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It was just ok actually. I was a bit disappointed given what I payed for it on top of overpaying at the place I picked it up. It was very tight and a bit hot tasting. It didn't seem like more typical Margaux that I have had which tend to be lighter than some of the other left banks. I'd return to this in a few years and I am sure it will be much better. These 2009's and 2010's seem like they can go the distance. Speaking of which, I have been so tied up buying 09's...
Majority of leathers these days have some sort of paint job on them to some degree. If you like they way they look and behave wear them. It is a shame that it is increasingly hard to find leather that looks like leather, but there are merits to these topcoats as they seem to protect the leather and keep tanning agents in. If you're a naturalist you may not like that and enjoy the experience of caring for bare leather, but it seems that not many shoemakers offer crust...
Yeah fuck this weather, hard.
I actually did tweet National Grid about it. Never heard back, but again, they swiftly fixed it 6 months later.
Now I am even more confused. My unwashed and completely stretched out jeans are shy of 19" across the waist. Based on the internet measurements of these jeans new that's 3" of stretch. Can that be possible?
I know I'm local, but I didn't want to impose. BUT how about that drink we've been trying to grab, Kyle...
Does anybody still use that six sigma bullshit? I see it on resumes but I've never seen it used, mentioned, praised, or anything.
Hmm, are those the straight fit or slim tapered? Also, I don't plan on washing them. Ever. It's hard to assess based on trousers because I wear my trousers up pretty high with braces. I'll see what the stretched waist is on my current jeans to see How it compares with your size 32.
Hell yes.
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