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I heard that you like it, the houndstooth flannel. (With Mazzy, Bigi, and Drake's.)
Felt the same way when I saw this round go up. Then I thought, "Hey, I've got some great pants!"
That suit is awesome but ...
Sean Connery just heard you all suggest that the notch lapels on his flannel chalk stripe suit weren't awesome enough.     Also, listen to Greg. Greg is wise.
Don't peaked lapels on a single-breasted suit really call for one button, though? I feel like a notch lapel would contribute to making it seem less dandy-ish and costumey.
It was a cold but hilarious joke.   Enjoying some Panta pents today!  
Must be hatchgrain day!
Yeah, block stripes or widely spaced stripes that differ in thickness from the checks of the jacket. Or if the stripes are a similar width they have to be a contrasting color. And then get the colors right overall. Block stripes seem like the easier way to go.
What are you saying about my FOX FLANNELSC? Are we definitely going to enjoy the cool embrace of the Moonbeam or is it still uncertain?
New Posts  All Forums: