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I had an insanely debaucherous night last night.
Ah yes, mistype! Thanks for the correction!
It always blew my mind when I would see people play guitar with rings on their fretting hand. Very annoying feeling, ime.
Id like to be involved in some fundraising though. I just don't know how to go about it.
Well, yeah kind of as much as I can, but I mostly do financial planning/accounting things for them. I have been finding it very hard to score donors. Everybody is so cheap.
I'm gay.
Bespoke shoes.
In my opinion the best shampoo for suede would be a chelating shampoo that is meant to take mineral deposits out of hair and remove build up of conditioning agents (minerals can discolor the suede and possibly cause abrasion, conditioning agents are cationic and chemically bond to hair). The idea that hair conditioners put moisture back into hair is misinformed. What they mostly do is add positively charged conditioning agents that bond with the hair and coat it. Oils...
My bespoke shoes are taking a very long time to be prepared for my feet. I almost forgot I ordered them.
Back in college at a party this song by "The Knife" came on and I began dancing like an idiot to it. A girl's hair ended up getting caught in my tie clip and it was a disaster. That song song just came on in the cafe. (I don't wear tie clips or dance anymore).
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