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Quote: Originally Posted by snake Anything Damir Doma. explain this!
Don't buy those shoes.
Its time again to sell the stuff I don't wear to make room for new stuff. Prices include shipping in US. Payment marked as gift or +4%. Open to offers on everything, maybe trades too for gothninjawear. Drkshdw jeans - $90 size 28 area around one of the buttons is torn, but still usable. could probably be repaired. blue marks here and there, but I think that's intentional. back blue1, blue2 button Some Korean shorts - $45 size 1, too small for me darts in...
So, the last two pairs of pants I bought (Damir and Petrov) have the back pockets sewn shut. Why do they do this? Are the pants gonna self-destruct if I take a seam-ripper to them?
Anyone familiar with the quality and sizing of Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair shirts? Looking at a linen one in particular.
Add me to the Petar Petrov copping list. These should be here tomorrow. Hopefully they fit.
When I ask for measurements and see that they won't work for me, I let the seller know and appreciate when buyers do the same when I sell. Not a huge deal, but seems like the curteous thing to do.
I'd say this would be a case of the face/hair not matching the fit. At all.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Sam adams, harpoon and magic hat aren't really that great/fun imo. They're solid for stuff readily found at most every bar though. Ommegang i definitely like though. Long Trail is solid too. Pretty Things is probably one of my favorite massacussets breweries at the moment. Really great beers and awesome bottle art http://www.prettythingsbeertoday.com/site/ I thought the free tour was worth the time. ...
Artelier. I fondled the grey moto in person and it is amazing.
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