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Isn't a gingham shirt with a conservative suit and solid tie a fairly standard London combo? Casual today. Not sure what was up with the front of my coat.
 You might be referring to value/lightness. I'm not sure that I have a well developed opinion on this, but to offer a contrary one, I believe that some (one?) of the forum's old-heads have suggested that, other than for #menswear photos, it's rare that anyone sees and processes your top half and bottom half together. So shoes should or can be optimized for trousers without regard to things in the top half ... other than the brown tie -> brown belt -> brown shoes rule. It's...
^ I'd been thinking about grey herringbone suitings recently. Thanks!
As long as @LA Guy is responding to tags ... Any news about whether there will be a NY trunk show this year? Early November again if there is?
Good news! Any swatches of the block stripes? I'm sure there would be interest in a run of that rust Macclesfield, though maybe not enough. You canceled my order when the webstore showed the wrong inventory. (Only a little bitter )
Is anyone interested in doing a GMTO of this model?  
Only the purest Azerbaijani cashmere wool.
"Potential #StyFoDude Quotations or Semi-Overserious Attempts at MC Discussion"
jcmeyer--I think you need to widen the leg opening to balance the rise and fuller cut. The bottom does look pegged. I like the cuff height. I also wonder if you might try a different jacket with the trousers. The one in the photo is very close fitting, whereas the trousers are fuller. I found the visual differences a bit jarring. A more drapey, longer jacket would make it easier for you to evaluate the trousers.
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