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Thanks for the feedback. I probably won't bother trying to return the coat to BB; I was interested in gauging the extent of their "guarantee" and it sounds like, although excellent for short-term returns and adjustments, it's not as generous or storied as LL Bean's. The coat has lasted ten years, but I am disappointed that it didn't hold up better given what I paid for it (probably hundreds more than a normal navy pea coat), fraying at the cuffs and tearing in the...
CYstyle: what's the official BB return policy? What I'm wondering is whether it is anything like LL Bean's famously generous lifetime return policy, or whether I'd be shamed out of the store.
The BB guarantee says that "Purchases may be exchanged or returned at any time," but I wonder if anyone has experience returning items they've had for several years. My wool BB pea coat is about ten years old, and is due for replacement: fraying cuffs, tears in the lining, pockets in need of repair, and this year the moths have started to get to it. It was an expensive coat, and I'd hoped it would last longer. Should I try to take advantage of the guarantee, or just...
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