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Nice! What are the two leathers?
Just when I thought I'd be safe from Formosa orders for a little while ...
I primarily use the interview to try to figure out whether they're a decent and interesting person with whom I'd like to spend time. Depending on what I'm interviewing them for and they're level of experience, I explore whether they have a vision for the position.
 You need to be all over the chalk stripe so that it's in your closet waiting when you do wear a suit. 
Yes, if the Minnis houndstooth is available in your size, get it while you can. That thing is special.
^ Correct. It's like Thunderdome in here trying to get those 50R Formosas. 
Just arrived. It deserves all the praise that it's received. 
The fabric of the navy birdseye Formosa suit sure is nice ...
Thinking about the gingham (have wool but not silk) and the navy, blue, and white(?) block stripe. I'll probably pass on both, but thanks for the tip!
New Posts  All Forums: