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^there's some white Attachment boots up on ebay. I think they're from someone on sufu.
Has anyone bought anything online from the Turkish store Shopi Go? How was the experience?
Caveat, deets on the cardigan?
Bought these on Yahoo Japan a little while back. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell from the pictures that they were corduroy, and I have an intense dislike for anything corduroy. It's a shame, because the curved construction gives them a very nice fit. There's some fading at the seat, upper thighs, and knees but otherwise they're in good condition. Measurements Waist: 16.25 Rise: 11.5 Thigh: 12 Inseam: ~31 Hem: 7.5 I haven't been able to find much information about the...
Bought these on here years ago, had them hemmed, and never wore them. They have a great texture and the color is nice for these colder months. Tags were cut out before I bought them. The close-up picture gives the best representation of the true color. Measurements Waist: 14.75 Rise: 9.5 Thigh: 11 Inseam: 30.75 Hem: 7.5
I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but its been so long since I've bought something major that I'm feeling really cautious.
Not to keep piling on Abraxis, but I'm surprised no one has mentioned it yet... I don't think your hairstyle is doing you any favors. At the very least, it seems incongruous with the style you're going for. That said, I think if the pants were slimmed down and tapered, you'd have a good fit there. I like the quirkiness of the jacket too- like oh....there's a pocket there
Wool blend jacket and matching pants a good starter suit? Need something cheap for weddings and job interviews and I don't really care about the finer points of suiting at the moment.
So I'm looking to buy my first suit, as I have a wedding that requires it next week. Also looking for something that can be worn for job interviews and possibly for work in the future. What's the best option for a super low price? So far I have my eye on Uniqlo's Wool Blend Jacket and matching pants for $150, but I don't know if that actually constitutes a suit.
Playing a little yjp roulette. Also re-bought the Uniqlo MA-1 after losing mine in Golden Gate park over the weekend....
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