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^ Tease photo looks amazing!
Deeply discounted Inis Meain sweaters at East Dane, particularly after the extra 25% off.
 Frequently but not universally. When I don't, it's for the sake of experimentation/variety or to incorporate something new that I'm still figuring out how to use (which is a deficiency in my buying philosophy but unlikely to change). Whether I succeed is another question.
I believe the one on the mannequin is a cashmere Bigi that looks to be sold out. You can see it in this pic, which is for the navy with yellow stripes version.  Also seen here, in the middle. It's nice!  
Glad you got the green houndstooth linen. It's very nice!
@Epaulet Any chance we could get photos of the Sienna Farmers Check, Lovat Blue Plaid, and Graphite and Lapis Check? Thanks!
 Grey-striped chambray is for the children!
Cleav and Pingson get extra points for going Northern Lights with their fits.
I might have put it in my cart a couple of times, but I can neither confirm nor deny.
 Thanks and sorry I can't give you any details. It's a Caruso suit that I picked up from eHaberdasher.com. Thanks!
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