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Happy to assist with this adventure!
Sorry for your loss, Cleav. Best wishes for your friend's family.
I feel OK. I got thumbs but Crusty got pie.
Rare lifestyle photo. Oliver Spencer shirt in Oaxaca.
Thanks for checking with them! Did they happen to say whether it was worsted or woolen?
@DeSense and @gdl203 Thanks for the help with sizing. The obvious answer is that I should have tried on the Leder coat when I was at NMWA HQ in September. But it was sooooo hot. Maybe an M will still be there in January.
Then I'd probably take a M? Not that I can really do anything with more outerwear, but that coat is so amazing.
What's the sizing guidance for the Leder great coat?
In order of preference below ...   The Delfino brown with blue triple pane is going to make up amazingly. The scale of the checks I suspect is going to be just right, and the color combo is going to be summery but still easy to dress up. I think it will be the kind of versatile jacket that dudes are always lusting for.   I actually might put the Delfino brown with blue shepherd check higher than the Delfino blue shepherd check, but if the Delfino brown with triple pane...
Cardigan doesn't look bad with the different buttoning, but pockets on them are always a crap shoot.Too bad, looks like a nice piece.
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