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X-post from the FU Jacket Challenge. FF tweed from last spring(?).
Snuff suede wingtips via Farfetch.
I think that some of it is the result of friction while the shoes are in transit (e.g. the spot on the side of the shoe). But take a look at the photo of the tongue. That's just the laces rubbing against the leather, which would happen regardless of shipping.
Figured I'd try this question here: does anyone make a dress sock with athletic sock thickness and a wool blend. I think I saw that Smartwool does, but reviews were mixed.
I'd say Olfe in 5.5. It fits similar to Rain.
Hatchgrain chukkas on Simpson. First wear. I probably should have gone down a half from my normal Simpson size to account for my narrow feet a low instep, but they fit pretty well with thick socks. I've also included a couple spoilered photos that show the finishing issues with hatchgrain. I'll have to see what happen after I apply some polish. [[SPOILER]]
There's a pair on the slow UPS truck to me right now. I like the balmoral stitching and the shape. Fingers crossed that they fit.
UPS to the west coast is soooooo sloooooow.
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