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Received my inky blue as well today. Looks like another winrar. And it looks like justinkapur's concerns about fit should be completely eliminated!
 I think you'd have better luck around 24th and Valencia. There's more space available and more owners who'd consider a pop-up, since that's a bit more in line with the vibe of the neighborhood. It's also where the 24th St. BART station is located and parking would be easier. Some people might be put off by the neighborhood, I guess. I have sent out some emails to try to identify an agent.
Shirt fabrics: for a staple blue dress shirt, end-on-end or chambray are traditional, and I think for good reason. I would start there. But I also like broadcloth and don't think that there's anything wrong it.   Brown suit: oxblood/burgundy (even #8 shell) would split the difference between brown and black. I also have the visual experience that brown suede sometimes looks a bit off with brown trousers, but I know that it works, so I attribute it to some taste artifact...
I'll ask around about a leasing agent.
I have these and wear them regularly. They're great boots! GLWS.
 I hope it happens! I shall attend.
 ^ Stitchy, Action Bronson is one of the best rappers working right now. Swag for days. Newest video:  
  Love it. Thanks guys!
Formosa, Calabrese, and Rota    
I see it's Formosa Sport Coat Day.
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