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I'm in the business of getting the correct answer, not hand holding for the dummies.
My lesbian barista crush just told me that she dropped some drinks on people's laps at her new job as a server. Not even gonna lie, even with my big boner for her I would have punched her in the nose if she did that to me.
Story of my life, really.
Fuck, I just got my credit card bill. Good thing I am doing good work anal or I wouldn't be able to give monies to the bank who fronted it to me last month.
I did some awesome analysis of a business proposition for my employer. So good, that I have to keep answering phone calls and emails on my day off to answer questions. Now I have to be on a 2 hour long conference call to esplain the details of my anal y-sis.
Well, that is true. I do.
Makes sense.
Do you drop things often? I hope it isn't ALS. That usually doesn't present itself until you are well into your 40's though. I doubt you have parkinson's, that also is an old person's disease. FWIW, I have these symptoms and I was told by a doctor that binge drinking can eat up your potassium, which causes these sensations and such. Trying eating some bananas and/or taking a supplement.
The other night I had a dream that I was cast as a young Grand Moff Tarkin in one of the new Star Wars films. I wonder what this could mean?
You aren't missing much.
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