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I actually have this overnight bag with me right now that was advertised as box calf. Here's a closeup of the grain.
Yeah, I'm not a fan of a lot of the finishing on leathers, tbh.
I'll buy it with your money, of course.
A friend has this pair of longwing "V-cleats" and this little metal V shaped thing in the back made him slip and slide like there was no tomorrow.
It was a long time ago, also if you got them installed upon ordering maybe it was baked into the cost and you didn't realize.
It is just a high quality chrome tan. I'm pretty sure it's truly lost its original meaning and now it is basically just "high quality calf".
I'm always so glad whenever some pregnant bitch on Facebook has her stupid kid so I don't have to see pictures of her disgusting belly and profile then I remember, fuck now I have to see her stupid disgusting kid in every life situation for the rest of its life, fuck me.
My company is annoying as hell with slides. We have to put everything in slide decks and it is mostly to present internally. 90% of my time is making slides look pretty while the other 10% is on the material. I have a rule that I never want anything handed to me. Just tell me in words. Have a fucking discussion give me facts and don't waste your time making fancy slides.
There's some distinction between box calf and regular calf. I believe it has to do with the grain, or something, and traditionally it only came in black, but in general leathers have topcoats of some sort. Crust calf is just naked and the only topcoat is whatever wax polish you apply.
I remember Manton told me that he sent his John Lobb Paris bespoke shoes back to have metal plates installed and they charged him 350 euros to do it. I wonder if they do it with more French finesse.
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