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I have experienced the same substitutions, also one barista asked me if Sumatra was in Asia...
Yep, that makes sense.
I like the Maui, but it is not my favorite. The Ethiopian's are delicious, also that Terranova estate was insanely awesome.
My girlfriend is in Cambodia. I think I'm actually doing better than her right now.
John Lobb Chapel, Edward Green Westminster, Crockett & Jones Lowndes, Saint Crispins 505????
Come on, what are they? More importantly, what color?
Come on, Gome, don't you know how fun it is just to complain?
I know the guy who opened Budin. Super nice dude named Elliot. His alma mater is roasting for Stumptown. I haven't checked it out yet, maybe this weekend. I am sure it is interesting stuff, but like "iced coffee" it might as well be a completely different drink as it doesn't satisfy the same craving. The whole $10 latte thing peppered with weird spices and such is well Interview went well, thanks, I think.
There was only one heat wave last summer and it was 4 days long. The humidity is far worse this year. It isn't hot, but it sure is sticky.
My girlfriend has a biggish nose. In Asia the girls love it! They all comment on how great her nose is. It is hilarious.
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