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^ Thanks, Leaves. So it doesn't look like this?  
 Kopped. There's a bonus for actually buying something on your list, right? Schneider stuff does look great. Dat hooded grey jacket ... 
 In case you didn't see this in the Epaulet thread. 
You said that earlier, didn't you. Clearly, today is not my day for reading comprehension. You rock.
^ Also the blue hopsack. I'm waiting on that one.   At some point, I'll probably make a push to see if there's enough interest in getting one of these two made.    
Oops. I just meant the swatches. It helps me to see both the scans and a photo.
 Mike, could you snap some quick iPhone pics of those? Muchas gracias.
Are the Petrol Butteros dark blue or essentially black? it's hard to tell from the photos. Thanks!
Catching up on the thread. That's excellent.
  I'll just leave this here for you to think about.    Me too, but I think 3 works with the rest of the lines. Hope you'll join us!      Totally insane. We're here to enable help you with your sizing.  Excellent news.  It is too hard to pass up. Surrender now.  
New Posts  All Forums: