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I won't say it's a fixation, it just makes it easier to quickly coordinate what to wear, being that I can wear either the dressier or casual shoe with a similar color combination. However, I am open to all suggestions.
Also regarding chestnut, does this combination work? EDIT Oshinex's G&G Rothschilds in DG70 Vintage Chestnut for Casual: Newcomer's G&G Grants for Formal: Or these from the G&G blog:
Would these Mafoofan Alden LWB work for this purpose?
Found these in the classifieds from member Notch, I wonder if I can have them made in cordovan by Vass on the same U-last? Beautiful shoes in oxblood but unfortunately too small.
I really like Color 8 cordovan but find most Alden shoes to be very bulky. One idea that I'm considering is to buy the Mafanfoo longwing (Alden longwing on the Plaza last). I don't like Alden loafers because I find that the vamp is too short. In addition to the 6 pairs of shoes mentioned above and ignoring a replacement black casual shoe, what else should I be looking for? If you could include the names of various shoes to look into, that would be greatly appreciated. ...
These are my current work shoes: Top Row L-R: - John Lobb Vintage 2004 Black Calf 8000 Last - Carmina Punched Toe Brown Calf Simpson Last - Carmina Captoe Brown Suede Simpson Last Bottom Row L-R: - Korean Black Tassel Loafer - John Lobb Chapel Museum Brown Calf 8000 Last - Carmina Brown Suede Loafer Simpson Last I like to have a "formal" and "casual" shoe for each color, hence the current rotation. The Carmina Simpson last fits great, but I'm looking to have some...
I'm a US 9D, I wear a 8.5E in Gaziano & Girling lasts, 8E in Carmina's Simpson last. The Simpson last is very snug, but comfortable as long as your feet are a standard width.
Kent Wang Plaintoe Balmoral shoes in Black with Hanger Project laces after Saphir:
SOLD!!! Up for sale is a pair of Kent Wang Plaintoe Balmoral shoes in Black leather, size 43/9D US. I purchased the shoes just about a year ago and wore them 12 times. I recently did a complete Saphir treatment, including Renomat, 3 layers of cream polish, 1 layer of wax polish and 4 additional layers of wax polish on the toe for a mirror-like finish. Kent Wang's description: "Plaintoe balmoral design, the only black shoe you'll ever need. Even more formal than a...
Thanks for the compliments. I don't know if you would consider them special 8000 lasted, hollow I'm a bit of a Tom Ford guy as well:
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