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Worn maybe around 10 times, but they're too small for me, so here they are. They're a little dirty and have some indigo on them, but otherwise are in good condition. You can see better pictures of them new at Gilt.
I've had these for about 2 years and wore them fairly often during that time, but my style is heading in a different direction these days. Once again my pictures fail to do them justice. The color is closest to the bottom part of the pant legs in the full shots; not sure why they ended up being two colors in the photos. Made with a very subtle tonal stripe cotton, they feature curved seams down the front of the leg that gives them an amazing drape. Pretty good condition...
Just saw this on Yahoo Japan. Cheap for now, but with 4 days left on the auction.
They didn't when I was there last Friday.
Just bought these from B&S without looking at the measurements too carefully and it turns out they're too small. They were worn 4x by the previous seller and never by me. Selling for $75 shipped in the US. See the previous seller's thread for better pics and the product page from End Clothing for complete details. Measurements waist: 25 in (elastic waistband with draw string) front rise: 11 in thigh: 12 in inseam: 31 in leg opening: 7.25 in
Got my friend this for his birthday. For the seafood lovers in this thread, one of the recipes is semen on a half oyster shell.
Samurai S5000BK These were tapered by their previous owner down to a 7" hem. They've been worn a fair amount and there is a little fraying at the crotch. Still tons of life left in them, though. I haven't worn them in months so here they are. The close-up pics provide the best representation of color and condition. Measurements Waist: 16 Rise: 10 Thigh: 11.5 Inseam: 36 Hem: 7 Price includes shipping to continental US. Contact me for international quotes or if you...
Not even close. Measure some of your well-fitting jackets and I'd bet they're much bigger than the Julius.Anyone have an opinion on the jacket I posted earlier?
What's the second one? I had a dream last night I found it at Target for $50. In the bike aisle. Then I woke up
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