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So I'm looking at these Drkshdw jeans in size 30 on Yoox. Does anyone know how the sizing is regarding the waist and thighs on these?
Quote: Originally Posted by TyroneFig Of all things, how do you figure THIS is trolling? Because it's one of your posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill_switch If you want those in a size 28 instead, I have them. ()
Want -Drop Crotch -Grey (preferably medium-grey, but charcoal is fine too, maybe even black...) -roughly 30" waist -just about any brand -cheap. My limit can vary, but I don't want to spend too much as this is my first venture into dropped crotch territory. Do Not Want -Sweat pants -Extreme tightness in calf or thigh regions -Cropped legs. Let me know what you got.
You'd probably get sickk crotch blowouts before you got sickk fades.
Lots of stuff just added.
Guys, stop being assholes. The dude just wants to know where he can get an H&M peacoat. itgiawa, last I saw Sterlingwear had the H&M peacoats in stock.
I don't see anything wrong with it. I just got a Wings+Horns tee that fits nicely in the shoulders, but the chest is a bit too big and it's something like 29" long. I like the graphic and would also like to wear it without looking like I'm wearing a sack, so I'll get it altered.
No button problems here either. And I sized down 2 or 3.
So I got one of these for Christmas: And I was looking on bodybuilding.com and came across this article. If you don't want to read it, it basically says a good way to build biceps size is to hang in pull-up position as long as you can and fight it the whole way down. Is this worth adding on to the end of my biceps workout?
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