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Yep, link is in his sig. But I warn you- enter at your own peril. And then post the "cannot be unseen" lolcat when you get back.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion I really like the style, but I'm not sure how it looks on top of outerwear. It ships from, I think, Sweden so returning it could be expensive. Any opinions? I think it's badass. I saved this picture of something really similar, if not the same thing, worn by a dude on SZ. Modern day Sith lord.
I don't know why these are being so hard for me to find, but what brands/stores sell what I guess is called a u-neck or scoop neck t-shirt? Like your standard crew neck but cut lower. $25 and under. Long or short sleeved.
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR Or am I supposed to be cool enough to know without asking? Yes. But I'll tell post them this time: In order- Common Projects, B Son, Nice Collective, Cloak Quote: Originally Posted by snake Ha, I actually considered getting the black ones but figured I already had too much black shoes/boots already. Nice cops I didn't really have a good pair of boots or black shoes, so these...
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Probably won't wear these until the spring, but couldn't pass them up. I knew it wouldn't be long until people started copying my shoes. These came in the mail a few days ago. Also got this: And waiting on these two:
I stumbled across that first RO a few weeks ago and have been in love ever since. I'm kinda fortunate its not my size because I would be in an endless battle with myself trying to justify spending the cash on it. For now I'll just fantasize it. I say go with the first or both.
The training boots are my first, but definitely not last, pair of CPs, so I don't know how they compare to their other models. But I normally wear a 10 in sneakers and went with 43 for the training boots. They do fit a little big on me; I probably could've done a 42, but these ones are just fine. By the way, I got mine from Kit Akira, where they have a 20% off coupon for their website right now.
So, ToJ should make some t-shirts for those of us who are too poor to afford leathers.
Schott seems to fit you better and the grey is a more versatile color, imo.
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