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Quote: Originally Posted by SLeiber32 http://www.davidz.com/products2.cfm/...d-Z-Exclusive/ I like those myself [/url] Thanks for the recommendation. Not feeling the moc toe or thickness of the sole though.
Looking for CP training boots size 43, in either grey or black. Hit me up if you've got some you want to sell.
Any rec's for a grey high-top shoe or boot that fits this description: -Under $150 (though I could go higher if I really loved it) -Not too formal. Will be worn with slim jeans and chinos, 50/50 tee-shirts and button-downs. -Relatively low profile. There was a pair of CP training boots I saw on ebay that I really liked, but the bid went too high and I can't afford to pay retail prices. Maybe there's a cheaper alternative?
While we're on the topic of leather protectants, what would be safe to use on a dog collar? I think I'm going to get my dog a Tanner collar for Christmas, but I need something that'll hold up in rain and not irritate his skin.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie i saw the target plastic bag in one of those pics. i work for target... so in a roundabout way you kept me in a job, sort of. Hell yeah. T1097 plano team reprezent!
Material and measurements?
Anyone know if Blue In Green is having any sort of online Black Friday deals?
Nevermind, figured it out.
Going back through all the stuff I've bought on here since I joined: Francis91 communicated and shipped very quickly. Very pleased with the shirts. DanTheLadiesMan, same as above. Love the jacket. justtemple was also a great seller. We had a problem with USPS but Justin handled it well and communicated promptly. midgen Nice simple transaction, fast shipping and communication. aqhong- Another easy transaction, nice shirts. No complaints whatsoever. daft was a...
Between mininova.org and heavytorrents.org I pretty much get whatever I'm looking for. But I miss going on Kerrazy Torrents and Demonoid and finding all kinds of great stuff that I'd never heard of.
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