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I don't know, I wouldn't be able to relax knowing I didn't have a job and I was throwing away money at the same time. I'd probably have a nervous breakdown on the plane to anywhere.
You ever know somebody that has died and somewhere down the road you wonder how rotted their corpse is in the casket? I wonder how long it takes to become a full skeleton?
Just found out that a friend of mine is cheating on his wife with a girl who we went to high school with. Makes me sick. His wife just had a baby too. Also, the woman he's having the affair with recently had a baby too.
What is Downtown Abbey?
Some people are just boneheads.
We have an intern right now who put advanced excel on his resume. Let's just say his excel skills are barely mediocre. Why should you even need to write that coming out of college in 2015? I would think students, especially business school students should know how to use excel at a working level.
This is awful. I hate when I have seen this happen.
Say goodbye to the bean bag chair, brah.
New Posts  All Forums: