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No, WF has totally stymied me! There are at least four pairs that I want to order though.
Rezso quoted me a price in USD (which was a reasonable exchange rate from HUF/EUR) and gave me transfer instructions for sending money to an account that takes $. I just did what he told me.
 Here are the instructions for transfer by phone. https://www08.wellsfargomedia.com/downloads/pdf/biz/wire_transfer_guide.pdf.  Somewhere else on WF's site they say that you have to fill out a form with a banker. Thanks, geniuses, that a real time-saver! I looked at online options but it doesn't seem like anyone will let you transfer dollars to Hungary. Since Vass will take dollars, I see no reason to pay extra for currency exchange plus the loss involved in the exchange...
^ Yeah, I'm ready to place another Vass order but haven't because of that hour at Wells Fargo. Have you tried setting up the ability to do wire transfer by phone with them?
Great looking stuff, Nick!   Do you know who's going to stock this sweater? It caught my eye in some Pitti photos.     Also, deets on this sport coat? Is it Tipo cut?  
Thank you, sir. And to EliodA for the compliment yesterday.
No one has posted a fit photo taken in a car for awhile. Best I could do today.
Thanks for bringing us all the great stuff, Greg. Happy born day! (NMWAxBigi tie; Farnese tubo belt and AS captoes from NMWA not pictured)
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