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Information, even of the "good" or factual kind can be very dangerous in the wrong hands... That pretty much sums up this thread.
My taint sweats from sitting. As solid surfaces are pretty occlusive to evaporation.
You're wrong. Sorry. It is just physics.
I don't know what my % would be.
That's all kinds of awesome.
BTW, Jeffery, a coworker about 30 minutes ago asked me about buying a suit in a certain price range. I recommended HSM.
That's you, right?
I beg to differ, my good friend...
As the years go on Neo's shtick has been slipping. Day by day it becomes clearer what fat, lazy, slob in his parent's basement he is.
Don't get be wrong, most of my roommate experiences were sub-optimal, but it wasn't a life-wrecking anxiety-ridden experience either. For the most part it was fine. I think most people are just whiney little bitches who need shit perfect all of the time. Yes, that is most of you guys reading this.
New Posts  All Forums: