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Priced out and moving to deep Bushwick, or Bed-Stuy.
Travers, you keep seeing things in a polarized way. By naked, I meant without shellack or an artificial topcoat. Of course there's wax on it, it comes like that from the tannery.
That's because you're a philistine.
No, shell was made for blade sharpening strops. If you're used to Alden shell they put this shellack over it, which makes it more water resistant. Also, AE puts some weird finish on theirs with this spray gun, which even on their calf makes for a weird finish that is more difficult to get a good shine on. Shell on any other brand of shoes is mostly naked and has issues. Is it durable? Yes, but durability and aesthetics are not the same thing.
I was using Cool Fucking Bead G!
Yo-C Salon, east village. Ask for Thom.
I strongly disagree. Shell is finicky as hell. It spots up like crazy when wet.Oh and btw, I own some mirror shined shell whole cuts...
Lexol leather leather followed by lexol conditioner. Or Glenkaren cleaner/conditioner.
Laurens, will you do an ink drawing of my balls?
I actually kind of hate wine bars. In order to serve anything decent by the glass it has to be astronomical in price. I just find them to be total rip-offs.
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