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So, the last two pairs of pants I bought (Damir and Petrov) have the back pockets sewn shut. Why do they do this? Are the pants gonna self-destruct if I take a seam-ripper to them?
Anyone familiar with the quality and sizing of Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair shirts? Looking at a linen one in particular.
Add me to the Petar Petrov copping list. These should be here tomorrow. Hopefully they fit.
When I ask for measurements and see that they won't work for me, I let the seller know and appreciate when buyers do the same when I sell. Not a huge deal, but seems like the curteous thing to do.
I'd say this would be a case of the face/hair not matching the fit. At all.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Sam adams, harpoon and magic hat aren't really that great/fun imo. They're solid for stuff readily found at most every bar though. Ommegang i definitely like though. Long Trail is solid too. Pretty Things is probably one of my favorite massacussets breweries at the moment. Really great beers and awesome bottle art http://www.prettythingsbeertoday.com/site/ I thought the free tour was worth the time. ...
Artelier. I fondled the grey moto in person and it is amazing.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie aside from the poochey looking stomach, this is one of my better retail steez fits. mjk 511cords converse Target team members represent. You happen to see the "Most Fashionable Team Member" or something feature in last month's Red Magazine? I lol'd heartily.
Love these, they're exactly what I'm looking for. But there's a good chance they're too small in the thigh and if they're not now, they will be in a few months. 15k yen+proxy fees. Meh, I just answered my own question.
So I'm looking at these Drkshdw jeans in size 30 on Yoox. Does anyone know how the sizing is regarding the waist and thighs on these?
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