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^^^ Interested!
@sugarbutch and @Claghorn Nice!
Simplicity in dress, in which intuition and experience guide one toward subtle, coherent, and interesting combos seems like a generally useful goal. i do sometimes think it carries some risk of instead leading one into a kind of uniform that's basically self-caricature. @heldentenor I'm pretty sure the charcoal trouser discussion was in GNAT.
@TweedyProf The suit is Steed MTM made from a Dugdale sharkskin. Thanks! @PCK1 Thank you! I think I'm beginning to figure some things out. Still more to learn, as always.
Standard 3-fold. Sig. Cappelli used a fairly thick interlining for this one, although I requested light. Knots beautifully, so I'll chalk this one up to him doing what he thought was right for the cloth.   
 It is. Thanks!  It's from Cappelli. It doesn't look he still has it on his site, but Steve at GentlemensFootwear.com does. http://gentlemensfootwear.com/collections/e-g-cappelli-napoli-ties/products/copy-of-e-g-cappelli-ancient-madder-tie-in-navy-untipped Thank you! Yes. I've posted a bit about it in other threads but have been meaning to do a longer write-up when I have some time. Let me know if you have particular questions, though.
^^ Thanks, jc! They're just balmorals, from Vaaaaaaash.
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