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 I've been fond of this shop in Berkeley for a while. http://www.aprilhigashi.com/mens/http://www.aprilhigashi.com/necklaces/
 Thanks! I'm a fan of grey and green. Thanks! That one is Formosa (Lesser birdseye). The navy I posted yesterday is Steed MTM, although I've switched to their 3r2 pattern now that they offer it and widened the lapels on more recent orders. The Steed MTM trousers are a bit roomier than Formosa, and the rise is higher.
 @justinkapur hit me up via PM is you're going to be in the East Bay.
  Thanks, doodz.
 Funny you should say--I was actually pitching for some new work. Nailed the interview, but we'll see. And thanks!
Everything looks great, but I really like the chalkstripe fresco. I've been thinking about getting something like that.
Serious biz    
The Lesser 13 oz. is really nice and probably not too heavy for you. But they also have a couple in 11-12 that are probably nice too. Courtesy of jrd617:  Congrats on the new jacket, Newc. Looks great.
 It me. Nice to see Adele and meet Peter and cyclohexane and Justin (finally). Sorry Mike couldn't make it. So much great stuff coming out soon!
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