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I have to start "dialing back" my Facebook posts as my mother had words with me recently (spanked me).
Most of my jackets have the buttonhole worked on both sides, this isn't rare by any means.
I drag my balls across my soles daily.
What is that?
You're all idiots.
We've argued this on this forum numerous times. It is hotter, more humid, and uncomfortable in NYC in the summer than pretty much any place in North America so your comment is not valid.
I do need some steampunk apparatuses though.
No worse, "buy stuff that looks like you are an 80 year old professor who has led a very interesting life".
I'm not huge on modern furniture. I appreciate it for what it is, I just don't want it in my home.
I always wear an undershirt too. I also never take off my jacket.
New Posts  All Forums: