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I which I had a baritone voice. I have a squeaky Jew voice.
Thats a retarded statement.
Drenched in an $8,000 outfit. Fuck the rain so hard.
Good, I am sick of subsidizing your sorry ass.
I bet the inventor of the "real doll" had a similar experience to Kevin Costner in a "Field of Dreams" except the real doll inventor interpreted the "voice" differently. He hears a voice that says, "If you build it he will cum". Now we have real dolls.
Eating is so annoying, you have to stop what you're doing to procure food and eat it. It costs money too. So irritating.
If I wrote a book would you guys buy it and read it?
Probably not, he's really liberal.
This girl has put on some weight in the last year. She's starting to get "teacher arms". Might be over her.
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