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^ I'd been thinking about grey herringbone suitings recently. Thanks!
As long as @LA Guy is responding to tags ... Any news about whether there will be a NY trunk show this year? Early November again if there is?
Good news! Any swatches of the block stripes? I'm sure there would be interest in a run of that rust Macclesfield, though maybe not enough. You canceled my order when the webstore showed the wrong inventory. (Only a little bitter )
Is anyone interested in doing a GMTO of this model?  
Only the purest Azerbaijani cashmere wool.
"Potential #StyFoDude Quotations or Semi-Overserious Attempts at MC Discussion"
jcmeyer--I think you need to widen the leg opening to balance the rise and fuller cut. The bottom does look pegged. I like the cuff height. I also wonder if you might try a different jacket with the trousers. The one in the photo is very close fitting, whereas the trousers are fuller. I found the visual differences a bit jarring. A more drapey, longer jacket would make it easier for you to evaluate the trousers.
Reddish tie/tan suit: if the shirt were solid, probably blue (Marzotto's shade), although it might depend on the shade of the tie. If it were a patterned shirt, it seems like either or a white or blue base could work. Blue with a warm brown check? White with a blue graph check?   I like the idea of green on green, but that particular shirt seems a bit frenetic to me. I'd like to see it with a green butcher stripe.
 I think AF blue/grey would work. Green would also be nice.  I like blue with tan and white with tan. If there's an issue with that combo--and I'm not sure that there is--it might be that the texture of the shirt is casual enough for the suit but the stripes are maybe a bit too formal. Hard to say I still think it looks nice. It seems to me that texture and formality of pattern of the shirt, as well as the tie, determine whether a combo works with tan. Here's a Manton tan...
My madness knows method, man.
New Posts  All Forums: