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 I suspect a solid shirt would have made it more CBD than you wanted, so stripes seems right to me.
A) In the context of this thread, no. Soft white or cream only. It's addressed somewhere in the thread.B) I think so. As, Sander said, navy would be a good choice. Other options: a different shade of grey ( other than the suit) and some greens. If you changed the shirt to blue (it looks white) you could also do brown.
Because you're a StyFoDude, StyFoDude.  More seriously, I would think that you'd at least want two--one with leather soles and one with Dainite or Topy for wet weather. 
^ See you there! (Though I'd like to see more photos and get more details.)
 Navy odd trousers are serious business.
@jamie411 I'll measure a pair this weekend and let you know.
^ I agree that the Caccioppoli is basically perfect for a true navy in that weight range.
3. Foster & Sons   10. Vera Wang
 Thanks, man! Usually R, but sometimes L. Here's Murl's guide: http://www.styleforum.net/t/518491/how-to-press-your-trousers-the-murl-way/0_50.
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