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To be honest, I am not really sure I know what a macaron is. Maybe I have had one? Off the top of my head, it is a cookie of sorts right? Can't remember the last time I ate a cookie.
Why is the stock market so fucking high right now? Ok, 287,000 of the 288,000 jobs went to low paying, piece of shit jobs, there's still tons of unemployed or under employed people, GDP outlook for 2014 is a shitty 1.6%. Ok, great, businesses have a lot of cash and they are too afraid to spend it. But fuck, we are due for a good crash and recession. This is ridiculous.
Don't eat those either. Actually I don't think I have ever had one.
I just can't afford to eat such things without turning into a total fatass. I push the calorie gambit as it is.
I have never made my own cocktail.
Very nice, pics?
Welcome to Style Forum! Enjoy your stay!
I've never been to Crumbs.
As an ex investment banker I'm sure gdl gets it. Furthermore:
Do you get clothes made? You seem to always be hanging around at tailor's shops.
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