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Dem aesthetics
oxford cloth button down
Are you raising your shoulders to make your shirt seem shorter?
I didn't see any in the one in the mall, but I wasn't really looking and was only in there for a few minutes. Maybe the one on...Post? Sutter? Wherever it is.
Did you notice if they had the slippers still? My feet are so cold.
nineohtoo, any room shoes at the SF store?
Just got my ears pierced a week ago, so I'm not too well versed either. I like ones that are kinda minimal, not too flashy. Was gonna pick these up when I'm able to take my current ones out:
MS007, whatchu know about some dope earrings?
Anyone else not know who the hell these groups are when people in here start discussing rap and indie?
Anyone know where to get some relaxed chinos but with some taper on the cheap? Navy and/or black. Something like this but maybe with not so low of a crotch:
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