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I tried, but they were too slippery and hard for my feet. Plus squeaky.
I just took out the leather insoles and put in ones for athletic shoes.
 @Bespoke DJP About 7.8 cm and 6.9 cm, but I wouldn't call those precise, given the nature of a tie.
 That's the one I got. Sorry, no photos. But the pics on the site are pretty accurate. Also, it got the Willy Cheesesteak note of approval.
 Didn't you do one of these posts like 6 months ago?  Big congrats, my dude! 
I got one of the dip-dyed cashmere shawls. It's a very loose weave, which combined with the cashmere, makes it very light. Still quite warm though. And soft, of course. The colors are somber but pleasant. Highly recommended.
The new POW looks great. It's amazing what a difference the cream base makes. Has the Formosa windowpane come in yet? Looking forward to that!
For summer in London the birdseye is probably light enough. The houndstooth is a bit more conservative than the POW, which might matter in London. But I'm a big fan of the POW. [[SPOILER]]
H&S City of London is also really nice. 13 oz.
Agree with Concordia's recs. Also P&B Universal if you want to go a bit heavier.
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