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In Berkeley, there's Advanced European Tailoring and Uni Tailor. I've only used the former, but others have had good things to say about Uni Tailor. Zoltan at Advanced European Tailoring is a really nice and conscientious guy who can do all of the work that you listed.
Thought I'd try a little robo today.
I tried that but the bulk reduction wasn't worth the amount of time spent explaining to HR that it's a totally legit way to deal with a too-long tie.
^ Into your trousers. I've done it a few times but find it a little annoying.
I'm pretty pleased with how these came out. Thanks to Steve and the other GMTO participants!
Unusual fabric on that jacket. I like! What is it?
I have that brown Vanda challis and it's pretty great.   Regarding fit, there's the thread on how trousers should fit. There's also this archived article by Manton: https://web.archive.org/web/20090204180928/http://www.ctda.com/newsite/why-2.htm. Unfortunately, it doesn't have photos like the Coherent Combos or trouser fit threads. It does have a useful verbal description of fit, however.
 I sized up and had the waist and seat taken in. The fit ends up being a bit roomier but I'm starting to prefer that anyway.
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