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Does anybody have any experience with the detergents and the like from The Laundress? There's a shop in the village with their stuff and it is mucho expensive for detergent. I'm wondering if anybody has used their stuff and noticed a difference enough to warrant the expense. I'm mainly looking into their whites detergent, stain solution and bleach alternative to keep white dress shirts white and without a collar ring. I've tried the little bar of soap thing on the collar...
I like being social, but it often interferes with how sleepy and productive I am.
Wow, a DAT. That's a throwback.
And it is of theirs? See what I did there?
I'd be careful about using Protective Oil Saphir HP on the insides of shoes. You're essentially waterproofing the leather and removing any absorption properties it has. Also, I would think it would make your feet sweat more and more moisture inside the shoe with no means of escaping when trees are in there could mean mold growth and such. I would use an emulsified conditioner to keep the leather supple, but not overwhelm the pores to allow natural breathability to...
So clever!
Kaladi Coffee has fantastic espresso. Probably my favorite at this one joint in the city that pulls it.
Not much you can do if you take care of them regularly. If you want to cover it up some cream polish would do the trick, but if it is the leather splitting there isn't much you can do besides wear them until they are unwearable.
Who is all coming to this thing tonight?
I've got a real gayness to me today.
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