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Meh, shouldn't be bad over the Williamsburg bridge in the morning. I've done it when I had to with success.
I don't think you understand the irony in that question.
You're a baller, take a cab ya cheap fuck.
I like thicker necks personally. I don't know it gives me more leverage or something.
I don't think it is necessary to strip off wax with that routine.
I think with more brushing and buff and less polishing sessions it isn't really necessary. If the wax hardens enough walking, and buffing thereafter is enough to loosen and remove excess wax.
If it is a naturally made soap what you call it has got nothing to do with its properties. Natural soaps (not synthetic detergents that are pH adjusted) have to be alkaline in order for them to be soap, otherwise they revert to oil state. This isn't my opinion.
I have no idea what non-alkaline regenerating soap is, so maybe? To be honest, I have no idea what the need is in general for stripping wax. If you routinely need to strip wax of your shoes you're applying too much/too frequently.
She's mostly a Gibson girl.
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