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Would I date a tranny? Hmmm... What if she was post op? Hmmmm... With awesome tits? Hmmmm... Was really rich? Hmmmmmmmmmm....
The woman I am going on a date with tomorrow night actually works for Starbuck (corporate).
You have to make "great contributions" to the forum. (felatio)
Betimes I have this reoccurring dream where I kill somebody and find myself immediately in a compromised position where I need to hide the body temporarily until I can dispose of it properly. In the dream it is always the same, crumpled into a 50 gallon garbage bag in a basement. After temporarily storing it in this basement I forget about the murder completely for some time. Then it rushes into my mente as I am waking up one morning that I need to properly dispose of...
Oh man, plenty of room in the standing area of the cafe. Cute girl parks right next to me when she doesn't have to. You know what that means! Wants to get close to teh Booth.
i am at the cafe right now and in the standing area where I usually am there is a mirror on the wall. I happen to be standing in front of it. The girl from above comes in and stand next to me and fixes her hair in the mirror. I don't think she really wanted to fix her hair she just wanted to get close to teh Booth.
So this girl from a long time ago. After spending time with her last week she has been sending me a lot of messages from Asia (where she is for work this week). She's very interested in me. Seeing her brought back a lot of those feelings. I like her a lot, but ultimately I don't want to commit to her lifestyle of travel constantly. I don't know what the future will bring. In other news the girl from the last few sentences of above, I have a date with her tomorrow...
Can I put "internet famous" on my tinder profile?
I know somebody well into their 40's who is a virgin.
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