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This is such bullshit. Actually living with your parent's until you're 30 is the American thing.FWIW, I bought my own place when I was 24.
Dunno, you seemed fine with it in my dream
Not gonna lie, I was sick of hearing about Caitlyn Jenner 5 seconds after hearing about it
Anybody ever hear of Mervin Block?
Well tbh I think that's kind of limiting and snooty givin we are in NYC. It's just very common to have a roommate well past 30.
I have a friend who said she would never date a man in his thirties who had a roommate.
I kind of feel that tremolo bars in general are kind of gimmicky.
Try three parts distilled water mixed with one part white vinegar and some elbow grease.
Living alone + No responsibilities = Priceless
99% of hair product reviews are just girls talking about whether or not they like the smell of them. Wtf?
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