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He agreed with me, I don't know what you're talking about. Do you know that "basic" and "alkaline" are the same thing?Do a search for saddle soap online and you get tons of articles telling you not to use it. How is this unverified?
I have read books and various articles and scientific studies done on leather. There is definitely common ground between all of these things. The number one thing to avoid with leather is alkalinity. Do your test on saddle soap, if it shows to be mildly acidic then I cannot and would not say not to use it.
You said you would do it for us, so do it. If I am wrong I am wrong.
This is true, but one thing is all the same about them: They are all alkaline (which isn't good for skin by the way).I think people in here tend to think just because something is old and has been used for years that it is better. Science tells us that isn't true. Chogall can agree with me on that one based on all of the pushback he's given DW on the machine vs. hand welting debates.
Dove has a pH of 7 Bronner has a pH of 9 neither are optimal. Why not use something that is more optimal? It doesn't make sense to me if other, better options are available.
Um, my experience is all over in this thread. Go back and do some reading. Saddle soap would be damaging. I never said Saphir's products are damaging, but I have said that they may not be doing much to benefit either. Other than making your shoes "look" better how are they helping? They won't really say other than greasing pieces of paper with their products and saying "look at the oil stain! It is penetrating the leather in the same way!" Bullshit. I started a...
You're correct, but bad experiences have only led to this questioning attitude towards shoe care. Especially when makers won't tell you what is in products and furthermore why certain ingredients are used over others and the benefits they assert you get from them.
Right, because I have never talked about my own practical experiences. I'm not saying you're ignorant, I am saying you're being willfully ignorant. As another poster said, soap is alkaline. Alkalinity makes leather brittle. Also, I just don't see the need to soap up shoes anyway. What is the purpose of this? Are people trudging through thick mud?
I wear blue too.
This is untrue. I scuff my shoes all of the time, sometimes a dab of reno and a buff brings the mirror shine right back, other times just another thin layer of wax brings the shine back. I honestly don't see the point in stripping the mirror finish off. It isn't like it bends and flexes. Also, with regular buffing the wax naturally get removed slowly.
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