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For immediate release! New York, NY Pennywise, former resident of Derry, Maine has put spooking residents of the New England town to rest and has relocated to New York City to act in the annual hit, "Shakespeare in the Park." Pennywise is quoted saying "...it's time I put that tomfoolery behind me and move onto a new chapter of my life."
Lol, we will see. Very curious on how it turns out.
I've come across a newish employee at my company that appears to have a beauty about her based on her employee photo in the system. I have a meeting with her tomorrow about some anal-y-sis I did a while back. I might try to "put the moves" on her.
Frank via Ercole.
If I don't call as well as send a handwritten card to my mother on her birthday I get an earful.
I don't get pins and needles, but I get twitchy the day after heavy drinking. The doc will probably get you you've got GRID though.
Don't you work for yourself?
Well the executive I work under isn't a moron and he understands things as presented. It's the lawyers...
So clever!
I've heard this.
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