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I've gotten a couple of emails about a summer sale. It doesn't appear that prices have been reduced online. Is the sale just in-store?
Yes, I have two pairs on the F last with the right shoe being 43.5 and the left being ~43.25. The left still fits a bit large but I'm not yet sure whether to go down to 43 for my next order. I need to wear them a couple more times to get a feel for whether there's some extra length in the left that I can spare if I go down to 43.
And Vass can make one shoe smaller than the other as part of an MTO, including quarter sizes.
What's the ETA of the ET ties you mentioned a while ago?
Yoox's don't have as much hand work and the collar points are a bit shorter, at least IME.Grey v-neck undershirts, because I find it more comfortable. If I'm warm that's not the cause.Don't remove pleats from trousers. No matter how good the tailor it's unlikely to turn out great because the trousers were cut to have them.
Facemeat is the wurst.
I have the same fresco Formosa and do find that the jacket fits a bit differently from others. I wonder if it's the fresco needing to break in. Nevertheless, I think the problem in those photos is Noodles pushing is pelvis forward and shoulders back. If he stood straight with this shoulders square, it would look different. In other words, enjoy it and stop fretting.
 As has been pointed out in the past, you can get Steed MTM for essentially the same price as Formosa.
^ Good guess, but the shirt is Borrelli and the trousers are recent Panta--I think the H&S grey flannel, but they might be the donkey twill.
     Thanks! I definitely did not return it. I think Formosa fits me pretty well, but this is the best so far. It took a while for me to get it to my tailor, so I haven't even had a chance to wear it yet. I want to take it to a Formosa event and ask them to make me a bunch of stuff that looks just like it.
New Posts  All Forums: