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   Finally had a chance to wash the shirt and try it on post (potential) initial shrinkage. The fabric remains outstanding. Wonderfully soft but breathable despite being flannel. The sleeves are a bit long but I decided to move the buttons rather than have a tailor shorten them. As I was taking care of that, my wife noticed the collar and asked me about it. She thought it was great and wondered why all men's shirts aren't made that way. (I explained how it couldn't take a...
 +1 for the Ich_Dien praise. Thanks for the mention of my Carmina boots! Winter is here, my dudes. You need some CXL boots.
   I'll ping Michael to check. Thanks! The blue PoW looks really good. I wish it were about 3 oz lighter though!
 I agree completely. I thought it would just be a nice fresco-like navy. But then I unpacked it and held it up to the light and saw all of the mottling emerge. Great job by Minnis to create such subtle visual interest.
 I wonder how dark the green is on that one. Probably lighter than I'm looking for, but that's really nice. 
 Nice! Is this from kolecho's recent run? I had NMWA x. Formosa make it up. Sitting in my closet for warm weather and now really looking forward to it.
Forgot about the closing of the Sicilian Tweed window and regretting it. I hope that there will be some extra or someone decides to sell theirs.
SOLD   I've decided to part with these Epaulet X Carmina CXL boots. Sometimes 10UK on the Forest last works for me, sometimes not. This is one of the times that it didn't. I've finally had to accept that they're too big for me and make them available to someone who can give them the use they deserve.   As you can see from the photo of the soles, these have lots of life left in them. These boots are ready to see you through the worst of this winter and many to...
i'm pretty sure it's both.
I believe it's still the case that new US customers can't order directly from Vass, No Man Walks Alone, Notch/Jeeves Store, and Ascot Shoes are options for ordering MTO. If you're not in the US, you should be able to order directly from them unless they also have exclusive arrangements with retailers in your country.
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