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In general I don't really get the fascination with chocolate. I mean it is good, but even the pricey stuff has never wowed me.
Fuck. I want to go. The guy who made my glasses is in Nashville. You should get a pair. I wrote about it here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/514553/wesley-knight-bespoke-glasses/0_10
Well best of luck. So the Nashville move was based on your wife's job? Now I have an excuse to visit Nashville I argue often with people who claim burbs are cheaper. I honestly don't see it. The only way I think it would make sense is if you want your kids to go to a decent public school. It seems like private school here is kind of a must for a decent education. Or move to Riverdale like my (other) coworker did.
Why Nashville? (I always thought conn. was a stupid move, my coworker just moved there and he wants to kill himself)
Fuck you, Neo.
My feet are true to size.
Wait, you're moving to Nashville?
I think I am have been danglin' too much weight from my testicles as they have developed a permamin low hang to them.
Tell me more.
Taking the time to upload such a photo and post it to this forum makes me wonder what your life is like.
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