistakes in the measurements or mistakes in how the measurements taken are translated into a cut garment. The jackets come back too short or too big or tight in weird places or with major...
Don't put your cat in the boot. 
My general impression from reading past threads about the lower cost custom options is that few if any were satisfied with the results. If you don't need the suit immediately, it might be better to save a bit longer so that you can raise the top of your price range to $800-900. At that price, you'd probably be able to use Kent Wang, who has a physical presence in NYC and is known to produce results in the acceptable to very good range. I would be very surprised if anyone...
 I'd add that Forest is "blobbier" in part because the height of the toe is pretty uniform. The toe of the Robert last tapers down, which I think is more attractive. The fit is similar to Forest, but the toe box and heel are maybe a bit narrower, the instep a bit lower. I'll repeat that I think it's Carmina's most attractive last.
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I have a Harris tweed with patch flap. I don't think of the pockets as being bulky.
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