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TroveUniqloNudieCP [[SPOILER]]
No clue what I'm doing, but I thought this looked cool.
I had this jacket in a size 2. It doesn't come across in the pic, but it's kind of awkward unless it's buttoned (hooked) all the way up. The fabric is kinda cool and it's warm, but overall I wasn't too impressed.
Anyone know where to find light tan pants, fairly loose with a long rise, decent taper, in a cool fabric? In the amount of time I've been looking, I probably could have already learned to sew my own....these IS ones come closest to what I'm looking for, but don't quite fit the bill (and are out of my price range even at 1/2 off)
Anyone looking to sell their linen long sleeve shirts? White, beige, or navy - size small
Looking for the Uniqlo premium linen long sleeve shirts in size small. The ones shown here. White, beige, and navy. Possibly grey if you have one.
Details -Drop crotch, slim leg jersey pants -Minor pilling, some discoloration on right leg that isn't really visible when worn (see pics) -Retail a little over 40,000 yen Composition -100% cotton Measurements -Waist: 16 -Rise: 16 -Thigh: 12 -Inseam: 31 -Hem: 6.25
Details -Unique wavy fabric -hook closure -very good condiition -A bit darker green than in the stock photos Composition -75% wool, 21% linen, 4% stainless steel -Cotton/cupra lining Measurements -Shoulder: 17.5 -Chest: 20 -Sleeve: 26 -Length: 25 See for better pics
Pledge suede side-zips. -Black -Good condition. Minor discoloration on the toe and some wear to sole. -Tagged size 9 but fits bigger. Measurements -Length: 12" -Width: 4.5" -Height: 10"
So I noticed the other day that my leather-soled shoes had some gross mix of gum and grime stuck to the bottom. As I was trying to pull it off, the stitching started coming out too Is there anything a cobbler can do for them, or are they doomed to fall apart? They're pretty old and I never vibramed them. If something can be done, anyone have a rec for a good cobbler in SF? [[SPOILER]]
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