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This is awful. I hate when I have seen this happen.
Say goodbye to the bean bag chair, brah.
All of my collars are unfused and I don't have a problem. But hey, I wash and iron my own. Also, the dry cleaner that I use does it all by hand anyway, so I doubt I'd have the problem with them.
It would have been funnier if he said "This place should be called Star-spunk because the service here is a bunch of spunk!"
Well, you're both pricks.
Houston sucks. Nope, never been there.
Oh, really? I hadn't realized that. However in the past she has done this for me while I waited. Took 3 minutes.
Took a pair of trousers to the dry cleaner to put two buttons back on that fell off. Will be ready on Saturday. WTF? Why so long? I should have just done it myself.
I've been to the Jones Lang LaSalle office in New York. Beautiful, but dead quiet and everybody had too much room, imo. Felt creepy.
Insurin, yes, this is definitely to your detriment. Join the club! I think you need a bottle of Lexol conditioner, or Bick4 conditioner and some black and brown wax. Condition every quarter or so, depending on if they look a bit dry. Other than that polish them to your liking, but don't over do it. You don't need much polish. Get cedar shoe tress for them and a horsehair brush for buffing. In between wearing a good buff with the brush should be all you need for most...
New Posts  All Forums: