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Anyone got a recommendation for a place to pick up Inis Meain-like (or other good) knitwear in Amsterdam? It's a bit chillier than expected here!
I was planning to email you!Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Lots of good stuff.
Any suggestions for a lightweight green windowpane or check jacketing? could be all wool or combo of wool/silk/linen. I've found a few online that I like but the forum usually has suggestions I hadn't thought of.
Some of the blurred artwork: http://www.jacob-weinstein.com/shop/print-freedarko-style-guide-tim-duncan http://www.jacob-weinstein.com/shop/print-freedarko-style-guide-lebron-james I'm not trying to hide it. It's just kind of distracting in the photos.
Picked these up with leather soles from Carmina's Paris store a few years ago. They get a lot of wear.
Either 147 or 150 is OK by me. I usually do 148 on custom stuff.
 Smart kid. Welcome back. Looking forward to stopping by on a Saturday when I'm down there.
 Or a less saturated blue stripe. Still looks good though!
Take a look at Defino Maremma. It might be a bit lighter but it's a great fabric.  
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