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Never been to a jack in the box. Can count on one hand the number of times I've been to Popeyes and Taco Bell combined.
They work?
Im so Goth.
Also different toilet heights. The one at work is super high. I'm on my tippy toes sitting on it and I'm 6'2" and all legs.
I need bespoke condoms because I come up short on girth.
I hear you, but im torn on this one. I don't think the guy wanted his ego stroked or anything. Maybe the next time this guy gets a buck he won't throw a tantrum and he'll get to keep it.
I'd say you'd be fine with the creams as they don't raise as high of a shine as the hard wax polishes. Saphir and, or GlenKaren creams would both be good choices. Make sure you don't wear them every day, use cedar shoe trees and if they get wet or you walk in wet grounds leave them with shoe trees in on their sides so the soles can dry out. I'd get a brush too and brush them to keep dirt from accumulating and raising the leather fibers after wearing.
Probably need more leverage, feet must be planted to get some solid push.
Also here in the city the "cruisers" in their loud exhaust pieces of shit driving too fast on residential streets.
Would it be weird if I brought one to work?
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