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I think I have posted this before, but my favourite bad customer service in RC, a few years ago, buying an odd jacket (navy, cotton, brown buttons) at deep discount because it filled a gap and the shoulders and chest fitted well went something like this: Geezer: Great, I'll take it, but take in the waist and put an inch or so on the sleeves. RC Bloke: are you sure? That's £50 of alterations on a £99 jacket? You sure you want to spend that much? Geezer: yes, because...
Sorry, Balfour - was offline for a bit. I have a few inexpensive OTR (including more than one - shock horror - from Roderick Charles) jackets in linen and cotton in various shades of blue, and plain tan and a cream-tan with subtle blue overcheck that fit well after alterations, and a couple of MTM tweed numbers on grey and blue grounds for colder weather in London (and brown-green tweeds for out of town of course). Until recently I also had the jacket from a lightweight...
Thanks! It's good to be back.I'm continually struck by the fact that the only real blazer I own was made 25 years ago (bespoke DB 2 show 4, but I am 6'2" so can just carry it off) and I have never felt a strong need to replace it, despite - or because of - acquiring many "blazerish" odd jackets since.
All those are too "fashion forward" for me, but I am not you. As Balfour has said, plain blue suit jackets can work well with different trousers (even jeans) as odd jackets. For some reason, grey ones can't. The proper, traditional, navy with metal buttons blazer was once a staple but has ended up as too casual in a suit environment, but too simultaneously too formal, in a casual one. This thread may...
Thanks, and I pretty much agree - a strong brand identity and a captivating spokesperson is key. Two blokes called Trevor and Ken who know how to sew and can joke about Arsenal's last game doesn't (sadly) cut it in the modern world.
The moment I see an SR house open a branch in Dubai or Beijing, offering real bespoke on a daily basis, I will applaud them for understanding where the growth markets in exclusive luxury goods are and for repositioning their brand where it needs to be in the C21st. But they may already have missed that boat.
The trends I have seen in 20-odd years as an observer and very minor customer: - the slow demise of the lesser-known houses (there is now only one proper bespoke tailor on the left side of the Row, - Davies); including through mergers; - the continuing success of the big names (Poole, Huntsman, A&S); - the rise of low-overhead SR-level bespoke tailors (S Hitchcock, Steed, some of the Soho crowd); - the emergence of only one new big name traditional bespoke tailor in...
Eric Musgrave's Sharp Suits is from 2009 and has some readable text but is mostly worth it for the interesting collection of pictures. It is well worth whatever it sells at on discount from Amazon. I'm less enthused by this whole modern dandy thing. I'm not sure the internet has been a positive influence on it.
That is not a blazer.
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