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 Let's say you're a guy who's been on StyleForum for a while but you still don't have a navy hopsack sport coat, even though you've read approximately 1,356,987 times that you're supposed to. You keep thinking that maybe you should try it but it's boring or not your style. Still, you're curious. Or let's say you're a guy who has one but wants another in a different weight or shade of navy or with more casual buttons. You haven't seen the right one yet, but you're...
Merino Bros. Facebook page also has photos of a lot of books.
  Also, check out this version: http://www.scribd.com/doc/239974878/Practical-Thoughts. Practical Thoughts is one of the most useful things I've read on the forum, but so is the Good Taste threat, and Foo's input there and in other threads was very good. It seems to me that it was mostly the threads that he started that decreased in usefulness the longer they went on.
In addition to what's already been said about Meermin, the stitching is somewhat crude on the one pair I have (their LM line). I can't compare to Herring, but Carmina's workmanship is much better than Meermin's. Of course, the price is higher as a result.
 Also, to my eye, a madder tie with that pattern is too far on the casual end of the spectrum for a pinstripe suit. (I just mentally edit out the patch pockets from that suit when JK posts it .) Color combination is nice though.
 Those chukkas are classic unlined dark brown suede Aldens on the Leydon last with single waterloc soles. Lots of life left in the soles. They've been Nano-sprayed and well cared for. As a matter of personal preference, I've decided that I'd like a pair of lined brown suede chukkas with thicker soles. Otherwise, they would still be mine. They're awesome. If you like awesome things, like classic American-made brown suede chukkas, these are for you. You don't like awesome...
Suit looks great.
^ It's the same suit. I think I'm leaning slightly and my arm is raised a bit in the second photo. But thanks to all of you for pointing this out. I'll give it a closer look.
I suspect (hope!) that if you're seeing a shoulder issue it's a combination of the photo and the shoulders not having completely settled yet. It's still a relatively new suit. The seams, edges, and sleeves are where they should be. If the overall fit seems off, then it's time for a picnic attack! I think it looks pretty good, but I've been known to make a mistake or two.Self-critique: I would have preferred a more textured square. The silk is pretty similar to the tie, so...
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