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Since buttonholes done locally won't match the ones done by Formosa, I just have the buttons attached.
Agree on all points. I would guess those are G&G vintage cherry. I have the same shoes. They're great but I wouldn't wear them with a suit.
Cappelli seems like the best bet for such a brown cashmere tie, since he has a number of shades. Exquisite Trimmings might have a few Cappellis or his own custom ties along those lines. NMWA has a mid-brown cashmere from Calabrese.
Just burgundy adelaides or all adelaides? I think of black and brown adelaides as being about as formal as semi-brogues or brogued balmorals (like G&G Westminster) and worsted appropriate.
Assuming the Ullswater-like pair below is from Bonafe, does anyone know the model number? @Leaves @Skoaktiebolaget  
I'm fond of this patterned trouser combo.  
  Sorry if it seemed like I was implying poor manners or similar with my original post. Not my intent at all. I figured you and Stitches were cool.
I had asked Gabriel about the WeTransfer link. The new folders work for me. Thanks! Edit: @Leaves I just looked through the new photos. Does Bonafe have a model like the EG Ullswater? I thought I saw it in the WeTransfer photos but can't find it again.
It's been a while since I got that square, probably from A Suitable Wardrobe or Exquisite Trimmings. It's a Drakes wool/silk blend. Since they seem to re-issue patterns very few years we might see it again this fall/winter. I can't think of anything in a similar brown that I've seen recently. If I do I'll let you know.
That genuinely means a lot coming from you. Thanks! I appreciate everyone else's kind words as well. It seems to me that the WAYT thread only irregularly generates substantive conversation about fits. I would conjecture that it largely has to do with a form of politeness. It's not a thread that has a convention of critique and positive reaction beyond thumbs seems to depend on individual reactions and relationships. To use myself as an example, I hesitated to make any...
New Posts  All Forums: