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Leaves, any chance you're going to restock some Carmina business basics with Tomir or Dainite soles? I checked the expected arrivals list and didn't see them. I was thinking about the now-arrived rainy season and their potential usefulness.
Winter in the Bay Area is totally appropriate for flannel (except last winter, of course, which was ridiculous). I wore a flannel suit today in the East Bay comfortably.   You need this suit (with notch lapels ).
I know, man. I haven't worked out a way to take them that results in a decent photo. Also, cloudy today--I took the pic during a brief moment of sunlight. Just believe that it was awesome.
I heard that you like it, the houndstooth flannel. (With Mazzy, Bigi, and Drake's.)
Felt the same way when I saw this round go up. Then I thought, "Hey, I've got some great pants!"
That suit is awesome but ...
Sean Connery just heard you all suggest that the notch lapels on his flannel chalk stripe suit weren't awesome enough.     Also, listen to Greg. Greg is wise.
Don't peaked lapels on a single-breasted suit really call for one button, though? I feel like a notch lapel would contribute to making it seem less dandy-ish and costumey.
It was a cold but hilarious joke.   Enjoying some Panta pents today!  
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