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Non-standard shirt: grey check Inglese from NMWA.
@bourbonbasted I really like my Caccioppoli hopsack navy SC. It's not too warm and resist wrinkles OK. I'm not sure that Steed has an account with them though. You could also ch close with Kolecho about whether he has any of the navy Rangoon left from the last run. It's a solid navy with a little variegation. Very nice.
Congrats Steve!
^ I was going to say ...    If you haven't, you might want to keep an eye on Yellow Hook. Rob finds some cool fabrics and likes denim. So when he restocks, he might have something you'd like.
 Seems like Antonio has done several denim shirts. I'm pretty sure Eidos has you covered there too. (Not intended in any way as snark, just in case.)
^ Thanks @GirouxAJX! The shirt is a Borelli oxford. I'm not sure where I got it. Sorry. The pants are from Panta. I don't think @edmorel has that fabric anymore, unfortunately. It's a super soft salt-and-pepper cloth. The shoes are Carmina cognac shell wingtip derbies on Forest. The belt is a Farnese cognac tubo from NMWA.
For anyone wondering what this badass tweed is like in the wild (where the wild is defined as my office).
^ Yeah, I rolled the dice on an M based on the comments about the shirts being big this season. I figure the collar doesn't matter since I'm not going to button it anyway, maybe it will be a bit tight across the chest, and it will probably be too big in the waist--but almost every RTW shirt is. Which is why I've been avoiding RTW shirts for the most part. But the collar and fabric in this one seemed worth an experiment.
 Thanks for the tip, Antonio. Just grabbed one. The fabric and color look great! 50 thirded.
@kirbya can you answer this one? Thanks!
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