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Not really. Didn't you see my post where I was trying to get a 50% raise for doing two jobs at work? The more the merrier.
Don't put rubber soles over your leather soles. Just have the cobbler put toe taps on them. The simplest method of polishing is to get some shoe cream from GlenKaren as well as high shine paste from the same place. Put the cream everywhere except the toe and heel and use the high shine on the toe and heel. Get a horsehair brush to buff quickly, but lightly to a shine. That's all you really need. You don't have to do this all that often either. Never use soap on your...
How are you people so familiar with the eyes of celebrities? You people have too much time on your hands.
I wonder if there are any hot train conductors.
Well, if you are standing right on the third rail it is no big deal. If you pick up one foot and touch it to something else, that's when it is a problem. That said, one would likely not fall perfectly on a third rail unless they were a gymnast.
Oh here we go...
If you wear them in the salt, let them dry on their sides and then use a vinegar solution. Honestly the dilution probably won't matter. Rub them good to get the stains off, let dry then condition. The vinegar is much less drying that the salt. Think about the tanning process they use chrome salts (generally) to render the fat out of the hide and then sulfuric acid and water solutions to shift the pH back down again. You're essentially rendering all of the fat out of...
I've always wondered if they opened the wrong side of doors and somebody leaning on the doors falls and gets stuck in between the wall and the train.
Yes, it is chemically bad. Salt water has a high pH relative to the natural state the protein fibers want to be in. Essentially what happens is it shifts the protein fibers above its isoelectric point. Protein fibers want to be between 3 and 5 on the pH scale and are ionic positive, when a high pH is introduced the fibers shift ionic negative. The other stuff in leather like, dyes, and fat liquors are generally ionic negative so they are attracted to each other. When...
Med school?
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