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I disagree. Have you ever ate and drank a lot then had sex. I feel like a massive, disgusting oaf.
I took this photo a few months ago, when we wasn't looking.
My friend don't got dat "lawyer monies" to be sendin' bishes back to da Bronx.
I am supposed to go on a date with this woman tonight that I am kind of meh on. She wants to go to a dive bar that would require me getting into a cab and traveling to a location that I might get stabbed walking out of in the evening. Thinking of cancelling as there are too many factors against her, but i am sure she is a nice person. Do I suck it up and go for a bit, or cancel and play Led Zeppelin gone on my guitar?
I concur with Laut.
There are two things also that I don't get society's obsession with: food, and sex. You really don't need either as there is booze.
I am going to sound really insensitive, but what's the deal with people crying over the epi-pens? First of all, I have never heard of them as I don't suffer from pleb conditions that would require one of these devices, I only have modern, newly evolved conditions of the mente. So my mente medication costs me about $1,200 a year, post insurance. That's a considerable amount of money. These things have a long shelf-life so even if you buy one and don't need it the cost...
I use this. Try it, you'll like it!https://www.abovethetie.com/collections/colossus-safety-razors/products/colossus-m1-stainless-steel-safety-razor
So, if you pick up a woman at a bar, take her back to your place for some coital activities, the next morning are you supposed to get an uber for her to go home, or just let her get home by her own means. (Asking for a friend).
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