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[[SPOILER]] Please tell me you looked at this picture, saw how bad the proportions were, and burned the shirt.
Strong 1rd post
Heutchy Forest Boots -Size 9 (I wear a 43 in CP's and these fit well) -Outsole: 29.5 cm, Width: 10.5 cm -They have a few scuffs here and there. On the right shoe the material on the inside is coming up a little bit. A little wear on the bottom. Still look great and have lots of life left. I've put a coat or two of Obenauf's on them. Looking for a quick sale here as there's an auction for another pair of boots ending today and I could use some money to strengthen my...
Really like the 2nd one. Kinda similar to this Viridi-anne cardi I've been looking at, except I can actually afford this one. If something is on sale on the UK site does that generally mean it'll be on sale in the US too?
I have a pair of deep indigo Weird Guys in size 29 for sale. Want to get them sold today so I can cop some boots. Nawmsayin?
Tags were all messed up. Just a simple img tag works fine.
Speaking of which- Brad, have you found any cheap alternatives to the nicer Japanese shirts- stuff like wjk, Shellac, etc- that are worth getting?
Still looking. Maybe if neither of us find a date we can go together [[SPOILER]]
I just put all that into Fitday except for the bread (damn, I must be bored) and here's what I got:Total kcal: 2505Fat: 80g (28%)Carb: 245g (38%)Fiber: 36gProtein: 218g (34%)I'd say point him to some good resources on nutrition rather than have him be stuck with some thing a guy gives all his clients. Seems decent though; I'd swap some carbs for protein.
They look like two logs of partially undigested shit.
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