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Damn, I gotta check this thread more often. If anyone got a pair with 31-32" waist and they didn't work out, let me know.
123&124 shoes - never heard of the brand, but depending on how the bidding goes, they could be a nice, cheaper alternative to CCP and the like.
As the current owner of the boots, I'm glad you (and the other seller) sold them. The zipper looks fine IMO and is always hidden by pants anyway. I agree with t3hg0suazn that the fit could use slightly chunkier boots, but it still looks good.
KKA Should be interesting. Fabric is cotton/linen/rayon/silk
More info on the pants?
:/ Really not a fan of that panel and how the zipper intersects it.
Can anyone provide measurements for the AA Sheer Jersey Loose Crew? The Fine Jersey shirts I've tried were ridiculous (small was skintight; medium was like a tent) and I don't want to be stuck with a bunch of shirts I can't wear.
Should I or shouldn't I dye... Got this Attachment leather shirt for dirt cheap a while back. The leather shop in my city utterly failed at dying the dark parts cream again, so I'm going to dye the whole thing myself. Black and grey are a bit boring, so... Olive Drab or Stormy Sky? (If it ends up looking too bad, I'll just dye the thing black.)
http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/gsc-rinkan/item/r04mo13112257218000/ Julius leather jacket for $210. Kinda discolored in places, but maybe a good candidate for a re-dye?
Anyone know how the quality of Pledge footwear is?
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