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Well there were a lot of other good options presented. Always hard to choose.I'd say the cloth could stand up to being trousers but they wouldn't be comfortable. Plus the pattern is really for jacketing IMO.
^ Well played.   
It was presented as an option for preorder/GMTO but never got enough votes. I got it done by Steed MTM and received it about a month ago. It makes up really nicely. I won't be surprised if there's now enough GMTO interest. 
Thanks. They're a bit dull but I don't go out of my way to get a high shine. The light is also washing them out a bit. A little polish couldn't hurt. Good eye!
Still in the grips of summer.
 Having seen it in person, I can attest that this suit came out so great.
 That also turned out great. Good luck with the coffee!
Good looking jacket!
Always nice to see aportnoy show up with pics!
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