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Well, feedback says dating a barista isn't wise because they tend to be "a mess". Also, to a lesser extent, she is probably 10 years older than me. To a further lesser extent she seems to be more of a hermit than I am from conversations with her.
Last week I told my friend about my denim purchase and how I will be sporting them more this summer. His response, "Please don't wear them with dress shoes, that's so fucking obnoxious."
Nah, dat Japan self edge denim.
Barista crush gave me a nudge and a big smile as she walked by!
To be fair my jacket will kind of be the opposite of what he described. Also, I am a hipster, I'll be wearing mine at Union Pool. Bur yeah, caucasian nonetheless.
This sounds like blasphemy coming from you!
Let the days go by listen to this you moron the death of a clown
I am grateful for kangaroos.
Occlusivity boogyeman
Sounds like we are going for a similar thing. Is it airy? What's the weight? We should hang out together wearing them and show this thread teh impossible cool.
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