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"Harry Twatter and the chamber of dicks" -Gomestar
So there is this girl at the cafe that I see all of the time. She's here more than me. She's always working very diligently, reading and writing and such. I have never gotten a good look at the books, but she kinda has an insane body. The other day she caught me off guard because I was standing at the counter on my laptop and the cafe was very full. Somebody got up from a table and this girl who was next to me said, "hey do you want dibs on the seat?" It was the...
I did for an hour. Stinky funk on the nose. Really nice wine.
This wine was oddly thin, it was surprising.
Got stupid drunk last night with some friends and got into a verbal slap fight with some girls. These girls sat down and started talking to us and I was telling a story. I used the word "female" and the one girl said, "first you should stop using words like female that are demeaning to women." I honestly fucking hate people like this and I turned up the asshole to 11. In the end they really hate me. Fuck them.
Yeah, I have a thin penis.
I believe it would be a laceration.
We should go back to talking about me and prospects for my penis.
What's a snow bird?
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