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  on the shoe fit. AS 109 last seems to fit me pretty well so far. A little better than 104 (I got the brown captoes a last year). The trousers were awfully nice on a nearly 80F day (sorry people who are tired of winter).  Speaking of ... my picture yesterday and yours today are a story of two regions in knitwear. I like your fit, FC!
Thanks Frank! Oh and @ScottMC I took an M in the pub jacket. 50 Formosa, 52 Cantarelli.
^ A light colored shirt will show through where the knit stretches, and if there's light behind you, it become fairly translucent. Otherwise and from a distance it looks solid. I'll post a picture in a second.One thing that probably didn't come through in the photo is how great the collar roll is. I'm impressed every time I put it on. [[SPOILER]]  
My shopping cart is kinda full right now.
IM linen pub jacket (this season's brown one is just waiting for you!) Formosa tobacco fresco trou AS oxblood hatchgrains
^ And try wearing the jacket a few times before asking a tailor to make changes to address the wrinkling in the back. It might settle down on its own.
^ Get some plain button cufflinks and close the cuffs like a barrel cuff shirt. The cuffs will look a little different but it's not particularly noticeable.
No need to spill the beans but is this a local Bay Area tailor?
Great evening. Nice to meet some folks and see some that I've met before. Thanks to Jim and Connie for hosting and to pocketsquareguy for promoting it.
 For Rota, could we get some summer flannel options? Murl looked bawse, obviously.
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