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Glad you got the green houndstooth linen. It's very nice!
@Epaulet Any chance we could get photos of the Sienna Farmers Check, Lovat Blue Plaid, and Graphite and Lapis Check? Thanks!
 Grey-striped chambray is for the children!
Cleav and Pingson get extra points for going Northern Lights with their fits.
I might have put it in my cart a couple of times, but I can neither confirm nor deny.
 Thanks and sorry I can't give you any details. It's a Caruso suit that I picked up from eHaberdasher.com. Thanks!
(Not contest related) Inis Meaín linen MTO. (With dreaded navy trousers!)
Yeah, contest! I thought I'd see if I could do a coherent fit and meet the other criteria.   Cantarelli isn't slept on, but I really like this one and don't think it's gotten as much attention as others.     The Camoshita shirts look great, but haven't gotten much play.     Rota has received plenty of attention, but green trousers don't get enough love.     As already noted, the Alfred Sargents are overlooked. I have some higher shoe priorities, or I would...
Never ask SF whether you DON"T need to buy something.   FF tweeds look great. Hard to choose.
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