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 And I'm a 10.5D US (on the narrow/low volume side) and wear 43.5 in F. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'd like someone to define sleekness with regard to shoe lasts. I genuinely don't know what people are referring to when they use that term, in part because I think that different people use it to mean different things. Which maybe means that no one can offer a useful definition. #selfdefeat
If you're still looking give Orinda Shoe Service a call. I haven't had them install toe taps but they seem to be pretty competent and comprehensive.
If you need navy, get navy. But now you know the fit is excellent.   Just as a sizing reference: I'm 50 in Formosa and would be 52 in Eidos but it doesn't work for other reasons.
Yeah, that's a keeper, Murl.
Received a loopwheel T today (and some Carmina trees from the Instagram sale). Feels really nice!
I got mine in CA on Friday or Saturday.
^ That's pretty much the conclusion I've reached and why I've joined a number of the GMTO's. The value proposition is pretty high, as long as the fit works.
 6, but the Moonbeam version is better. Too bad they don't have that.
^ Awesome.
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