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^ Shoulders and length look pretty good. It appears in the photo that there's bunching at your lower back, which could possibly be addressed by letting the waist out. It also looks like you have a low right shoulder, which is causing a bit of crumpling on that side. I have the same problem. A little more looseness around the waist might relax that a bit and look better overall, IMO. Nice fabric.
 Lookin' good!  "chavs, fops, bottom feeders, and n00bs" cracks me up every time.
That beige twill Eidos suit is dope. Too bad the jackets don't work for me.   Can't decide among charcoal, brown, and navy HJ. (Dudes so thirsty for HJ's in this thread right now.)
I hope this post kicks off at least two pages of discussion about the sizing of the hunting jacket.     Normal Eidos sport coat size?
^ The navy is fine, but I think green or a bright brown (like a summer rust--I know it's summer where you are) would have been more coherent with the rest of the color palette.
My experience with Steed's MTM: on the first suit, they took it back and made adjustments including slimming and shortening the trousers and taking in the waist, rotating one sleeve on the jacket, and I think bringing in the waist of the jacket a bit as well. Those changes got incorporated into my pattern, for lack of a better term.My orders after that have been pretty consistent so there hasn't been a ton of work to be done. I think they took back another jacket to do...
Did this Eidos coat make the final cut?
Pretty sure I got the same ones (different buttons)!
I wondered if the text for the Formosa tux was a typo or not. So it doesn't have dual vents? (Doesn't look like it from the interior photo, but ...)
@Mr Engineer They're about 8.25" where I have them hemmed.
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