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^Sounds like fake leather.
Special treatment would be minding my shoes!!!1!1
That would be the same as cutting the shoe from the optimal part of the hide.
Yeah, to me "better" really has to do with having an eye for it and what is aesthetically pleasing to a degree. I agree that some tanneries are better quality than others, but what "looks" better isn't always what is better.
When I first started playing I wanted this teal quilted top Jackson with a "whammy bar".
So my girlfriend scuffed my shell whole cut yesterday. How many times should I uppercut her?
FWIW, AE's leather sucks, imo.
It depends on your definition of "better". From a "better" tannery? I would say "better" is where on the hide the shoes were cut from, not necessarily what tannery it came from.
You can't honestly think that statement is objective...
I have all of the same size on three different lasts and they all pretty much fit the same. My shell ones seem rommier, but that could be a function of the leather and the lasting process of such a material.
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