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 No, two different suits. Why do you think the one I wore yesterday looks and fits better?  
Oxblood OEII on the F last (43.25/43.5)  
 Thanks? I'd genuinely be interested to know what you're comparing it to and why you think this looks better. I've posted pics with this suit before. See below re details. Steed MTM using Dugdale sharkskin (DP3517--had to look it up). Looking good yourself today! Navy birdseye is such a great fabric.
^ Yeah, I like the analytical approach but I don't think it will often tell you how to nudge a fit from good to interesting. Interesting is about something else. Maybe an expression of personality. Maybe an unconventional influence. Different things for different people. Sometimes it might even be analysis ... But probably not often.
 I don't want to speak for Greg, but I have to believe that he'd work something out with you to try a couple of sizes as part of an MTO.
 Same as the previous run that SkoAB sold. There are pictures floating around of pretty much the same shoe (or a chukka) with chained Norgavese. I clarified with SkoAB that their model was single stitch. Everyone seemed to like that, so it will be the same.
My thinking is similar to archibaldleach's. He covered a lot of the things that I would have said. I'd add that regardless of the origin of a rule that is custom or a social norm, it's still custom or social norm. Breaking those rules isn't then just a question of achieving a tasteful aesthetic result despite the deviation. Not adhering to those rules is a communicative act that has the potential to create social awkwardness, confusion, undesired judgments (by the...
^ Two more days. Join us!
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