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Vsc is just a polish... Also contains petroleum distilates...
Go back and read the shit storm that ensued with me and Copeland when I spoke about my all Saphir regimen and failing uppers.
I wonder which style forum member has got the biggest donger.
No way, it is like tissue paper, you can see right through it.
What's worse, in your head, or on the screen?
gdl does this and I think it looks fine.Edit: oh wait, do you mean a suit? Then yeah, no, unless you're Manton at the airport.
What's the deal with the Lesser Golden Bale? I know it is more expensive, but some of the fabrics looks exactly the same as the 13oz book. What am I missing here?
I need lining I sweat through the seat of my pants in the summer, I need some extra layer of absorbency. Disgusting, I know.
Looks like the stitching came loose there. Probably don't have to worry about it.
Signal strength
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