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Whatever, baldy.
I ordered this guy to replace my Clever dripper which has been leaking like a bastard. Seems like a good cross between a Clever and French press. Looking forward to giving it a shot. http://www.sweetmarias.com/store/brewing/coffee-brewers/filtercones/handy-brew-small.html
He and I approach style in a very similar way when you think about it. We just have a bit different tastes.
You've hit rock bottom (lowest possible failure)
How has nobody liked my erection comment!?!? Come on!
That's not what I am saying, working because you want to is different than having to work.
Anything looks nice on you, baby.
If it isn't a button-down collar I see no reason not to commit if one just looks better than the rest.
That's right Pio. You're a failure, just like me.
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