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Natural Indigo Revival
Now that's my kind of LAN party. [[SPOILER]]
Is there a compiled list of current sale prices anywhere? Kind of a pain the ass to just be guessing.
Strong triple post /10pronx, only get that shirt if you're jacked and 8% bodyfat. Otherwise you'd just look like a nerd. (Rather than a jacked nerd, I guess)
1) The inseam is and has always been 30.75". Not that long, but combined with the long inseam, they won't be cropped unless you're really tall. For comparison, the outseam length is 44.75".2) There's not really any stretch, but I've found as my weight changed that they can easily be worn lower or higher since the drop crotch won't be interfering with your crotch.
Up for sale is a pair of Damir Doma 100% Linen pants in size 44. Some history: These were bought new with tags a couple years ago and worn a fair amount. Wore them to a party one night and slipped in a pile of cake and vomit , in the process tearing the rear seam (a clean tear....well...). Since then, they've been dry-cleaned and the seam sewn up, although the seam doesn't look perfectly straight to me. Whatever, still looks good. The dry cleaning had an effect on...
Up for sale is a pair of Imperial Dukes that was purchased from Self Edge last September. They were worn a few times a week up until March this year. There is some small fading, most notably on the coin pocket and back right pocket, but still tons of life left and dark enough for you to establish your own sick fadez. Never soaked, never washed. Measurements (BiG style) Waist: 34" Rise: 11" Thigh: 11.25" Inseam: 38" Hem: 8"
Nvm, should've refreshed the page.
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