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Another version of the LL city gunclub. I don't love this fabric but it seems a bit more subdued here. (From Musella Dembech.) http://www.styleforum.net/t/306802/atelier-musella-dembech-master-tailor-in-milano-italy-official-affiliate-thread/100_50#post_6328916
That's a combo I've considered myself, although probably as a OE II bal boot, rather than a Valway, and HAF. But then I don't have real winter. Enjoy!
Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. In particular, I asked for the (seemingly less common) rounded u-cap but wasn't sure what the charming result would be. They're about how I imagined them. I'm most interested to see how the gold museum looks in person, since photos vary quite a bit.
@heldentenor I agree but I think "tribute" is an important part of that characterization. They're also very Internet aware and on-trend for the igent. 9cm ties are only a small fraction of what they offer through their own webstore, and few retailers order their ties in that width. Maybe I'm wrong but I think that 7cm have actually been increasing in number in their own store. @smoothie1 I was surprised to hear half-canvassed as well, but then when I looked at the absence...
I really liked the Miyake pieces as well. The feathering portion of the show was also great. Reminded me of a recent show of Hawaiian feather work at the De Young in San Francisco. Feather capes probably the coolest thing in clothing ever.
Stopped into the Drake's pop-up this afternoon. The staff was very nice and easily discussed their products. They said that business had been good so far. A permanent outpost is a possibility. They had a nice sampling of ties, squares, scarves, shirts, sport coats, sweaters, and other products. All of the ties are 7cm or 8cm. I asked about 9cm. The reaction from the staff was interesting--strongly suggesting that they view that width as "classical," which I took as...
^ It's subdued. Visible, but subdued. Overall it has a green-brown cast, but unless you're looking for it, you wouldn't necessarily notice a particular green element.
Saw the made-up jackets at NMWA HQ today. Came out fantastic.
Seconded. Just went this afternoon. (The architectural models from the early Americas was also a nice little show.) It seems like The Met has done one fashion or textile show annually for several years. They're always interesting shows but also verge on advertising, which is itself an interesting phenomenon. I always check the corporate sponsors. This year Apple and Conde Nast were the two primary benefactors.
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