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 Unless they've changed prices for MTM (I don't believe they have), it's £950 for a fully canvassed sport coat, £1200 for a fully canvassed two-piece suit. Those are the prices without VAT. The lower prices quoted on their website are for half-canvassed. I don't recall the cost for shipping. Their MTM option has worked out quite well for me, I think. I know several members have pieces in process. I'll be interested to see how everything turns out once "final."
Love the brown vest in the first two photos. Can you tell us more about it?
 Can you say more about the changes made?
X-post of the Formosa Moon gunclub and Soyella blue stripe Inglese. 
I did my best to adjust, but the colors didn't come out right in these. They don't nearly do the jacket justice. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯    
How goes the search for a brown leather between antic cognac and dark brown?
 Greg wears one and it looks good. I'm wearing the charcoal today. It's a great jacket.
 Missed this earlier--thanks! Looking good today!
^ You can also ask for quarter-sizes and instep adjustments. Results are subject to Vass Charm™.  
 Missed that post from them. Thanks!
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