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DWW version    
 If you want a casual summer suit but don't like linen, the tobacco fresco is a nice option. It's the summer version of a brown flannel suit. That isn't so odd. And if you do it as a blazer suit, then you can wear the pants and jacket separately.
 Got mine on Friday. As good as when I saw it in the office. Looking forward to wearing it (weather permitting).
Caccioppoli has a tropical bunch. I don't know any details. I found this photo a while ago when looking for pictures of their fabrics. This is for the Japanese market. I found it on the page for a tailoring shop on Rakuten.  
  The real conundrum will be what shoes you'll all wear. I vote Chucks. I'm not kidding.
 I would guess he's trying to achieve something like this.   I'd say get him to ditch the vests. Jeans, a buttondown, and a knit tie is a contemporary US combination that can look good in a GQ/RL way. It's also easy and not too expensive to put together. A vest doesn't add much, and the back usually looks weird (in photos people only show you the front). I've seen plenty of guys pull off that look with a vest. It can also be part of that GQ/RL look, but it also veers...
^ I remember them looking good as-is. You could get them tapered. But I like the lines of the jacket and pants.
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