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I don't find that much difference between the width of the ties between Hober and Cappelli, at least where I usually knot them (and of course, I gave them both the same dimensions for the custom ones--a couple of the Cappellis I bought retail). Pics for comparison.   Hober grenadine (3-fold)   Capelli twill (3-fold)   Cappelli twill (5-fold, retail)   Hober mac (3-fold)
Hmmm. I find Hober's interlining for 3-folds to be thinner and softer than the Cappellis I have. Interesting that your experience is the opposite, jrd.   What about you, Cleav?    Thanks to you both!
I have 3 and 5-fold ties from Cappelli. The 3-folds are made with his heavier interlining, the 5-folds the lighter interlining. I was thinking about trying a 3-fold with the lighter interlining but wondered if it would result in too insubstantial a knot. Anyone have experience with Cappelli's 3-fold silk ties with light interlining? Maybe @jrd617?
Why isn't this free-to-me software platform from which I derive significant value even more convenient for my use?
But what about photos that I've already posted to the WAYWT thread? Do I have to upload them again or can they be added to the gallery once it's created?
Can I created a gallery and add already uploaded photos to it? (I know you explained this somewhere already but I can't find it. )
Congrats, Justin!Nice! I'm looking forward to visiting the new Whitney on my next trip to NYC.
Thanks, Don! Solid batch.
 At the time, they were pretty amazing practical effects.
Happy to delete it if it's too much. 
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