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She doesn't work in my department.
Boiler in my condo took a shit and we all got an assessment. Costing me $700. I could have gotten a really cool scarf for that.
Yeah, it is when the leather gets wet and swells under the wax polish. I was going to suggest working it with a bone, or spoon. Also, a thin hit of renomat does the trick, but then you have to condition and rebuild the finish. Kind of a pain in the ass. This has always been my gripe about shell which swells and leaves spots with the smallest dusting of moisture.
So there is this new girl in the corporate affairs office who can shit right in my mouth. How bout dat for a corporate affair?
However you think it will be it will be a million times worse.
My coworkers told me I should ask out the bartender at happy hour. I did. She allegedly has a boyfriend, but gave me two free shots of tequila.
Board meeting until midnight.
She kinda has a weird butt thoThis actually makes time she is pouring my coffee I will reach out and touch her face and see what happens.
I wonder if she'd say yes to a date.
I'm looking for the most open, airy, slubby black cloth that is 4 to 6oz. I maybe just get a black jacket made out of ermazine.
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