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It was Ethanm
I think you sent it to me at one point.
Thanks for the suggestion, Gus. I am looking for something very plain looking. Honestly, I loved the style of the TOJ A-2, but if I can get some other custom options i'd like that.
I've heard many horror stories about TOJ.
FWIW, this was earlier the same day...
I pretty much want an A2 Bomber jacket with a REAL fur collar. The thing is, most RTW sleeves aren't long enough for me. I apparently have ape arms. Also, it would be cool to have the whole thing lined in fur. I haven't been looking very hard and it is not at the top of my priority list of purchases so I have time to think it through.
Are there stitches in the welt, or is it decorative? I have had this happen with blake rapid shoes. Nick at B Nelson fixed it.
Did you sweat through them?
My boo got a massive tax bill in the mail today and I'm not looking forward to telling her about it when I skype with her later. The poor thing, she's gonna be so upset.
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