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They're doing a tour of the green wg's on Sufu.
Quote: Originally Posted by SebastianPGM 6% Body Fat
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty Make sure you're pinching your shoulders. Sounds simple, but after 3 years I reailzed that was my big problem. What do you mean by that?
One package I got through USPS said it was delivered, and wasn't. It showed up a few days later though. Another got lost for a few weeks and finally ended up being returned to the forum member I bought it from who sent it out again. Just two experiences, but I would say give it a little more time. Calling them is a good idea.
Looking for some drkshdw pants in a beige-ish color. Grosgrain, denim, doesn't matter. No aircuts though. I need about a 32 inch waist and 11.3-ish thigh.
minotaur anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by sockpuppets That bag makes you look like a Tibetan Monk. If I were beating up school kids for their lunch money I'd pick you first, steal it and then make MC Hammer pants out of them. It'll go great with my shaved head then. And uh, I'm in college. Not exactly a "school kid" anymore.
Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt What brand is that bag? Not really looking for a new one just now, just curious... Y's by Yohji Yamamoto And yeah, there's no lockers at my college. I can see why that bag would be bad for books, but damn, I really like it. I guess for now I should try to see if there are some good (and cheaper) alternatives.
For about 3 bills. Would be used at school to carry 3-4 textbooks and a few notebooks. I have the money, but there's a few other things I want to get and I see the amount going higher and higher.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Anything Damir Doma. explain this!
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