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I can ship to Australia for another $5, so total would be $90.
11/8/09 - Price dropped to $85 or best offer. Can't edit the title, I guess.
Just bought a pair of Acne Guy chinos from Tobi. Report and fit pics to come.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Is there any uglier color of jeans than "electric blue"? http://www.tobi.com/product/23286-ch...000#ref=plroll?
Quote: Originally Posted by snake interested Are the sleeve lengths really only 23.5" pre wash? EDIT- Woah 17 p2p?! Yep, just checked and they are 23.5". I took the other measurements while I was at it and the original post has been edited to reflect that.
The Flat Head long sleeve chambray - > SOLD Navy - the one seen here Bought it off a member on SuFu, but its too small for me. I don't know if he washed or wore it, but it looks brand new. Measurements Updated Pit to Pit: 17.75" Length down back, from bottom of collar: 26.5" Sleeve from pit: 19.5" Shoulder to cuff: 23.5" Shoulder to shoulder: ~16" Pics (pictures in the link above show the color best.) http://img5.imageshack.us/img5/6809/fhchambray005.jpg (My name on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Staver Blue/White Secret Wash (#25) Measures (approx) 21 inches from pit to pit 25 inches from shouler seam to end of cuff 31 inches in total length Hope this helps! Steve Could I also get the shoulder measurement?
Measurements on the small blue/white striped secret wash?
Thanks. I found the model number and figured out the last with a quick google search.
Is it possible to tell which last a shoe is on just by looking at it? Got some that I'm eyeing but I'm not sure if they're the right size for me.
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