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 That's a pretty important exception. I think suede oxfords with a sport coat are fine, with or without broguing.
Burgundy grenadine. Lots of good additions to the Vanda line up recently. I have my eye on a few.  
 Team Birdseye! 
 I agree about the shirt. I find it too formal for the suit. The neat tie, I think, is even a bit of a stretch. Fit and colors are great, and the suit deserves all the praise that it's received.
I would have gone with a knit tie there.
  Thanks for checking though!
Thus far, I haven't had buttonholes done on any RTW jackets. For MTM pieces, I've had working buttonholes done.  Maybe I'm too cavalier the other way. Particularly with the Formosa jackets, it seemed weird to me to have machine-finished buttonholes on the sleeves when all the other buttonholes were done by hand.  I would love for one of my trips to NYC to coincide with a Formosa visit so that I could get measured and have them finish the sleeves, if that's possible as part...
Since buttonholes done locally won't match the ones done by Formosa, I just have the buttons attached.
Agree on all points. I would guess those are G&G vintage cherry. I have the same shoes. They're great but I wouldn't wear them with a suit.
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