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^ Two more days. Join us!
 As I understand it, if you weren't a US customer before NMWA became a retailer, you can no longer order directly from Vass. That isn't stated on their website, but I assume that they would politely decline your order. You can order MTO through NMWA or one of the other sources. Vass is a great option for getting shoes in different sizes, though. I order a quarter size smaller for my left foot. It's not a problem at all.
Is the shirt grey or is that just the lighting?
Is that Willow or regular Country Calf. Cool pair of boots!
In. (Assuming no changes in schedule.)   Thanks for organizing, Gus!
 If you included MTM, I'd put in some time helping people. I go back and read old threads pretty regularly because what I found helpful about that generation of posters was explaining and arguing over "rules" combined with a lot of thoughtfulness about using the bespoke process to produce a desired outcome in terms of fit, style, fabric selection, social context and history, and overall "feel." The increase in online and in-person MTM has made a version of that available...
My office gets a lot of direct sunlight all year. 16 oz anything can become challenging on a sunny winter day--last "winter" in particular. I've held off on some things waiting to see whether we get back to more normal weather. But generally, yeah, 15/16 is wearable around here. 
15/16 oz would probably be OK as long as I got it quarter-lined. A little lighter might be better, but I assumed you were going for something a bit traditional, which I think would be cool. I might just not get a ton of use out of it. Although it kind of depends on whether we ever get Bay Area winter again or just summer forever.
 I think the Moonbeams are helpful because to my eye some work and some don't. The ones that work have the right mix of texture, color combinations, and width of the lines of the check relative to the size of the box. The double windowpane examples are also a little more visually interesting. When they don't work, I usually think that it's because the color of the check is off relative to the base and the lines of the box are too wide relative to the size of the box. But...
New Posts  All Forums: