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 Thanks. I have a white linen square but don't use it much. I don't think it's always the right solution, as is often suggested on SF. I believe it was Greg who wrote early in this thread that a white linen square implies a degree of formality that isn't always desirable, with which I agree. I also don't necessarily think that it would have been complementary of a few of the fits that I posted. But I will think about it more. I also just disagree with your characterization...
Email Betty at Carmina and ask her if it would be possible to get a replacement string.
Quarter-lined is OK by me.
Sounds good to me. Probably half-lined though.
These would be the ones to start with from Epaulet.  
^  Sorry to hear about the knee. Hope it turns out to be minor.
I appreciate the feedback, everyone. It's interesting and instructive that a grey pocket square elicited the most criticism, but as a result of the comments, I'll think about how I use it in the future. Since some of you wondered, it's the same square in 1 and 3. It's two shades of grey with a maroon hexagon in the middle. The fold is something I saw one of the Italian maestros do (can't remember which). It involves wrapping the square around itself and is kind of like a...
I'm still in for the fresco sport coat.
^ Yeah, those F/W offerings are strong. I foresee grabbing several of those.
I feel good about these fits and welcome feedback about how to make them even better. I'll try five more next week.   1.      2.      3.      4.    5. 
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