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I'll be postin from high up in the clouds, don't you worry. There are only two people who are not fans of my posts and they both have vaginas (one of them is you, hehehehehehe).
There's quite a lot about my stuff that is very different from Frank's default.
That's just nuts. Feta cheese is similar to sesame oil, a tad too much and it ruins everything.
You should make a show where you wear a suit and sip byrrh while reciting them.
I'm a real American. I can spend money willy-nilly on feta cheese expenditures and save and invest for personal benefit at the same time.
I would guess that my monthly feta cheese expenditure is greater than a pair of AE seconds.
I think I will have to do that because I am a wasteful, fat, privileged American.
I am in a bit of a pickle (difficult situation). Betimes I enjoy sprinkling some feta cheese on my daily dinner salad, however I am fresh out of feta cheese for tonight's meal. If I buy more feta cheese I will not be able to use up the whole container tonight and it will remain in my refrigerator for the next 3 weeks and spoil as I will be in Asia. Should I bite the bullet (decide to do something unpleasant) and not use any feta cheese on my salad tonight, or should I buy...
Noodles, I think, as you mentioned, the neck opening looks weird in the first one and the sleeves are too long. The others look very nice. I think stylistically they are a bit more timeless than your previous stuff.
It is actually!Small group.
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