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Green flannel Walts.  
#4 yesterday  
Back to work and casual. And some outside accessories.
How does Jamieson's sweater sizing compare to Inis and Schneider? I'm a M in Inis and V in Schneider.
Nice. I think the choice of grey trousers there helps cool down the shoes (which look much more like snuff, perhaps not surprisingly).
^^ Well deserved!
Anyone have a Y4 sweater? Looks similar to the wool/alpaca sweater from last yea, though slightly different knit pattern. Wondering how it is and if the fit is the same.
Maybe my dates are off. I feel like sweatpants held onto the crown into the mid-2000's.
Slim cargo pants with a military-ish vibe and pockets that are useful but not bulging are OK in my book. I've actually been thinking about some myself for travel. Epaulet's older pocket shape was better. I don't love their current version. Dadcore cargo pants with bulging pockets are the new I-gave-up-on-life wear.
Wish I had more of both. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
New Posts  All Forums: