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He's the only person on the face of the planet with a machine padded Kiton sportcoat.
Yeah, I was super bummed when I got an email from my cousin who died a few years ago and it was spam. For a second I would hoping she want trying to contact me from another realm, but alas fucking hackers kicking me in the emotional balls.
I have an incredible amount of lesbian friends. Then again a lot of girls that I have historically been into turned out to be lesbians. I'm just a huge lesbian lover, I guess.
I love the mandolin solo at the end of Maggie May.
So true.
I'm jelly.
Get that shit out of here.
It's personal preference really. FWIW, I have those same shoes in CRU.
I will admit with spell check so prevelant I realize I don't know how to spell very well. Whenever I am hand writing thank you cards or something I need my phone next to me to google every third word.
It's just their terms for the different leathers. One is from Italy and one is from Poland. Not sure which is which, but I have both. Fun is a bit shinier naturally, takes a shine easier, and almost looks "wet". It is also lighter while cru is more matte and a bit denser. Their aniline which they call VNA is the stiffest of them and I think the heaviest. VNA looks the most typical of them and looks what you would normally associate with a black dress shoe. Both crust...
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