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I feel very fat Is it just a feeling though? I might just be fat
You do know there are algorithms for those?
I am grateful for chemistry.
I think I need to date a foreign girl. For whatever reason, I don't understand the sociology behind it but there seems to be some kind of disconnect between and American and a foreign woman. They seem to be more accepting in a naive sort of way. I think my eccentricities and hangups might be better accepted by a nice foreign girl.
I love you.
If you asked my ex what gemming is she could tell you. Probably not unrelated to the reason she's my ex too...
I think this thread and the "27-Year Old Virgin" thread should be combined.
Except less illegal prescription pills.
Stupidly hot pseudo-famous chick has not gotten back to me. She hasn't signed into her account since we last spoke. I hope she signs back in and says yes to a date.
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