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While waiting for my boo to call me last night I suddenly got the urge to watch videos of Medical Examiners performing autopsies. I watched probably 40 minutes worth and was like, these has been a unique and common urge.
Montana Pitch Blend, or something like it. Coconut oil, whatever really.
I've never been confident in the correct pronunciation of Boise (Idaho) so I have avoided most situations having to use it. I am fortunate enough that the situations requiring my using the word are few and far between (infrequent).
Or you could oil the rest of it to darken it evenly. That's a solid fix too.
Mix three parts white vinegar with one part distilled water and rub it with a cloth really well. Let it dry. If the stain is still there soak a paper towel in that same solution and stick it to the belt in that area and wrap saran warp around it to control evaporation. Leave it like that for a few hours and then remove and let dry. That should do it.
Are you serious? It's so humid, you should see my hair.
Piedmont and Tuscany.
There's been over 100 posts here since I last read. Did I miss anything?
This humidity is fucking killing me.
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