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No longer on the site, though Exquisite Trimmings might still have it. This one is 9 cm x 148 cm, three-fold, untipped, lightly lined.
Thanks! I see what you're saying but I that might have been too much contrast between shirt and tie. I think the blue shirt created a more subdued feel, which is what I was going for.
Listen to @Coxsackie and @gdl203. Carve out a couple of days for Kyoto and stay in a ryokan. In addition to what's been listed, if you like ceramics, Kyoto has an amazing raku museum. Also, it's been quite a while since I was there, but I believe that there are a couple of indigo dyeing houses in Kyoto if you want to check out some hand-dyed textiles. Kyoto also has at least a couple antique flea markets at temples/shrines. Should be easy to track down the info. Lots of...
 I wish that green one were spaced like the navy one in the middle. Good stuff though. Digging that green one. Thanks for posting!
That Kobe photo shoot remains one of my favorite things ever.
 I forgot that I had pinned this photo, courtesy of @jrd617. Today I'm feeling the 16 oz Lesser 29650.     Joking aside, with the Pinterest browser plugin, it really is easy to create and organize boards of things like cloth, shoes, etc. The mobile app also has hooks in the sharing menu in iOS, so you can add stuff while browsing on your phone as well.
The limiting factor here is the size of your group. It's hard to find a place that will take a reservation for that many. All of my recommendations are based around that. If the group were smaller there would be more options.   I think you should all just go to El Farolito or La Taqueria, stand in line, and get burritos. I expect that most of the group will never have had a good burrito. They shouldn't be deprived. Then you can head over to Dandelion to try some locally...
I'm pretty sure custom Bigi was an option at the NMWA trunk shows.
New Posts  All Forums: