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Fucking rain pains me it is hard to fuck the rain still, fuck the rain hard
I am grateful for cabs.
I was asked to speak at this panel, which is a great opportunity for me professionally. After accepting to do this I get a call two days later saying they are kicking me off because they needed "more diversity" (I am a handsome white guy from a good family without any problems, or responsibilities so my take on this topic doesn't matter).
For whatever reason I love posing hypothetical scenarios to myself all of the time. For example, the train that I take to get to work and back is going to shut down in a few years for 18 months for extensive restoration and expansion. It is going to be a major pain in the ass to commute during this time. Basically my 15-20 minute straight shot is going to turn into like 45 minutes and a bus to a train type thing. So I ask myself what I would do to make my commute...
I read about it years ago, but their grinders alone cost more than about 3 entire third-wave roasters entire operations.Access to capital markets! FUCK YEAH!
This is some shirt gomestar would do.
I had a dream last night that included L'incandescent and lawyerdad and a daughter of lawyerdad. For whatever reason I was playing guitar with Link at my parent's house in New Jersey and he was extremely good at the piano. After each song we played he would have to breathe deeply and wipe sweat from his brow as if he held his breath the whole song. We ended up going to this weird church with my parents were we met up with lawyerdad who was interested in the real estate...
Do you know much about the recraft service for Santoni? Or have experience with them in general. A coworker bought a pair recently and I must say they are beautiful shoes.
I have no idea how they do it either, but it is truly remarkable. I guess they are investing in the notion you will continue to buy more pairs.
No, they are ground using water cooled roller grinders in a sub 1% oxygen environment. I'm not kidding.
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