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Wook-silk tie.  
Mine from earlier this week.  
 Yeah, if I can figure out sizing, I'll probably just order another pair since I like them so much! Here are my other sizes for comparison: CarminaForest 9.5Robert 9.5Simpson 10Rain 9.5 (solid fit with derbies; a little loose for a pair of suede oxfords, so I put a tongue pad in the left shoe) G>G73 10MH71 9.5 or 10 VassF 43.5 right foot, 43.25 left footU 44/43.75 right foot, 43.5 left foot EG888 10 (though I only have derbies and don't know how an oxford would fit. Let...
Lots of good stuff in the new batch! Thanks for updating the thread. The new zoom feature on the swatches is welcome.
For sale is a pair of Enzo Bonafe adelaides with the details below. These are new and come with the box and dust bags. For those who don't know, Bonafe shoes are hand lasted and welted. The quality of workmanship and finishing is excellent. They're one of the best values in mens shoes today. Here are the details:   Size: 9.5UK. Last: 804. The 804 last is a classic round, almond-shaped last. It's aesthetics are similar to Vass's F last. SkoAB says to take the same size...
Thanks! Vanda on top, Cappelli below.
 I tried 50 in Rota and had pocket gaping so sized up to 52. I had to have the waist taken in quite a bit, but I'm happy with the results. The pockets lie flat and the drape is excellent. (And of course the trousers that come with a size 50 Formosa are marked 52.)
   Thanks, gents! I think 804 is wonderful. I had it next to Vass F last yesterday, and if I had to, I wouldn't be able to choose between them. Thankfully I don't. I think the 804 is a bit longer and the instep is significantly higher, but the aesthetics are similar. @Steel28 you won't be disappointed.
New Posts  All Forums: