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I got into a tiff (petty quarrel) with a woman on the airplane. It was really stupid, but after we parted ways I thought of a lot of really good things I could have said to her and I am upset that I didn't get the chance to use them. I am thinking of engaging in the same type of behavior the next time I am on an airplane to try to "re-create" the tiff in anticipation to using my really good lines the second time around.
Makes sense, they all moved there because of the Christmas tree prices. Back in high school I sold Christmas trees in NJ. Small frasers started at $60 over 10 years ago.
Rent is for plebs.Also, GF couldn't afford to rent my place.
Now that we have nick here I can inquire, how would Essex make up as shoes? From what I understand it is calf with the same tanning process as shell, correct? Sounds like it would be awesome.
So I am on my way to a wedding this weekend where a large amount of my ex's family will be and also attending. I'm being flooded with information requests by my ex's mother and her family my flight number and when I'm getting in and leaving and such. I kinda don't want to be stuck hanging out with my ex's family today and tomorrow. When I went to Texas last year everything was her family centric. That was fine, it was a family gathering and I was dating This woman. I'm...
Well as you said the insurance is insane... but also wear and tear. The roads are awful and the front ends of all cars take a beating, not to mention the condition of the exterior depending on where you're parking and such. But the difference in payments between a normal car and nice car only $200? Just pouring around I'd say more like $500.
How does the properties compare to shell cordovan (which is dense and hates stretching)?
I'd try Saphir's suede shampoo. If that doesn't work a "clairifying" shampoo might work. The issue with any of this is you're going to dry the hell out of the leather. Leather doctor had a hydrator and fat liquor system that works on suede, but it is an expensive and time consuming process to make it work correctly.
I don't know that it is necessarily true. I have shoes that I exclusively wear in bad weather, rain, snow, salt. The only think they have ever seen is a brush and there are no cracks at all. Real oddity is that they are also my cheapest pair of leather dress shoes. At what point are you doing more harm with products than good? No one will ever know really.
Even oils have their drawbacks. They oxidize. Trial and error isn't even foolproof. When it comes to leather there are so many things that can lead to its demise it is hard to say what product produced a bad result vs. one that didn't prevent some thing bad from happening. The more I experiment and the older I get the more I believe leather "care" is more trouble than it is worth. Even well conditioned leather can fail. It does. The weakest link I feel aren't the...
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