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^ It's subdued. Visible, but subdued. Overall it has a green-brown cast, but unless you're looking for it, you wouldn't necessarily notice a particular green element.
Saw the made-up jackets at NMWA HQ today. Came out fantastic.
Seconded. Just went this afternoon. (The architectural models from the early Americas was also a nice little show.) It seems like The Met has done one fashion or textile show annually for several years. They're always interesting shows but also verge on advertising, which is itself an interesting phenomenon. I always check the corporate sponsors. This year Apple and Conde Nast were the two primary benefactors.
Dude in the background like "I think I'm underdressed."
Visited NMWA HQ earlier. Leder and Camoshita are the real deal. Thanks for the hospitality!
Thanks to you both!
The one on 38th or the one downtown?
Anyone have a recommendation for an Italian restaurant open past 10? Midtown-ish or below would be great.
Great shade of grey!
+1 wool.
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