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Nice comments should be the sole driver of wearing nice shoes, right?
Boondock Saints is one of those movies that people love who have never seen good movies.
I don't know how it works, but it sure is an issue.
Don't you mean Chelsea boots?
That's lame.
Robin, actually. She's been cleaning my place for a year, yet I have never seen her.
Why clean it when I can pay a woman to do it for me?
It's ok, just make sure you have your Platinum card out when you grab it and people will understand that you just need something for the crapper.
In order for wax to be completely occlusive you really need a ton of it on there. Even bulled toes have micro spaces where moisture gets through. Wax isn't a perfect barrier by any means.
I get embarrassed when a coworker sees me walk into the men's room while I am holding AM New York newspaper.
New Posts  All Forums: