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Yoke refers to the distance between the back pockets and the curved seam that's below the waistband. So a low yoke would mean the pockets are lower in relation to that seam. I think.
Quote: Originally Posted by spagnutty Tall, skinny, lanky guy here... Where can I get some 30x33/30x34 or something similar (affordable!) khakis? I have a pair nice pair of 32x32s but they're too short. 30x30 is the right width, but way way too short. I haven't been able to find a more expansive size selection whenever I'm looking. Is there any hope of escaping the baggy or highwater hell I'm living in? Incotex are nice, fit very well...
Quote: Originally Posted by Francis91 Good fit on the shirt, Ramp. Glad it went to a good home Hey, thanks man. I did take it and the others to the tailor to slim them down a little. I'm very pleased with how they came out.
Quote: Originally Posted by denimaddict For my girl Dude, that's badass on so many levels. Dude. Where from?
Still waiting to see the TOJ one...
@Gayestmanalive, $90 is a great deal, probably the lowest you'll find unless some pop up on B&S. I'd go for them.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Top half says office space and bottom says commando. Haha, I was kind of worried about how the shirt came out in the top picture - it looks like a solid blue oxford. It actually has grey interwoven and has a bit of a sheen to it that I thought would keep it from looking too office-like. Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra I don't mind the tucked-in boots, personally. But I'd lose the...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist Boot tuck is not working out here. That tends to only look good with a military or gothninja type fits, in my opinion. Fix your pants and I think this is a solid look. Yeah, I wasn't too sure about it, but at the same time, I really wanted to show off my CP's. Do you think it's the cut of the pants or the top that isn't working with the boot tuck.
Yep, link is in his sig. But I warn you- enter at your own peril. And then post the "cannot be unseen" lolcat when you get back.
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