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Looks great! Scale is bigger than I thought. I would have jumped on it but had something else in mind that's too similar. Congrats to those who ordered it, though!
Turned out great, UC. The lapel shape in particular is really appealing. Congrats!
^ Looks good! For an evening event, I would have gone with the navy suit. In fact, I have done pretty much that outfit but with a grenadine tie for many evening events. I think navy fits a low-light night-time event better. But the grey does look good.
New Pitti trend: carry a third shoe.  
 Never. But ... 
^ Knize is one name for it. It's what I use most of the time.
 Is a smashed-in face an acceptable individual modification of WSCBD? Or is it out of the IM category because it's insufficiently C? Does this depend on the story one tells about the smashed-in face? If the story quality and believability of delivery are high enough, does a bonus increase occur? And vice versa, with a poor story/bad storytelling resulting in bonus decrease? Or is a smashed-in face simply too affected? What if one distracts from one's face with non-visible...
New Posts  All Forums: