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That's actually pretty perfect
I accept it.
Poorsod's barleycorn jacket is awesome.
Well, no actually. I didn't want to get into it, but they make an awesome hair rinse that the supermarkets don't carry.
Ohhhh, I get it!
Cordovan cream seems to be a good product. I know it has neatsfoot oil in it, so maybe the absorption of that will help. Perhaps wax polish as well.
I don't get it.
Some of my IRL friends call me Booth, or Patrick. People who have recognized me on the street and such have called my name. I am at the point where if I hear somebody say "Patrick" I instinctively turn to look. It is... kind of creepy.
Oh stop it, you silly goose.
I've had like 5 in the past year. Dr. Bronner's soaps.
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