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Cut off the hood? Or wear the hood up? I'm trying to remember the brand of a belt that I saw on here. It has a quick release buckle that's really pointy. IIRC it was somewhere in the $60-80 range.
Quote: Originally Posted by rapefruit cloak skulls slippaz Looks good. Did you get the Cloak jacket from Pinoy? Also, do you play Quake Live? Pretty sure I've seen someone with that name.
Quote: Originally Posted by springer23 Measurements on the Wings and Horns V neck please thanks! Probably gonna be too small on me, but can I get those too if you're pm'ing them?
Not expecting much of a response, but any recommendations for a super badass grey leather jacket under $300? Someone sell me their TOJ for 3 bills?
Quote: Originally Posted by Sharlatan Measurements on geller hoodie? Seconded.
Thanks mlyngard. I knew I was holding something special when I tore open the package. Prior to all this I was wearing Express jeans. I was amazed at the quality when I got my N&F Weird Guys. And I feel the same way now about these PBJ's. The measurements are what I'm looking for after comparing my N&F's and the BiG measurements for the one-wash version of these jeans. I desperately want to soak and wear them but I'm still not sure about the top block fit. I took...
Dunno if any of you guys are into Megadeth, but I downloaded a copy of the remastered Rust in Peace to replace my CD that is too messed up to play. Dave redid the vocals and they're fucking atrocious. Especially the backing vocals on Take No Prisoners and Five Magics. No power whatsoever behind them. And he changed some of the lyrics on Five Magics. "Bestow upon me magic"? No, its fucking, "Bestow upon me knowledge". "I want to rule my kingdom". It's already your...
Hey, just got my first pair of unsanforized (and second pair of raw) jeans- PBJ XX-009. I'm having trouble figuring out how they're gonna look after soaking though and I'm a little worried about the top block. I've taken some (admittedly crappy) pictures of the problem. The fabric folds over at the very top of the thigh and the look of the backside isn't too great. But I don't know if that'll go away once they shrink and (hey, my socks are blue! Just noticed) aren't...
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