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Yes, in a collaboration with the Ultima Online guild CoS.
Uniqlo Undercover Hooded Blouson -From the SS2012 collection. I bought this NWT on Yahoo Japan about a month ago. Wore it once before deciding its too small. -My camera sucks but I think the close-up picture best captures the true color. It's not quite as red as the stock picture IMO. There's other pics online that probably show it better. -Price included Priority shipping in US. Contact me for an international quote. Measurements (in inches) Shoulder: 17...
Gettoasty, Slim fit twill jeans are at the SF Uniqlo. They have half a table on the first floor. I noticed wine, two shades of grey, and 2 or 3 other colors.
If you look good bald, shave it and never look back. (Optionally, get jacked as fuck as well.) Not worth it to spend thousands of $ on Rogaine for the next 20 years, or a hair transplant (and rogaine).
Definitely not worth the drive just to go to Uniqlo. I was gonna pop in on Monday if there's no line. If no other SF peeps have found out by then, I'll see if they have them.
Hate when you have something close to what would look really good, but just isn't quite there. I just found this Cloak shirt in my drawer that would be really nice with some black overdye jeans, but all I have are these beat to shit Samurais.
Was gonna check for you today but there was still a line around the side of the building so I said fuck it.All I saw walking by was that the color jeans are still $10.
Disregard job, acquire aesthetics.
A lot of it was really redundant. The bottom floor had all menswear but it was also spread out on the other two floors. I bet once the store cools down they won't have to stock so many basics and will have room for UU.mj, I mostly saw sexy Asian girls, but there were some oldsters too. Bummed I didn't get to meet any SF people.
Fuck. Not sure if the opening was worth it. Got there at 9:45 and was in line behind about 600 people. Got most of what I wanted though, plus some socks, so its all good. Still pretty good stock on everything and there's so many workers that you never have to wait long for someone to get something from the back. No Undercover stuff, which made me a sad panda. Oh, and I was told 3-4 weeks for the online store.
New Posts  All Forums: