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  I was using the same photo and the above list when I suggested EG mink
What about broguing on just the U-wing (not the adelaide-ish part) in something similar to mink suede (if Carmina has or could get it)?
With all the talk of the cognac cordovan U-wing balmoral, those who wear 10UK in Rain and want a pair should take a look in the Marketplace. (Not my sale, just alerting potentially interested buyers.)
Not really. Swangerman already mentioned some good places to look. If you have time and a car, a road trip down to Khaki's of Carmel would be worthwhile.
Probably in, depending on what's available. Sad that that last green is out of stock.
43.5 or 44. I'm 9.5 in Carmina Rain but 10 in Simpson and 9.5 in G&G MH71. 44 in the U last was too loose on my smaller foot, and 43.5 has required a bit of stretching to break in for my larger foot. Just a moderate caution about Vass's (dark) brown calf: it's very dark. Darker in person than that photo of the OE II. If you want a very dark brown, then it's perfect. If you're looking for something more like EG dark oak or G&G vintage oak, the Vass brown will be darker....
 That's a pretty important exception. I think suede oxfords with a sport coat are fine, with or without broguing.
Burgundy grenadine. Lots of good additions to the Vanda line up recently. I have my eye on a few.  
 Team Birdseye! 
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