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I assume sleeve length is excluded but better to ask! Oliver Spencer pieces look really nice, esp. the quilted jacket and "Kessock navy Solms."
Are the Giovanni Inglese shirts cut the same as G. Inglese?   Too bad about Mazzarelli. I like that collar a lot.
 Also wondering about that shirt. (Jacket looks nice too, I guess. )
White shirt! #teamslub
That's awesome.
I'll be there. Great idea! Thanks for arranging this with the folks at KoC. I've been wanting to try on and see in person some Ring Jacket and haven't had a chance to get down to Carmel.
^ That's what I figured. 52 would be my size in Eidos's Tipo cut, if it worked for me, which it doesn't (although comments that they modified Tipo slightly for this season mean that I'll try it on again when I get a chance). That gun check sport coat is hard to resist, though.
Looks like 52 in Lorenzo cut = 50 in Formosa? I'd be interested in your comparison of Eidos and Formosa generally.   Great additions!
Pretty sure that local storage will be an option, although I doubt anyone will know definitely until the application is released. Many will move to Lightroom. It might be worth sticking with Photos for a little while. I suspect that this will be somewhat like iMovie and the iWork suite in which features are lost as part of the initial revamp and then added back.
      #teamslub   It seems to me that Noodles doesn't know what he wants, other than "more ties." You can't help a man unsure of his own desires.
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