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I've noticed the blue lines in general have the most putrid homeless. I actually find it amazing how such a smell can fill an entire car.
Sole length means nothing in terms of fit.
No, but it impossible to look optimal. I still think that look you push in the summer for everybody to do is not even close.I never wear "heavy" suits in the summer. I have different summer suits. Also, I oddly like the commitment to it. My vanity is greater than my misery.
I hear you, I thought all shoes were rewetted when relasted.
Yep, originally with a full sock liner. There was some cracking on the lining in the vamp area and I asked if it could be patched, or anything done about it at all. They replaced the sole (maybe the insole as well, I am not sure) and the full linings. The holes to hold the lining in place came back with the new stitching in the old holes. I was blown away. I think DW might be correct that the toe puff might have been longer as when I first got them there was some...
Why can't you use water for relasting the show? Not optimal, but I would think a bit less caustic than a harsher solvent.
So I look like shit like you?
You know my walk to and fro the train. Walking in the heat is the worst.
I wear undershirts, but I am talking about my sweaty ass legs. I sweat through my pants pretty much all over. Even if I didn't the heat feels a billion times more uncomfortable to me than the cold ben if I didn't sweat.
They did replace the entire upper lining. The sock is a full sole sock, not just the heel.
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