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Depending on which shade of tobacco it is, you might want to give this one a look. I have a couple of the calf tubo belts, and they're really nice. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/accessories/belts/ruggine-tan-suede-tubo-tubular-dress-belt.html 
I think the hidden buttondown is too inform for a navy pinstripe suit and tie, even the knit. If you want to wear the shirt with the suit, do like Nick and skip the tie. And in the latter case, the loafers would work fine. Otherwise, captoes all the way with that suit.
It's a great square, but I don't think it's optimal here. The KW Egyptian square might have worked better. I also hate to say it, but that seems like a good place for a cream silk square.  And I'm probably in the minority, but the white shirt seems off to me for the rest of the fit. I like the tie, coat, trousers combo though. Best use of the coat yet.
That Formosa looks so much better that, to echo Murl, you're out of your mind if you just go by how it feels putting it on.
The thread speaks, I listen.     This week's fits which have the taste that is good.   1. (Bad light. Did what I could to adjust.)   2.  (Kind of DTO'ing a gdl fit from early in the thread.)   3.
Green slanted medallions pocket square.
Cool. Looks like they did more work on the finish of the boots (can't remember if Epaulet described them as hand burnished, but it kind of looks like that). It suits them. Nice pick up!
Old new wife will be on B&S shortly. Or sent to Spoo.
 Thanks! Coincidentally in light of the conversation in the good taste thread, I wasn't sure about the square. The tie is Hober, the shoes Foster & Son (by EG).  That would be some EXTREME! pagoda. I particularly like your fit with the tiger square.
New Posts  All Forums: