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Interesting news about the changes around and to the shoulder. It sounds like they might address the problem that I had. Will they be incorporated into the NMWA pattern? F/W or S/S?
 The stripes of the suit are too close together and too thin for my taste. I'd consider selling it and replacing it with wider spaced chalk stripes. The iteration you went with was better.  Wait, what? No striped ties with business suits? Do furners really not do that? Hadn't heard or noticed that one before.  But the good sense to adopt a parliamentary system, rather than perilous presidentialism.
 An accurate summary of the week, and it's only Wednesday.
Yes and yes. Galosh bals. Antic cognac.
Funky Scottish windowpane tweed?
 People don't know what's good. This is good. 
Tree needs canopy extension, besom bark, and cuffed roots.
That seems right, and I appreciate the conversation, but really I just need that Kylnadrochit tweed, man.
Yes, I should just email Antonio, but does anyone know whether the new website means that he can take a credit card for handwelted Argentum MTO/MTM orders?
New Posts  All Forums: