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A Google search for Box Kite reveled that they serve Madcap and Ritual coffee. Ritual are notorious under roasters. Some of their stuff brewed in a French press I like, but I have been to several places who are pulling the dreaded sour shots with it. I have no experience with Madcap roasters. I'm looking forward to checking it out.
I have another interview for this new internal gig tomorrow morning. 8 people who applied already got narrowed down to me and my work nemesis.
Um, no.
I think you did a fine amount of research, but what he is saying is mass manufacturers of shoes use the whole hide and aren't very choosey about the best parts. Therefore some parts of the hide will get used that looks a bit more wrinkly. It has nothing to do with your research, but rather just the way things are. I have never riden a motorcycle, but perhaps it got that way due to some of the heat that could be by that boot? Just curious.
Won't be able to make it, unfortunately. I have a lot to do tonight, not gonna happen.
Horween's legit. It's expensive though, naturally as anything legit ought to be.
My boss left for a meeting and won't be returning to the office until tomorrow. He forgot his phone at his desk. I am highly considering taking a picture of my donger with it and setting it as his background. Whaddya, think?
I think I am going to cook monkfish tonight.
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