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Cream and white should work. The cream trousers I have didn't look great. I'm not a white trousers guy. Navy trousers look OK but ... navy trousers.
Oxfords I have that I would wear with a sport coat: snuff suede wing tips, dark brown suede semi-brogues, oxblood hatchgrain wing tips. Maybe antic cognac austerity brogues Derbies I have that I would wear with a suit: maybe dark brown 2-eyelet plain toes.
Sorry to hear Spoo. But your attitude is awesome so something good will work out for you and the fam.
Yep. Caccioppoli wool/silk/linen blend.http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/caccioppoli-summer-glenplaid-single-breasted-sport-coat-8-9-oz-wool-silk-linen.htmlI have a few pairs of mid-grey in different shades and fabrics. I wasn't crazy about any of them with it. I realize that sounds crazy. And I only just started drinking.
Thanks. The coat is awesome but I might not keep it. It's possible that none of my trousers go that well with it, which kind of blows my mind.
Some Saturday night slubs, spoilered out of respect and friendship. [[SPOILER]]
Can we still bond over hating loafers?
Tis the season for textured ties. I'm firmly on #teamslub and like wearing shantungs and raw silks in fall/winter too, but I think you're seeing them more recently just because of the time of year. Never reach for neats?! Force yourself. You'll see they're very nice.
Wook-silk tie.  
Mine from earlier this week.  
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