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In my opinion, your current shoes are fine. For the interview, the panel is looking to see if you "fit" in with them and the program, similar to selecting a spouse or team mate. Wear a light blue or white shirt with a charcoal or navy suit. The tie should be simple and tone the accessories down. Your overall appearance should come off as neat and professional, where your personality should shine more than anything you have on (ex. Bright colored shirts, loud ties,...
Do you have any suggestions for a chunkier shoe? I'm currently considering the Alden Longwing Blucher in Cordovan on the Plaza last (the "Mafoofan shoe"). Regarding body fluids, there is a high potential for me as a physician in the hospital. However, it hasn't been an issue yet. I refuse to wear "crocs" or sneakers with my dress clothes and white coat.Also, what other specific shoes would you suggest for a more complete variety? I definitely prefer sleeker shoes but...
Like these?Edward Greem Inverness, 888 last (picture from skoaktiebolaget):
I won't say it's a fixation, it just makes it easier to quickly coordinate what to wear, being that I can wear either the dressier or casual shoe with a similar color combination. However, I am open to all suggestions.
Also regarding chestnut, does this combination work? EDIT Oshinex's G&G Rothschilds in DG70 Vintage Chestnut for Casual: Newcomer's G&G Grants for Formal: Or these from the G&G blog:
Would these Mafoofan Alden LWB work for this purpose?
Found these in the classifieds from member Notch, I wonder if I can have them made in cordovan by Vass on the same U-last? Beautiful shoes in oxblood but unfortunately too small.
I really like Color 8 cordovan but find most Alden shoes to be very bulky. One idea that I'm considering is to buy the Mafanfoo longwing (Alden longwing on the Plaza last). I don't like Alden loafers because I find that the vamp is too short. In addition to the 6 pairs of shoes mentioned above and ignoring a replacement black casual shoe, what else should I be looking for? If you could include the names of various shoes to look into, that would be greatly appreciated. ...
These are my current work shoes: Top Row L-R: - John Lobb Vintage 2004 Black Calf 8000 Last - Carmina Punched Toe Brown Calf Simpson Last - Carmina Captoe Brown Suede Simpson Last Bottom Row L-R: - Korean Black Tassel Loafer - John Lobb Chapel Museum Brown Calf 8000 Last - Carmina Brown Suede Loafer Simpson Last I like to have a "formal" and "casual" shoe for each color, hence the current rotation. The Carmina Simpson last fits great, but I'm looking to have some...
I'm a US 9D, I wear a 8.5E in Gaziano & Girling lasts, 8E in Carmina's Simpson last. The Simpson last is very snug, but comfortable as long as your feet are a standard width.
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