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 The one in the photo of the sharkskin suit is Villa Lucia, but yes, Rubi. I like those Drake's squares and plan to get one some time before they're sold out everywhere.
^ EliodA gets it.
Steed MTM, yes. And thanks!   In this case, the collar points are just a little bit short, so they don't always stay under my lapels. I should just send the shirt off to Spoo and replace, but I wash it, put it back in my closet, and forget about the collar until I put it on again. These posts might be a subconscious attempt at forcing myself to remember.
Fabric is Dugdale (DP 3517), for anyone interested. It's a pretty light grey, but I'm happy with it. (It's somewhat similar to LL Mistral, which I know because Edwin and Matthew DeBoise had a jacket made up with the Mistral when they were tweaking the suit. They brought out the jacket for comparison.)   The tie is Cappelli.   Somewhat rhetorical for the thread: Do you have things in your closet that annoy you, but then you forget why they annoy you until you wear them...
I know a rising high school senior who would be perfect for that internship. Alas, timing!
Wish they were a half size larger. GLWS.
I went with dark brown shoes and no belt (braces instead). I considered black and oxblood but decided that I wanted to wear the oxblood shoes tomorrow. I do think that burgundy shoes, burgundy belt, burgundy tie could be a bit matchy. I think that you avoid it with complementary shades of the same color. It's not that much different from the problem of brown tie -> brown belt -> brown shoes. So, tomorrow, I might wear a burgundy grenadine, oxblood shoes, and a belt in a...
I have an untipped 3(?)-fold ET challis that's very nice. It's light but different from Vanda. I hadn't really thought about a direct comparison, so if no one else chimes in, I'll see if I can figure out what I think is different. 
New Posts  All Forums: