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 Wore my Moonbeam yesterday too! Such a great cloth.
 Those Bloomies cables really make trying clothes on a lot of fun. But their code plus markdowns have me thinking I might try an Eidos dress shirt.
 I'm with you on brown ties. The Vanda is high on my list for my next order from them. Those new linen and linen blend ties from @Sam Hober are wonderful. Everyone pining for the plum rough silk should probably just get the plum linen number. These are the other brown ties at the top of my list at the moment (both Bigi from NMWA). 
Block stripes +1.
 1. gdl's Definitive This is Why Navy Odd Trousers are Good (flannel or worsted). 2. Olive flannel sounds interesting. 3. Copper flannel or lightweight tweed. 4. Air Force/RAF Blue/Grey flannel or worsted. 5. Large scale houndstooth flannel like this:  Also, I received the Sherry Tweed check jacket yesterday. The team at NMWA that picked the fabric did an outstanding job. 
Probably but who cares. It looked good. It was just some major seasonal contrast.
 Suit looks great, and I like the shirt and tie colors with it but ... is that a wool tie with a linen suit? 
 Thanks! As we discussed, it's not something that I think I'll wear a lot, but it's a nice piece to have for summer and transition into fall. Thanks, @ThinkDerm! One of my favorites.
I just bought a confetti tie AMA.
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