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Has anybody else had issues with the lining in their shoes? All of my shoes have had to get complete new linings because they disintegrated. It isn't an issue as they have been able to replace them at no extra cost to the recraft, but it would be nice to not have them go through this extra work if not needed. I'm curious if it has something to do with my body's chemistry/sweaty feet. Before somebody asks, yes linings, not sock liner.
Clearly the op has never met me.
So the girl I was hoping forgot about me when she went on vacation didn't and now I have to see her today for coffee. She's an alleged coffee nut so I am prepared for a good argument. Kind of don't feel like hanging with her though.
My local place has a thing called a green card. It is basically a trigger in the system that gives you a "regulars" discount. They use this in lieu of free drinks. Works nicely.
If you were it would make so much sense though.
computer developer
Top artists in NYC are more like $4-500 an hour apparently.
It happens sometimes. Usually time will make it go away, but rubbing the area with a solvent like alcohol, or renomat then building the finish back up with polish will usually do the trick. It is annoying, but it works.
Oh so you're an annoying developer. I have friends who do this. Any social gathering with you idiots in large numbers makes me want to blow my brains out.
It was a lot of fun. Hope to do it again soon.
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