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Milk is disgusting.
How high-and-mighty of you. Sometimes I feel guilty for not spending enough money the night before and I wipe my ass with some $20's after my morning shit.
So I just said to the barista, "don't you just hate these pricks and their almond milk bullshit?" She said, "no, it's something we offer so why would it make me angry? That's a waste of energy." Her wisdom has made me feel small. Fuck her.
You're supposed to drink coffee black you pleb.
Ain't even gonna lie, whenever I hear some prick ask for soy, or almond milk I want to punch them right in the face.
I wonder how much poon tang male baristas get?
My spot is taken at the coffee shop. I am just hovering over the person until they get creeped out and decide to leave.
This is the best thing that I have ever seen. Yes. I am this man.
I come across it in Williamsburg now and again.
New Posts  All Forums: