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Thanks! I had looked but wasn't sure.
@P-K-L Do you happen to have the number for the green tie on the bottom? Cappelli might not still have it, but having the number might help locate it. Thanks!
Vanda tie and square. And a little inspiration by tchoy.
Sorry for your loss, NOBD. [[SPOILER]]
^^ I agree re CPO sizing.
Looks like there were some drops and adds in the sale section. I grabbed a navy knit Barena. The CPO shirt jackets are an incredible value at the sale price!
Thanks for all of the additional comments on the Cantarelli sport coat. On Proper Suit, pocketsquareguy was happy with the sport coat that he got from them. http://abitofcolor.tumblr.com/post/56694083116/proper-suit-jacket-review-by-gus
Thanks for all the feedback. To address some of the comments ...Front balance: Good point. I looked at a number of other photos of the Cantarellis in the NMWA, and it seems like it's partly a matter of how they're cut, since that shows up for others as well. But I'll talk to my tailor about it.Chest: I'm not one of the forum's great body builders, but I do work out regularly and have a fairly developed chest plus somewhat prominent scapula, so coats that fit well otherwise...
So, I got that grey Cantarelli sport coat from jungleroller. Looks like it needs to be nipped at the waist, sleeves shorted a little, and maybe the collar tightened a bit ... or it's just a bit too big and I should move on. I'd appreciate opinions. (Also, pant hems need to be raised.)
Canterburys are tempting. Thanks for the heads-up.
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