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Up for sale is a pair of Imperial Dukes that was purchased from Self Edge last September. They were worn a few times a week up until March this year. There is some small fading, most notably on the coin pocket and back right pocket, but still tons of life left and dark enough for you to establish your own sick fadez. Never soaked, never washed. Measurements (BiG style) Waist: 34" Rise: 11" Thigh: 11.25" Inseam: 38" Hem: 8"
Nvm, should've refreshed the page.
So uhh...is the UU stuff (or anything else) still on sale and if so where can I find the prices?
Ah, my curly-coated is always mistaken for a goldendoodle. Looks really similar to yours except with longer fur.
Curly-coated Golden Retriever?
IMO, the outfit gets a pass because its St. Patrick's Day and dudes being festive. The bigger issue are his proportions. Having the camera further away has helped, but it can't hide the gut (no offense bro). Big also always has his shoulders way back emphasizing all that.Anyway, my St. Patrick's contribution. Best I can do with cell phone camera and no photoshop skills.T-shirtCorterJunyaHeutchy
So I know jack shit about blazers but want to get one for casual wear. How's this one look? Wool, nylon, stainless steel. Not sure if I should be looking for something with a more uniform texture or if the shape is off or w/e.
Aware?Not a fan of the shirt.
Sup misc brah
Lane, is that a denim jacket? Can't really tell from the pic.
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