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It appears at least that Carmina only offers model 10080 on Simpson. Although I like the last a lot, I know it doesn't work for a lot of guys. If it were an existing model on Rain, I would have proposed doing the GMTO on Rain. Sorry, dudes! (But not so sorry, since Simpson is a great last! )
Formosa. Minnis. Houndstooth. Flannel.
Recommendations for mid-grey suiting? 11-12 oz. I'm open to sharkskin, nailhead, maybe even hopsack. Something interesting with a bit of texture but business appropriate. Thanks!
Edit: Tie looks strangely dark on my computer screen. Darker than on my phone. It's supposed to be dark brown. Whatevs, as the kids say.
Apologies for the poor quality of the photo. I didn't have time to do this in natural light. I edited the photo to highlight the issue in which I'm most interested. This is the jacket from a MTM suit. I'm wondering if the amount of rippling across the back is within the acceptable range or if it needs corrections. I'm assuming that the bunching in the back of the arms is the result of my posture for the photo or something else since it doesn't show up in a mirror. If one...
Full-length Vox NSM.  
This remains my favorite use of a red striped shirt. Foo loved it in the Good Taste Thread, and I included his comments below. What I particularly liked about it was the coherent approach to making a formal suit slightly more casual while retaining a sense of "dressiness." It achieves the "casualization" through a single color and a single texture (the crunchy tie). By using a simple approach to introducing casual elements, the fit retains a sense of formality because we...
For those of you who don't follow the Gentlemen's Footwear thread, I proposed doing a GMTO of Carmina model 10080 in burgundy museum calf. It's a three-eye derby on the Simpson last. According to Steve at GF, five people are interested, so we just need one more to make this happen. I think it will be a brilliant shoe. Pictures of the model and a sample of the burgundy museum calf below. PM @steveyoo1983 if you want to join us! 
^ Sweet! I'm going to cross-post to the Carmina thread.
Any chance you'll do the Mayfair buckle in stainless?
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