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That Hober is totally going to sell for more than the price of a new one direct from David.
I'd been planning to come on Saturday but if the meetup is Friday I'll be there!
Thanks, Fok! Makes sense. I was mostly surprised that it took me this long to notice.
Thanks! Could I trouble you're a waist measurement on the size 40?
 Was looking at my pair of the U-wing boots over the weekend and thinking that I need to wear them soon. Yours are looking good. When did Carmina become an affiliate and this turn into an affiliate thread?
Beautiful shirts! What's the length of the collar points?
I like that Manton fit as is. It's not the best thing I've seen him post, but what I see is good, and like others, I suspect the photo is diminishing the whole.
That hunting jacket is doooooooope.
 Which books are you going to bring for Formosa. Can we make requests?
 It's always interesting how people's perceptions differ. In your first photo, the value difference between your tie and jacket seem about the same to me as the difference between my tie and jacket. I think your second photo demonstrates the peril described in unbel's first post in this thread of light shirt + light tie + light jacket. I like the first combo quite a bit though.
New Posts  All Forums: