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You really can't go wrong with Lexol, imo. It is synthetic so it doesn't have some of the issues of going rancid like animal and vegetable oils have. It is based on sperm whale oil molecules, which is very similar to jojoba. It is also designed not to migrate, which is key with leather goods such as briefcases and upholstery. Lexol penetrates and stays there and won't come off onto clothing. The issue with just using jojoba is it leaves a residue which attracts dust,...
I'd advise against using it at all...
Wheels turn people into insufferable assholes.
Are we really complaining about pork that is too fatty?
Culture espresso used to brew Stumptown, but now brews Heart, which I call "Heart Burn" because of the screaming acidity of their shots.
Stumptown coffee from the ace hotel
I'm terrified to get into any digital recording software. I hate the learning curves involved.
VSC contains petroleum distillates. It says it right on the front of the bottle right next to the word "Warning".
Last week I had on flannel, the last two days was fresco.
Yup. Imo, there's too much beeswax in renovateur to be that useful as a conditioner. It builds up just like anything else.
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