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 What are the chances of an oxblood tennis trainer in the future? And thanks for letting me know about the sand fresco. That's what I get for sleeping. 
Got the green/brown guncheck Cantarelli. I thought it had sold out long ago. I am quite pleased. 
Looking at the HUF/USD exchange rate trend line ... just about time to order more shoes.
Mike, any chance of a restock of the Sand fresco (8290) for MTO?
 I hate to excuse crap photos, so I'll just say that these are crap photos that I took quickly for myself, but I agree that it might result in some interesting conversation.  [[SPOILER]]
^^^ Note that every example posted has the charcoal trousers paired with a brown or grey coat that's lighter than the trousers. Every debate on the topic identifies those as pretty much the only things that work with charcoal. I think it's illustrative that those are the examples that everyone pulled out.
I actually think you kind of made the point. It seems to me that, when the charcoal trouser debate pops up in a thread, many people end up saying that they have a pair but rarely or never wear them. It speaks to what appears to be a fairly common experience of finding them difficult to wear well. If many people who otherwise dress well find something so difficult to wear well that they almost never wear it, that seems to me like decent anecdotal evidence that the thing...
http://www.styleforum.net/t/207164/navy-vs-charcoal-trousers/0_50   There are many threads like it. Read them and decide for yourself. My general summary is that those who have debated this topic on SF the longest seem to agree that charcoal trousers don't look good with very much (if at all), so don't bother. Navy odd trousers are trickier. Some (e.g. Manton) argue both that they look bad with a sport coat and violate menswear traditions so carry with them cultural...
^^ I like the one on the Solaro. (And since the Caccioppoli glenplaid is hanging in my closet, a big "duh" to me.)
 Thanks! First impression is that they got the waist just right on this one. I might only need to have the sleeves taken up.  I was skeptical about the buttons but shouldn't have been. They simultaneously blend because of the color and stand out because of the pearlescence. Great pick! The hopsack is also fantastic. Have you done a Formosa with corozo?
New Posts  All Forums: