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Once in a while HRoi delivers.
When I first moved to NYC and I was young I used to go out, get wasted and get a bodega sandwich on the way home. Now I prepare my Big Salad before I go out so when I come home wasted it's ready for me. #allgrownup
Food is way easier for me to cut than booze. Also it depends on what you drink. When I don't drink for a while I don't really lose weight, I guess because I drink spirits or dry red wine which are both in the lowest calorie booze ranges. Also, not drinking makes me a lot hungrier.
That used to be me. My company loosened up on that policy.
Suede doesn't count because it can't be polished.
I mean he does have dat je ne sais quoi.
But I'm poor!
That's actually a really good description!
I don't know who anybody is!
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