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 Thanks! That's the mid-grey Fresco.
 Thanks! I liked your fit yesterday and was inspired to do grey suit and green tie today.  Cappelli (9cm x 148cm, standard 3-fold). And thank you!  Thanks! It's a suit from Formosa via NMWA. (Caccioppoli wool-silk blend.)
Caccioppoli wool-silk POW. It's silky!
DTO'ing ... someone. I actually can't remember who.
@Epaulet Mike, is the EFF shirting window closed? I have a couple in my cart but suspect it ended already. Just wanted to check. Thanks!   The jodhpur looks good!
 I can only speak to the hot weather we had in the Bay Area last year, which isn't really hot or humid. I thought it was comfortable and breathed pretty well.
Thanks, gents. I think the Smith Riband turned out really nicely. I was a little apprehensive about the small scale of the herringbone, but it's a beautiful fabric, and the visual texture is great.   I PM'd sacafotos, but I agree that he's probably looking for this from Drapers Seta e Lino (with credit to Greg/NMWA for the photos):      
LOL. Such rude animals!
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