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According to the estimated USD prices on the site, it looks like prices went up a little bit, even accounting for the strong USD. It tend to remember the SGD prices, though, so I could be wrong.   I like that challis tie. Speaking of exchange rates, I think I'm going to put through an order with Cappelli to take advantage while the Euro zone is in turmoil. It's a good time to make purchases from a number of forum favorites.
Vanda's prices are still pretty reasonable relative to the quality, and I'm sure they had good reasons, but I'm cheap (sort of). Pocket squares didn't go up much.   Here's the Cappelli: http://www.patriziocappelli.it/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_30&products_id=1810.
We're all allowed to irrationally dislike some things! I sure do.   Should have grabbed some stuff from Vanda before the price increase. I've looked at that block stripe from them but am pretty set on getting this Cappelli.  
I thought this turned out OK. I'd actually like to get more large block stripe ties like this, but not many shops seem to carry them, except Drake's this season. And Drake's are all 8 cm. I need to email Cappelli to see if he has some that aren't on his site.  
I've gotten a couple of emails about a summer sale. It doesn't appear that prices have been reduced online. Is the sale just in-store?
Yes, I have two pairs on the F last with the right shoe being 43.5 and the left being ~43.25. The left still fits a bit large but I'm not yet sure whether to go down to 43 for my next order. I need to wear them a couple more times to get a feel for whether there's some extra length in the left that I can spare if I go down to 43.
And Vass can make one shoe smaller than the other as part of an MTO, including quarter sizes.
What's the ETA of the ET ties you mentioned a while ago?
Yoox's don't have as much hand work and the collar points are a bit shorter, at least IME.Grey v-neck undershirts, because I find it more comfortable. If I'm warm that's not the cause.Don't remove pleats from trousers. No matter how good the tailor it's unlikely to turn out great because the trousers were cut to have them.
Facemeat is the wurst.
New Posts  All Forums: