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Anyone know if Blue In Green is having any sort of online Black Friday deals?
Nevermind, figured it out.
Going back through all the stuff I've bought on here since I joined: Francis91 communicated and shipped very quickly. Very pleased with the shirts. DanTheLadiesMan, same as above. Love the jacket. justtemple was also a great seller. We had a problem with USPS but Justin handled it well and communicated promptly. midgen Nice simple transaction, fast shipping and communication. aqhong- Another easy transaction, nice shirts. No complaints whatsoever. daft was a...
Between and I pretty much get whatever I'm looking for. But I miss going on Kerrazy Torrents and Demonoid and finding all kinds of great stuff that I'd never heard of.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug the fuck? is that really a penis vein fade? unreal They're washed with a dildo in there. The wonderful things you find on Sufu.
Quote: Originally Posted by ties@thedepot what do i do for a prominent cock issue? although i must admit i get awesome cock fades.
A few questions- 1) Do CA residents pay sales tax if they buy from your site? 2) If I came in and bought a pair at the SF store, could I have it chainstitched there and then sent to me when that is finished? (I'm only in SF maybe once a month at the most.)
Thai Chicken burrito from the Burrito Shop So fucking good.
If my neck measures, say, 15 inches, do I buy a size 15 shirt, or go up to 15.5?
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS California (in country): Neighbors ... what neighbors? Sums it up for me. Although, to the UPS man, I'm the guy with the steep ass driveway.
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