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 Cool! Five responses so far, including from unbel and gdl. Go ahead and fill it out, gents. I'll forward the responses to NMWA. Also, you should all put this P&H Glorious Twelfth blue/brown/burgundy check as your first choice. Because it is self-evidently awesome and deserves to get made. 
I'm pretty sure that survey will be invalidated as soon as Greg comes in with some new hotness, but it was fun to put together.
 The W. Bill cloths are only 14 oz. But that's why I was thinking unlined or only 3/8 lined would be a good balance for different climates.
I'd be in for a fresco suit but would want standard pockets.
Here's the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WXXRLNY.   Generally, large pictures are inspiration or an actual photo of the fabric made up.   The new idea is a green donegal sport coat. I was thinking of it being unlined or 3/8 lined. Having just looked at the survey again, I realized that I hadn't quite finished it because Ercole showed a sample of a jacket made up in an Ariston fabric the number of which I haven't been able to identify yet.
I put together a survey for another round of GMTO sport coats--three from the previous bunches and one new idea. I got busy and didn't get around to posting it. If Greg is going to start something up, I'll hold off, though.
My pleasure! I would have bought one already but am generally disappointed with the knots that I get from 8 cm ties.
 I thought that thread was a piss-take. No? Check ties (even beyond the shepherd check wedding tie) have a pretty long history, as I understand it. Some tie makers have probably stretched that tradition a bit recently by using jacketing cloths that look like what they are when made into ties. But a check wool tie with appropriate texture, tasteful colors, and a properly scaled pattern can be part of a coherent fit (with or without a human head associated). It remains an...
New Posts  All Forums: