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You have a mom? I could have sworn you were a test tube baby.
I need more restraint when it comes to buying toothpaste. I will get to the end of the tube and say, "hey I needa get more toothpaste, I be running' low!" I then buy another tube and it sits there for another three weeks because I can squeeze the shit out of the end of it and stretch it out. I broke down and bought some tooth paste last week. I just opened it today! I suspect member L'Incandescent doesn't have this problem and goes weeks without toothpaste what with...
I know Blue Bottle is stupid expensive. At the location in New York their prices went up so much in the last year AND they started charging sales tax on top of it. I was so pissed off. I refuse to go back. Then again the place is always packed. Some dude is laughing on a huge bed of money, that's for sure.I think Peet's is best with single origins. Any of the Ethiopian coffee's are amazing, the Supernatural, and Queen City are very good. I love their Sumatra and...
I wear a uk 9 in dress shoes and I wear a size 43 in buttero. I'd say size down, they run large and will stretch a bit.
I'm talking about cafés. I rarely ever make coffee for myself.even blue bottle coffee when they do roast a bit darker only offer pour over, which sucks.
This is the 21st century one shan't get wet when it rains, dammit!
My girlfriend gets mad at me because even to walk like 3 blocks in the rain I'll call a car service. I say to her, "would you rather take this car service, or hear me complain for the next hour." I win every time.
My current vintage Brooks raincoat is long, but not as long as I'd like. I was tweeting Dopey and Vox this one day shopping for one. I went into practically every store imaginable and couldn't find a long raincoat. Well, I found two, one Cuccinelli one for $6,000 (no fucking way) and another insanely ugly Barney's branded one that I couldn't bring myself to purchase. In any event, I have been searching flea-bay again for a vintage Invertere, or something as I'm not...
I need a cow herder mac. Make it happen, Greg! There are certain suits I will only wear in the rain, namely twills, serge, gab suits they seem more resistant to the rain in terms of holding their crease. People always ask me why I get so mad when it rains. Well, it costs me money every time in rains in dry cleaning, and "soft" costs, such as shoe wear and dry cleaning wear and such. That's why!
I cycled through Paris with my boo a few years ago. It was the first time I was on a bike in over 10 years. Yup, I was wearing a suit too.
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