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Just got my teba (brown windowpane). Nice piece. Looking forward to wearing it now that temps are going up.   Thx Spoo!
^ Quarters and lapel shape and roll wrong for Steed MTM.
Pinterest actually works well, at least on iOS and desktop. No idea about Android though.
 Something like this? 
My summary of CBD: it's a spectrum, not a bright line. The goal is to achieve a result that's interesting and tasteful but inconspicuous in context. Context matters, which is partly why the Italian CBD thread is interesting. Conspicuity varies by industry, region, office, etc. Taking the orange tie as an example, I suppose it's possible that there is a context in which it wasn't conspicuous. But I'd also have to wonder whether there's a role for CBD in that context. (Which...
I thought I got an email from Blue Owl in the last couple weeks with an additional discount in sale items. Can't find it now. Maybe I dreamed it. If it happened and anyone has the code, please let me know. Thanks!
I think we had this Buttero insole discussion recently, but yeah, I put athletic shoe insoles in all of mine. The leather ones just never worked even after they molded some.
 I received those two fabrics as MTM shirts. They will not disappoint.
^ Yes, plus the brown one you posted. I also confess to finding this cranberry one in the middle intriguing.
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