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I don't know, I guess I can get a hotel room, but that's like money and stuff.
To make matters worse it's close to my parents house so it looks like I'll be driving there, not drinking, then driving to my parent's.
I witnessed some douche buy snus the other day. Not gonna lie is used it in college. Mainly at parties just to see how confused people were by it.
I love that movie.
She came into the coffee shop screaming in Engrish to get it off the gate. Probably obsessing over it is what keeps her alive.
Fwiw, the weddings aren't in NYC. One of them is annoyingly planned, a Thursday before the 4th of July weekend. I'm fucking fuming over that.
I think it looks charming and community friendly.want to know why they were removed? Some fuck 311'd complaining how they were always full. How to remedy this? Get rid of them.
As somebody who hates cyclists, I think not allowing bikes to be chained to your gate is a really douchey thing. I mean, you live in NYC, move the suburbs if you want unnecessary personal property space.
I'm watching this 140 year old Asian lady having a meltdown over a bicycle chained to her front gate.
They don't have registries.
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