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My experience tells me wax polish makes it worse, the moisture literally gets caught between the wax and shelll. people who just brush and do minimal care tend to be the ones who don't have the welting and sporting issues.
I think you have charcoal and propane confused...
I'll just tie it a bit longer than usual.
Maybe I should just wear the tie...
Suit and no tie looks awful.
Ok so this wedding I'm finding out is dress code casual. Can I still wear a suit, or is that a huge faux-pas?
Some will disagree with me, but I don't recommend using dubbin on dress shoes, especially if the leather has a topcoat of sort. You might risk even over saturating the leather and they won't be able to take a shine, period.
What's the deal with Johnnie Walker? Are they any good, or are they the Allen Edmonds seconds of scotch?
You just have no sense of humor.
If you can, get a propane one. They are less annoying.
New Posts  All Forums: