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^ Well, Patrizio called it a challis. I'm just repeating his description. There could be a translation issue of course. It is more loosely woven than other challis I have. But definitely wool--quite soft and airy though.
One of the wool challis fabrics that @tweedyprof posted awhile ago. As @ericgereghty mentioned in the WAYWRN thread, it's got a retro vibe. It also has a bit more of a loose woven texture than other challis ties that I have. Highly recommended. The brown colorway remains tempting. (8-ish cm x 148 cm. It was supposed to be 9 cm. Don't know what happened there. But the taper is such that the knot is quite nice, so I didn't mention it ... except here. 3-fold, untipped, light...
Thanks Patrick! More please. ETA: The lapel and quarter shapes seem like Chris's "house style" for lack of a better term. I like it. A bit of belly in theblapels but not extreme. Harmonious with the rest of the cut. The quarters don't match the lapel shape but create an overall visually coherent appearance. Did you give him any direction or just let him do his thing?
Cappelli indeed. From a batch of wool challis that I don't think has made it t the site. I agree, it's a bit mid-century in patten and color. Not an everyday tie, but I like it quite a bit.
I like the idea of a blue POW Rangoon. Or a navy or grey chalkstripe.Still interested in this with blue substituted for purple.
 Stingray belts? 
Centralized thread for the beginning of shoe cleanout. Starting with one pair each of Carmina, Gaziano & Girling, and Meermin. No smoking, no pets. All well cared for with Saphir, GlenKaren, Bick products. Brushed after every wearing. Always kept with shoes trees. Boxes and bags available, with details below. Shipping is extra, to be determined.   1. Carmina x Epaulet dark brown scotch grain plain toe derbies on Forest last. Size 9.5UK. Partial Dainite soles. In great...
I just think a bluer red with the brown of th jacket or a yellower brown with the tie would be better. But cameras and screens are weird so I'm prepared to be wrong.
The tie is great. I didn't love it with that combo either. I think it's probably too red for that jacket. It's nice with the pants though.  McFox gets the nod for decent light (and a more than decent fit). 
New Posts  All Forums: