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I wondered if the text for the Formosa tux was a typo or not. So it doesn't have dual vents? (Doesn't look like it from the interior photo, but ...)
@Mr Engineer They're about 8.25" where I have them hemmed.
 A little wider than my waist, but not unusually so. I'm not sure what you're seeing. I agree with Greg that the rise is medium. The top of the waist band there is probably sitting a little below my bellybutton and there's still some room in the crotch.  Vanda. Still available on their site. It's this suit: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/steel-blue-herringbone-p-b-universal-suit-15-16-oz-wool.html.  Can't be topped. That's pretty cute.
P&B Universal Formosa again, with collaborative action cashmere Drake's. Fuck velvet, I want to be ensconced in this tie.
^      I hear ya, Stitchy. I still think it's interesting, but not my most successful combo.
I did but thanks! My post was ambiguous.And for @sood here's the linen pub jacket, including a closeup of the sleeve because someone asked how see-through it is. [[SPOILER]]
@sugarbutch Me too! I wasn't completely sold on it but decided to roll with it to see how I liked it by the end of the day. I don't think it ever fully conhered for me, but it's kind of interesting. I think a slightly lighter shade of blue in the square and differently oriented squiggles (i.e. the square that Ethan used) would have worked better, if I was going to try to make this work better. @Pliny Harrisons Fine Classics.
A man's gotta have a DB.I'm kind of digging the mixed black.
Folks in DC panhandling aren't as fancy as TweedyProf.
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