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It must have looked pretty funny. That dog can run.
my dad puts ice in his red wine...
My family used to have a fire island home. Pre-ghey.
Not worth it just for dealing with Penn station and NJ Transit. Also, compared to the property taxes in Princeton, NJ I have my doubts that it is any cheaper than NYC. Also, here you don't need a car, and monthly metro card is like 1/4th the price of a monthly NJ transit pass. On top of it all you have so much more time. The whole "cheaper" thing is unjustified.
If it's "Brooklyn Roasting Company" I've never had anything I liked from them. There's this new roaster in Brooklyn called "Lofted" that I've been very impressed by. All lighter roasts though.
Totally missed this. I haven't been, but I will give it a shot. There is also this newer place way down by Cooper Union. Not sure what beans they have though.
I hate madras.
I hate leaving the city. That said, I do have to go to NJ this weekend. Not looking forward to it.
Shit you're right, I just played a song and it changed to "music". Thanks, you're useful for something after all.
Is that true?
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