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I've never not swamp assed.
Well deserved regardless!
I haven't thought this in a very long time thanks to DW.Ease of resoling is of little concern to me. I do my best to pay what I think is fair for what I get. GYW construction isn't fair most of the time to me. I also don't think it is the most comfortable. I like a sturdy, hard footbed and GY doesn't offer that as well as hand welting, and even blake rapid.
Malbecs, suck.
Totally didn't see that award. Congrats, that's amazing!
That's different, or if you have a butcher that you know if doing it fresh, (or trust them when they say so).
I personally wouldn't trust ground beef sous vide that rare.
You can, in fact, eat the pork, pink. Only if, the cleanliness of, the butcher, was sound.
This sounds like there was traces of douchebaggery on both sides, but this leads me to wonder what happened between Rory and David Reeves...
I'm just driving home the fact that coffee "professionals" can be real pricks about what is "good", "quality" or "balanced".
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