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Grey suede Buttero high tops. Initial wear. I really like them.
Are the new Vass balmorals on the F last? The fall stuff looks great so far. A last taste of summer, Niche linen shirt:
^ Also wondering about that U-wing boot. Which last? How many eyelet/hooks?  I know Leaves mentioned this one before, but what are the details?
Quick review of Camoshita shirting: great lightweight summer fabric, lovely colors, and wonderful construction. For me, the collar points are too short for a tie but just fine for CM casual (my intended use), and the spread and the collar height are right on. The sleeves are short; my arms are neither long nor short. The body of the shirt is slim but not aggressively so, making it a good fit for athletic guys. (I'd say it's between Inglese and Mazzarelli.) As usual, the...
Ercole is under $2,000 for MTM.
I'd probably be in on the jodhpurs, depending on details and price.
I did a hot wash and dry of an Inglese shirt to try to get the collar a little tighter. It shrank a bit but not as much as I'd hoped.
No, WF has totally stymied me! There are at least four pairs that I want to order though.
Rezso quoted me a price in USD (which was a reasonable exchange rate from HUF/EUR) and gave me transfer instructions for sending money to an account that takes $. I just did what he told me.
 Here are the instructions for transfer by phone. https://www08.wellsfargomedia.com/downloads/pdf/biz/wire_transfer_guide.pdf.  Somewhere else on WF's site they say that you have to fill out a form with a banker. Thanks, geniuses, that a real time-saver! I looked at online options but it doesn't seem like anyone will let you transfer dollars to Hungary. Since Vass will take dollars, I see no reason to pay extra for currency exchange plus the loss involved in the exchange...
New Posts  All Forums: