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Honestly, people in the suburbs I don't know how they meet anybody.
People who think that movie is good are people who haven't seen good movies.
Pay for it out of your own pocket you cheap fuck.
I don't think racism really exists, it was only made up by the liberal media to make me feel bad about myself.
Cheap fuck, you shoulda got the 128 gig.
I'm not a cheap person, but the prices of pastries and scones and whatnot at starbucks blows my mind. Little tiny things for like $4 give me a fucking break.
In my opinion there's no extra effort in wearing a suit vs. proper trousers, a sport coat, and tie. Suits look better to me than any sport coat combination out there. Given the expense of a suit is roughly the same as a sportcoat/trouser combination, and there's no extra effort involved (actually less effort) and to me it looks better a suit is a no-brainer. In this day and age most people don't even see the relative formality of a sport coat vs. suit and they just lump...
They should double the fares, it'll get more of the riffraff off the trains.
Um, why wouldn't you want an expensive laser???
That's a pretty standard bengal stripe that pretty much every maker does.
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