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She said coy outreach I wonder where this could go Is it what I want?
I'm grateful for mom and dad.
Apparently it is more and more common these days.
Half of it will be booze.
I have not eaten in almost 48 hours. Unless you consider coffee food.
Super glue isn't recommended for shoe repair because it dries hard, but inflexible, which can lead to cracking and further issues. Maybe @Nick V. could chime in.
So the nurse that gave me a flu shot injected it into my rotator cuff and fucked up my shoulder.
What's the purpose of that hard line between the heel and welt? Is it ornamental? It seems endemic to bespoke work, or work trying to look bespoke.
little nurse who stuck me conflicted great pain to me I am so damn lame
I am grateful for doctors.
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