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In some of the halls at work they have these machines to check your blood pressure. I swear every time I walk by one this same guy is checking his blood pressure. I say he's a lazy ass and wastes time that way.
youre a rare breed, maybe more evolved.um, I end up not going, because I'm an old man.
This kind of stuff pisses me off constantly, but it is unavoidable in nyc, where there is an event of some sort every night. My girlfriends works in a weird industry where their hours and days aren't the same and even if they were strolling in at 9am isn't uncommon. But her events and such that I get invited to are always like Monday nights starting at 10pm. I'm like, who the fuck are these people?
I have no idea who Lake Bell is.
But not enough so that you rebut others with your experience. Hmmm...
That's an interesting texture on that charcoal suit posted. Linen?
I would think large. Most standard shoe trees I feel are under-sized. I wear a UK9 generally, which in my mind would be medium, but alas I end up exchanging for a large.
Simply Lime, I am not too sure what your issue is with. In your first picture, is that the way they looked when you bought them? Or is that the way they looked after you stripped them with acetone? If the former than you shouldn't have bought them in the first place. If the latter, then shame on you for stripping your shoes with acetone. Either way, id just try to match the color with shoe creams applying sparingly, buffing, applied sparingly again, for a few...
Funny, I just came on here to say how much I enjoyed my walk to the train this morning. Coatless in 17oz flannel. Ah! I love New York!
For whatever reason cheap reverbs have a certain sound that's kind of awesome. They kind of cut done and give an almost darker feel.
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