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It's parallax in the photo I suspect. Thanks for everyone who responded about the oxblood edge trim!
Does anyone know whether Vass usually does Oxblood with black or dark brown edge trim? It's hard to tell from the photos and I want to make sure.   And I like an austerity brogue on U, but I think I prefer F overall.      
^ Forgot about gyasih's. Those are great,
 Probably a bit like this (Bonafé instead of Vass, but probably close). In other words, awesome. 
 Sorry for repeating myself! Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I can also do IM in L for a looser fit. What would you suggest for SS Oxalis?
Greg had suggested V for the Merino coat for me (which I missed ) so it sounds like IV in the knitwear would work.
And if an M in Inis Meain, what size in SS sweaters?
^ I asked earlier. I forgot about the FC pricing or SF10 discount choice.   I wish those Merola roe deer gloves were still available in my size in grey. Thinking about brown ...
New Posts  All Forums: