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Quote:Originally Posted by unbelragazzo  Lighter...but also very different  [[SPOILER]]  Thanks! That's helpful. Particularly the close up of the swatch. It's got great texture and variation. I kind of want to see what how the winter proposals shake out before committing. Assume that I'll back at least one of these, though.
  Gotta have that charcoal, man! Actually, I'm just trying to reconcile the sense you're making with my perception that there are instances in which I've seen charcoal trousers that seemed equally good as other options--sometimes better--and thereby arrive at some useful place with regard to wearing the trousers that I have in good taste.
Is the inky blue darker, lighter, or about the same as the Draper's lighter than navy blue that was part of the earlier GMTO's?
I think because otherwise the result is (unsuccessfully) monochromatic. Either more saturation or more brightness in some element would result in better visual balance. (I'm trying not to argue for contrast because low contrast is OK, although not something that I'm good at.) Genuine charcoal odd trousers question: using Foo's formulation, are there no situations in which charcoal is better taste than any other option? None in which it's equally good as other options? I...
I like charcoal trousers with a green jacket. I think if there's any issue here it's that the hue of the green is dark and the tie is dark so the overall effect is too subdued. The color palette needs a little more toward the brighter end of the spectrum.
I'd kind of like to see the Delfino Portofino brown with blue and cream checks move to the next round, but I could live with those two.
The green donegal was the clear winner. I'd say the P&H blue/brown/burgundy check was the preferred second choice. It had one fewer first place vote than the glenplaid but more second and third place votes and a higher average ranking.   Of the donegals, W. Bill 34591 got the most votes. If you have swatches available to view, though, it might be good for you to make some suggestions.  
Nice stuff, @jrd617! Wonderfully fuzzy. Are you going to make suits or just jackets with the 17 oz. cloths? I just got some 14 oz. trousers and can't imagine going heavier than that.
@UrbanComposition I really like 2 & 3, especially 3. Given the weather in the Bay Area recently I can't believe you wore 3 though! @lordsuperb I think you could put together combinations that fit the aesthetic of this thread. You might want to try it to do something different. It's a challenge. I think about it often when dressing. I sometimes decide to go in a different direction or fail but I think about it as a guide regularly.
^ I was shorthanding. On the assumption that the flannel used in the suit is a woolen, I focused on what seemed like the important distinction: woolen flannel v. worsted wool suiting. I don't disagree with you at all and appreciate you expanding on the issue for the benefit of the thread!
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