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I've always paid an arm and a leg for framing. I remember the first time I went in and they were asking me questions like "real wood, or fake wood?" (In my mente) I was like, why would anybody want fake wood? Then I had to pay the bill and almost had a coronary. I've used these guys and they were fantastic, imo. http://www.drydengalleryframing.com
Maybe I am in the minority, but I value money more than time off. My company acts as if they are a progressive work-life balance poster child, but the fact remains they will give you time off, but not more money. I think it is bullshit especially because not everybody values time-off the same way. I also think it attracts the wrong kind of employees in general.
Nobody is saying that. Things hit shoes all of the time without the wearers knowledge. Do you cross your feet in front of you sometimes? This will happen. Living in NYC I don't drive, but when I do in the burbs I am amazed at the amount of abuse shoes get just from grazing the pedals in a car... It just don't make sense to produce lightening effects like that on areas of the shoe that doesn't bend. It just doesn't appear like that for no reason. Crust calf pigments...
Your reading comprehension is poor.
I don't know how anybody can have sex out here. On top of the weather being so disgustingly hot and humid it is dirty. I don't know about anybody else but at the end of the day my genital region is sopping with sweat and stinks like a week old vagina in normal conditions. Woof.
They're called retarded.
Same here, I'd bang them out for as much as I could.
Yep those. Very annoying for some reason.
Well said!
So some of these hippy chicks in Cambodia wear these pents that are really annoying to me. They are very thin, pajama-like material and very loose. They usually have very wacky patterns on them, usually very large scale paisley, or something. They will also wear sandals, hair in a ponytail, tank of top, and look kind of dirty. I don't know why, but it makes me mad. Fuck hippies.
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