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I heard the same about the shrunken calf. Apparently crust + shrunken isn't great.
Well, "A Prick". "The Prick" would be an honor of sorts.
I have gotten quite a few messages from people saying they think they saw me. 100% of the time they were right. I don't really understand it.
I also wouldn't mind being named something actually cool like "The Prick" or something.
I wouldn't mind living in The Dakota.
Apparently I saw him one day when I was walking home from the train. Well, he definitely saw me because I got a creepy PM from him telling me how handsome I am.
That came out very funny because people could interpret that as I was making a meal out of my boo's vagina, but little do people know I was doing a lot of snuggling with my parent's cat, who Gomestar is actually allergic to.
I like a couple of songs, but that's it. Not enough to make me a fan. Plus anybody who has a silly name for themselves are lame as hell. "The Edge". Give me a fucking break. He also wear bandanas, has a goatee, and plays with tons of effects. He's pretty much the epitome of bad taste.
No, most Americans already have access to Google Fibromyalgia.
It was pretty funny when my boo grabbed my phone when I was in the shower to do something on it (she doesn't have one being in Cambodia for so long) and she yells to me "You can't make out with Gomestar for a while because he's allergic to cats."
New Posts  All Forums: