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Shall we take bets on how long before shit goes down because you whipped out your Undercover gun pouch?
Book says to start light (IIRC empty bar for press, 65 for bench, 90 for squat, 115-135 for DL) and do sets of 5. Add weight in 5-10 lb increments until the bar speed slows down. What you start at isn't really critical, as long as you don't start too high and stall early. Think marathon rather than sprint.
Are there other promos going on this week, or just the ones in the picture above?
I don't think they should be totally without stacks, but both struck me as having too much extra fabric at the bottom.
Would look really good if the pants weren't so sloppy. Need a hem.Way too hot for a jacket today, but I'd really like this too if the pant hems were cleaned up
Just make sure to soak first so you don't end up with blue balls.
There's probably some settings to change it, but I do get emails from sufu when someone PMs me.
Natural Indigo Revival
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