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Wow, I bought a couple of bottles of 2005 Gloria for $60, granted the vintage is better. Are you drinking the 1996's now, or putting them away?
Happy to help!
Horrible journalism, they leave out the key part to the story: what kind of pants were stolen.
There is a pain about my abs today as if I had been doing violent sit-ups or deep-dicking yesterday, but I was doing neither, ain't even arguable as it is a fact of truth.
That's kind of like dividing by zero.
Linkandessen has reminded me that genitals are "organs".
I'd go but work has been keeping me recently. I did go to the NYC premiere, however.
There's this really profound book called "Bushido: way of the warrior" excellent.
I lol'd.
Then again, I can't really talk when it comes to wacky hair. I am slowly turning into that guy on the History Channel that uses aliens to account for historical events not fully understood yet.
New Posts  All Forums: